Posted by: graemebird | July 24, 2006

Prodeo Replies:Useful idiot bags cultural yobs

Prodeo has taken me off moderation. I shall return the favour when I get round to it by putting a series of threads critical to Prodeo into remission.

I won’t do it straight away. Since I don’t want these “people” (had they not taken me off moderation I may have chosen another word) to get smug and think that its a costless thing to put me on moderation so lightly.

But there is also the laziness factor. I will take a few days to do it because it takes some time to save everything and then delete it and in any case I’m a bit of a technophobe with this stuff. I’d master it if I had free time but I only blog and argue and attempt to save the world as a way of winding down from work.

But I’ll pull some threads pretty soon.

However for this thread I need to put up my comments WHICH WERE NOT MODERATED as insurance against them being moderated. Because my guess is that that fascist Phil Nomes will likely wipe these rather confronting posts AFTER THE FACT.

And so they shall remain saved on my blog. Just in case he does do that.

PanelbeaterBird on 24 July 2006 at 4:12 pm
“I disagree with Armaniac and totally agree with Phil. Look at his columns attacking “the left”. Look at his consultancy to the PM’s department suggesting that welfare recipients be deprived of the power to spend their income as they choose. Etc, etc.”

Well whats your argument against this Mark.

Useful idiots was Lenins concept. And he meant you and Phil supposing you aren’t hardcore Marxists. Now the thing is I SUPPOSE THAT YOU ARE HARDCORE MARXISTS you and Phil both.

Or else you wouldn’t be heaping such scorn on “useful idiots” suspecting at some subconcious level that the two of you were the very thing itself.

Now I don’t like as a rule the idea of conditions being attached to welfare. And I don’t like as a rule welfare for ablebodied people not being attached to work.

But Noel is a highly intelligent, well-educated, articulate man who can see the grave damage that leftist policies have visited on his people and he’s there on the ground and my tendency is TO LISTEN TO HIM. Now one doesn’t necessarily make blanket nationwide policies on this basis. But surely one should LISTEN!!!!

Instead of being a racist marxist bigot one should try and LISTEN to his reasoning.

PanelbeaterBird on 24 July 2006 at 4:13 pm
Mr Nomes. If you want to call Noel Pearson and UNCLE TOM why don’t you just come out and say it.

PanelbeaterBird on 24 July 2006 at 6:32 pm
“Birdy’s argument is simply ridiculous. Perhaps he can explain a “rigged” labour market restricts economic opportunities on remote settlements in the NT, WA, NSW or Qld?”

Well lets see you then Mark.

See how you can do better then getting rid of all minimum wages, job licensing and the like and roll over able-bodied welfare into income support for low-paid work.


YOU are being ridiculous.





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