Posted by: graemebird | July 30, 2006

Prodeo Replies: Choice Cuts

Leftist airhead Weathergirl has attempted a new device. What she has done is gathered together pictures of dead youngsters in Lebanon and alternated them with things that people who are not anti-semites have said.

It falls flat of course. But just to make sure she is blocking off one side entirely from being able to debate her. I stand by everything she is quoting me as saying. And this is the reply I tried to get through to her. But apparently this was just a little bit too much for her to allow through:

I stand by all my comments. I don’t know quite how alternating correct comments with horrid photos makes any point at all.

In fact it doesn’t make any point at all does it. Its the poster being quite childish. But I can’t complain. I always like my stuff to get a second hearing.

But you can do better. You can pick up more of my comments. Like my contention that we should be paying Israel to keep fighting.



  1. I really think these fellas are getting carried away. They’re accusing CL of being racist because he used words like ‘Mullah’!

  2. Yeah well thats what happens when they ban people who can bash them enough to keep them on the rails.

    Mark just keeps on putting more and more hardcore marxists on his blog as threadstarters. I guess he is quits with this pantomime of being a crypto-commie. He had the chance to stimulate debate and just go wheresoever the chips fell. And to be fair it did look like he was going down that road for awhile. But instead he’s opted for being a commie propagandist.

  3. More on the LP debacle here. Currency has been treated rather unfairly

  4. Yeah. Check out airhead weathergirl on choice cuts. Presuming to disppassionately interogate Currency Lads wording to see if she can pronounce him GUILTY OF RACISM or not.

    Just another commie witch-hunter setting things up for a GUILTY pronouncement down the track.

    Once they finally turfed me out so I couldn’t bash them 5 times a day they return to commie-witch-hunting mean.

  5. One of the few bird/weathergirl interactions you say Jason?

    No not true. Once others were coming down on her I decided to wipe most of the vendetta-like posts that I had up here about her. Kind of like before the last election when I wiped all the anti-Humphreys posts.

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