Posted by: graemebird | August 15, 2006

Bartleby The Holocaust Denier.

Bartleby is trying to define national socialism without the socialism. Actually the nazis described themselves very well. A combination of extreme-nationalism and socialism. As distinct from Bartleby who seems to be more of an international socialist.

Bartleby has issues. He keeps trying to force weird sex in and take the socialism out.

Some humour may be derived from seeing how hard Bartelby tries this on.
Bartleby on 15 August 2006 at 11:24 am
This is from the Introduction to a key text, which was cited by someone on the Daily Kos:

“The crucial element of fascism is its explicit sexual language, what Theweleit calls “the conscious coding” or the “over-explicitness of the fascist language of symbol.” This fascist symbolization creates a particular kind of psychic economy which places sexuality in the service of destruction. Despite its sexually charged politics, fascism is an anti-eros, “the core of all fascist progaganda is a battle against everything that constitues enjoyment and pleasure”…He shows that in this world of war the repudiation of one’s own body, of femininity, becomes a psychic compulsion which associates masculinity with hardness, destruction, and self-denial.”
From the foreward by Anson Rabinbach and Jessica Benjamin to Vol II. Klaus Theweleit, Male Fantasies. ppg. xii-xiii
And for his next trick Bartleby decides that PAEDOPHILIA is CRUCIAL (Absolutely fucking crucial) to facism. Based on what?

Based on some thing that Hitler had for his neice no doubt. Well there is the proof right there.

Bartleby on 15 August 2006 at 5:54 pm
We have Bartleby quoting a definition of fascism in an effort to link national-socialism with anti-socialism. Actually Bartleby. The key to fascism is its anti-capitalist nature. Bartleby’s so tough in fact he sweeps aside the jihadists, valiantly putting them down to conservative imagination.

Actually, fascism is in part a mix of capitalism, a state of emergency and paedophilia. I have that on good authority from Visconti’s ‘The Damned”. Or did you miss the part where the SS kills off the anti-capitalist SA? Hitler kept capitalism, proclaimed a state of emergency and was on some accounts a paedophile. And you may have missed this, but German companies helped to build and run extermination camps and that is why they had to pay reparations. Capitalism is by nature politically promiscuous.

Right. So now its the STATE OF EMERGENCY which is critical to fascism. Notice too how he mixes up BUSINESS especially big business with CAPITALISM. One being a group of corporations and the other being a way of running the country. But Bartleby happily conflates the two.

Now whats going on here. Why all these desperate contortions. Well you see Bartelby is trying to take the socialism out of national socialism. And he’s doing it by throwing everything else in in its place. Capitalism, emergencies, paedophiles, weird sex, the use of sexual terminology. Actually he’s trying hard to take the socialists out and the conservatives in.

Now WHY would he do that?

Well you see Bartleby is a HOLOCAUST-DENIER.

He denies that it is his philosophy that killed all those people. Not only in the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, Cuba, Cambodia and on and on.. But in Germany and in their camps in Poland as well.

Bartleby is a Holocaust-denier. He HAS INDEED got issues. Thats what all the weird sex-talk is about.



  1. Where did this turnip arrive from? I never heard of Bartleby. What’s with all the sex references anyway? Jessh they turnips don’t grown well in the left field. This one must’ve missed getting some sun.

  2. this is just about the most ridiculous defn of fascism I’ve ever read (Bartleby’s that is)

  3. This is nothing more than a defammatory rant for which I demand a public apology. If you have not read the literature on the sexual politics of fascism then it is your responsibility to read it. Apart from that I have nothing to say as it is not possible to argue with people who quite simply invent things.

  4. sorry dopey, but it can’t be defamatory as no one knows who you really are …

  5. So, who are you, Jason Soon, is this your name and are you a lawyer?

  6. yes this is my real name and no I’m not a lawyer but I have a law degree. It’s pretty common sensical to me in any case – bartleby is presumably a pseudonym, If not it may be a surname, and if so there is obviously more than one Bartleby. which one is being defamed? how the hell do you defame a personality on the Internet? you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, so don’t worry Bird. The fool with the silly sexual definition of fascism can’t sue you.

  7. So Jason Soon is your name and what is your real address for all legal correspondence? So who is Panelbeaterbird? And what is his legal address for all legal correspondence?

  8. So Jason Soon is your name and what is your real address? So who is Panelbeaterbird? And what is his address?

  9. You shouldn’t take this sort of post seriously, Bartleby. I doubt even Birdy does 🙂 He’s just looking for a reaction.

  10. Bartleby you dope. do you know how the Internet works? you’re going to drag me into this because I commented on his blog? You gonna sue everyone on Larvatus prodeo too because he posted his link and comments there?

    And let me tell you how this works again you tool:
    1) you’re using a pseudonym
    2) no one knows who the fuck you are
    3) therefore you don’t have a reputation to sue over

    You want to claim the privilege of anonymity and yet you want to have the rights of a non-anonymous person? You’re a fucking coward, loser.

  11. BTW you’re really not very smart are you? You’re at a fucking blog which says ‘A better world: Graeme Bird for High Office” and you’re still asking who the fuck Panelbeater Bird is? All you can do is regurgitate from some stupid text you’ve read and quote it as gospel without any critical analysis and you think you got some intellectual reputation when you can’t even make the obvious connection there?

    You wouldn’t be able to find your dick to piss with if it wasn’t connected to your groin, fella.

  12. Dear Jason Soon,

    Yes, well, what legal cases are you relying on? Could you cite them? I have not claimed the privelege of anonymity. Who are you and what is your address and do you still wish to restate your former claims? With your own name and your own address?

  13. What claims are those, Bartleby? Sure, I’ll restate the very first claim at which you took umbrage and threatened to sue so I guess that should be sufficient for you:

    Jason Soon Says:

    August 15th, 2006 at 10:40 am
    this is just about the most ridiculous defn of fascism I’ve ever read (Bartleby’s that is)

    For chrissakes man, if you find this defamatory you’ve got hypersensitivity issues.

  14. Sheesh, Jason. This really is the last unregulated frontier isn’t it!

    Perhaps Bartleby isn’t used to Birdy. He might be sensitive to criticism but you’re going hyper with the ad hominem, aren’t you?

  15. You’ve not claimed the privilege of anoymity? So how come I still don’t know who the fuck you are? Alright then, out with it. Tell me your name and address for legal correspondence.

  16. Well this idiot is threatening to sue everyone in sight including people who merely COMMENT on this site.

    By this logic he should be suing himself.

    And as I’ve noted he apparently is ‘sensitive’ even to my minor criticism that ‘this is the most ridiculous definition of fascism that I have ever read’.

  17. Dear Jason Soon,

    You’re the one who has accused me of being a ‘holocaust denier’ and I want you to withdraw that now. What is your response>

  18. You really are not very smart are you, Bartleby? How did you manage to figure out how to make comments at LP if you’re that incompetent at reading?

    Here are some clues dopey –

    You’re welcome to check everyone of them and point out where I accused you of Holocaust denialism

    Now maybe I should be suing you for defamation since
    1) I am writing under my real name Jason Soon AND NOT UNDER ANY OTHER NAMES UNLIKE SOME COWARDS
    2) You have just falsely accused me of accusing you of being a Holocaust denier

    So Bartleby, what is your real name and what is your real address for all legal correspondence?

  19. I demand a public apology, Bartleby for falsely accusing me of accusing you of being a Holocaust denier.

    So kindly supply a public apology, otherwise supply your real name and your real address for legal correspondence.

  20. Come on Bartleby, you dope, where’s your apology for dragging me into this because you didn’t have the brains to figure out that BLOGPOSTS ARE WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO RUN THE SOLO BLOG

  21. Come on Bartleby, you dope, where’s your apology for your false accusation?

    btw have you figured out where the on/off switch for your computer is yet?

  22. I told you that this guy Bartleby had issues.

    He should apologise to victims of socialism everywhere.

    Including to Weathergirl. Who apparently comes from holocaust-survivors.

    Which explains the psycho-historical trauma the girl exhibits.

    “Kimberella the Pirate Queen Says:
    August 15th, 2006 at 2:23 pm e
    You shouldn’t take this sort of post seriously, Bartleby. I doubt even Birdy does He’s just looking for a reaction.”

    You’ve tested me a number of times sister. But this is going too far.

  23. Bartleby.

    You will admit the fascists marxist roots or you will be labeled a holocaust-denier for all time.

    Up to you.

  24. graeme
    the intellectually pretentious halfwit who for all his apparent book-learning has a quarter of your IQ has just ran away with his tail between his legs. He still won’t admit he was wrong in mistaking a COMMENTER for the writer of a blog

  25. Bartleby
    Let me get this straight, you’re gonna sue everyone round because people think you are a demented halfwit. You are. Please make sure you don’t pass your genes on the next generation as we want to ensure the human gene pool improves.

    Bartleby….. what a douchebag name that is. You friggin turnip. Sue me. Please.

    Bartleby….it’s like something out of the muppets. Get a man’s name you douchebag.

  26. You’ve tested me a number of times sister. But this is going too far.

    Since everyone is psychoanalysing everyone else, perhaps my comments are a reflection of my frustration at Anna TEH GODDESS OF REASON cosying up in the Bird Cage first?

  27. Give the man his BASE LEVEL DUES, sister.

  28. Bart
    I would love to see a legal brief with that definition. Look, turnip, any lawyer worth his salt would have the court laughing at you hysterically for even thinking people wouldn’t make fun of such a definition.

  29. I SEZ:

    You’ve tested me a number of times sister. But this is going too far.


    Since everyone is psychoanalysing everyone else, perhaps my comments are a reflection of my frustration at Anna TEH GODDESS OF REASON cosying up in the Bird Cage first?

    SO I SEZ:

    Well I WOULD have thought that. But given the intense behind the scenes negotiations between you and Anna and given that she seems to have rather flippantly given you the thumbs up in public……

    I await private confirmation as per the normal protocols on these things. I know between the two of you there will be all sorts of diplomatic representations and pacts of peace and shared understandings.

    There will be certain ambiguous clauses that secondary minions of the principals will dispute over where many threats and potential favours could be read ‘between the lines’ as it were.

    And actually her public approval lends weight to the expectation of a private thumbs down. You can NEVER know with these female God-sister/God-Mother or simply FEMALE-SEX-GOD arbiters of sexual favours. You can never know. No you can’t. Not ever.

    They tend to be as flippant, arbitrary and vindictive as any tribal male sky-God.


    MUCH moreso damn it all.

    One wonders what conditions and trials she will launch upon me should SHE say yes and I agree to go ahead. Or what vindictive oddysseys she has in store for me should SHE say yes and then I walk away from you thus defying her also. One would rather that he had LOKI as his master.)

    …………..I would expect that this is NOT the case and that she-of-the-ruby-lips had gone into mother-hen mode and was trying to protect me from various legal CONSEQUENCESANDRAMIFICATIONS.

    Now I appreciate the GOOD INTENTIONS of the girl of the electrically-charged-and-shooting-sparks-fingertips but its really a bit misguided. Because you are running me down in order to protect me.

    And its a little bit like I’ve been demoted to other peoples property. Its demeaning. Clearly I’ve been objectified. You see you are treating me with the familiarity of a WIFE of long standing, that puts down her husband to get laughs. And you and Anna handballing me around like some sort of love-MACHEEEEEEN.

    Its hurtful is what it is.

    So I know you were trying to stop more EARTHLY summonses getting handed to me by burly strangers. And so you were setting up a sort of cordon sanitaire around my person.

    Thats very sweet-hearted of you witching woman.

    But do either of you high-powered gate-keepers of the world of the most elusive pussy ever spare a thought about the FEELINGS of the men you handball around, and throw hither and yon like just so much flotasam and jetsam?

  30. Feelings? Bah!

  31. Humbug!

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