Posted by: graemebird | August 15, 2006

Tough Talk At Prodeo

Kim at Prodeo must be getting a bit lonesome. She’s dedicated another thread to me. Not the first by the way. The last one morphed into a vision-fest of femme fatale babes. One of the best threads ever.

But something pretty funny is happening at the end of this new Graeme Bird thread. Instead of morphing into a babe-pictures smorgasboard right at the end, all these dumb-marxist idiots are kind of grabbing at themselves and talking about how much tougher and more adult-like and so much smarter they are then conservatives.

And how much they just trounce us in debate. The conservatives who might make fun of them are either on total moderation or drip-feed moderation. Drip-feed moderation is where the left-wingers censor you but create the illusion that they are not doing so since some of your posts get through hours or a day after you post them. That means it always looks like the left-winger has gained the upper hand through his quick wit.

OK. Here is the link. Ignore Kims thinly veiled pleas to hook up and go straight to the bottom.

We have John Ryan bravely making mincemeat of Tim Blair in Tims absence. Armaniac making love to himself without shutting the door and accusing all other bloggers of being wankers as well. Zoe suggests that conservatives unlike her girly-man leftist friends don’t get to talk to girls. Of course they do. And girls almost at good-looking as Zoe once in a while. It might be that Zoe is getting this impression since few conservative guys have ever talked to her. But putting these speculations aside, here Zoe gets to get tough on the moderated opposition. We have Michael G, who has never won a debate in his life, practically daring the moderated hoards of conservatives to show up. Adrian suggesting that he is so much more adult-like then conservatives, whose conservatism is actually a retrograde plea for attentiton. We have Bartleby quoting a definition of fascism, in an effort to link national-socialism with anti-socialism. Actually Bartleby. The key to fascism is its anti-capitalist nature. Bartleby’s so tough in fact he sweeps aside the jihadists, valiantly putting them down to conservative imagination.

And then my favourite. Dumb-Marxist Norton. A complete idiot. Implying an identity between blokiness and dumbness.

Its something to see. A sort of group beating of flat ectomorphic chests.

Its a real revenge of the nerds going on here.


  1. Hilarious post, Graeme!

    ” A sort of group beating of flat ectomorphic chests. ”

    I like that …

  2. He’s got a way with words, alright.

    And here’s a hint: if someone accuses a person they’ve never met of being unsuccessful with the ladies offline and uses not one but two stupid internet acronyms in their comment, it might be a joke.

    Don’t go changin’, now.

  3. OK Zoe. I’ll eventually think of a way to tone that bit about you down. Now you are making me feel bad.

  4. There you are Zoe. I’ve changed it now that you actually showed up.

  5. you’re a real softy at heart, aren’t you, Bird?

  6. Zoe aint weathergirl. And just thinking about it there was no need to be nasty to her.

  7. Jesus, I don’t come here for outbursts of peace and love, you idiots.

    Bring back the swearing! GO!!!!!!!

  8. I’ll not talk dirty to you in public Anna.

  9. Ouch! You sharpened your beak overnight Bird. Never won an argument! Not ever?
    I’ll cop that. knowing that from the view up on high, i’m in good company.

    Come on, there aren’t that many moderated. And well, if I could be bothered and If i wouldn’t be chucked out immediately, i’d be happy enough to go over to Mr Blairs and argue on their turf. I already told you i was referring to those guys not you, you self-involved fowl. You’ll note that i do venture into relatively hostile territory every now and then. And i s’pose that explains why I always get verbally slapped three times to sunday. This post is good entertainment, but you know, I worry about you, dear paranoic fowl. Lose the persecution complex.

  10. Yea GB
    What is it with the Norton man. He was on the Catallaxy thread suggesting Tom Paine would see a connection between the US high religious belief and AGW denialism. That would have to be the most stupid comment in a while I thought and then there’s this. Just when think he’s run out of stupid things to say he takes another crack at beating his own record. What a doofus.

  11. I prefer not to trespass on Anna’s already obviously close relationship with you, Birdy…

  12. Oh, I wasn’t asking you to change the post, which in any event I didn’t consider mean or nasty to me at all. You’re right that the conservative boys don’t talk to me though. They’re too scared.

  13. Zoe
    it doesn’t make sense. if the conservative boys don’t talk you, how the fuck do you know they’re conservative. You haven’t spoken right?

    Is this another case of leftist projection as the birdman would say.

  14. I can tell by the button down shirts, JC.

  15. Well Zoe
    I wear lot’s of pollo necks, that doesn’t make me a leftist or queer. You could be missing out on some hot dude just becasue he ran out of shirts and is wearing his dads for the eve.

  16. You’re very considerate, JC but as I am (a) spoken for and (b) 5 months pregnant it’s not really something that’s been a high priority.

    Still, nice to know you’re a SKIVVY WEARING INTELLECTUAL!!!!!

  17. Congrats on being 5 months. Of course you had told us before it would have saved a couple of posts.

    “Still, nice to know you’re a SKIVVY WEARING INTELLECTUAL”

    Yes I know. I had enough of being the conformist right winger. these days I wear a pony tail, beard and hat. That makes me an intellectual i guess, right.

    Just joshing.

    Good luck with it, though. Kids are a great gift.

  18. Thanks, JC. We already have a 4 year old, so can say I agree what a gift they are. Except for the shouty parts.

  19. Zoe
    Ha, so you know. Didn’tr want to ruin it by saying. Wait till they’re teenagers , I

  20. Zoe
    Ha, so you know. Didn’t want to ruin it by saying. Wait till they’re teenagers , It only gets worse. My better half recently purchased a book called…. Princess Bitch face, I kid you not. It was written by a shrink who has noticed a disturbing princess culture develop among teen girls. Don’t ask why just the girls and not boys as i don’t know. Pretty accurate, I thought.

  21. “Oh, I wasn’t asking you to change the post, which in any event I didn’t consider mean or nasty to me at all. You’re right that the conservative boys don’t talk to me though. They’re too scared.”

    Well I know what I read (between the lines) and a good girl needs complements every day. So I’ll rewrite it again if you want you just say the word.

    Congratulations on the little person on the way. Hang out. You will be treated well here.

  22. GB
    You’re such a big softy with the gals, aren’t you. You really are. Zoe is the sweetest ,nicest gal LP, i always thought.

  23. Yeah.

    She’s a sweetheart alright. And I remember PROMISING not to give her and someone else a hard time the first time I stoushed with them. And I forgot about that but then I remembered when she showed up here.

    We don’t want to be getting her upset. She’s emoting for two people now.

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