Posted by: graemebird | August 18, 2006

The Day That Diplomacy Dies

In the inner vortex of the storm in that cyclonic struggle where some of us pit our WILLS against the most willful of those folks who are behind jihad…………….

In the middle of the storm where we bring all those aspects of national power to mediate between what after all is something pretty close to one man staring down another……………….

There comes a day when diplomacy dies.

Now what WILL that day look like for the regime leadership of the countries that we are finding it so hard to reason with.

Well we go to the magic of iTunes to answer this question. The day that diplomacy dies is the day where no entreaties and bribes and promises to be good come in the nick of time.

Such TOO-LATE gesttures will be like the feeble negotiations the suitors try to put together after the reunion of father and son where the long-lost MAN of the house locks all the doors not to keep all his enemies out but to lock them in……. so that all problems and outstanding debts can be put to rest on the one day……………… and not by negotiation.

What we are missing in this struggle of wills is the recognition that our guys must conciously ASSERT their wills. And we lack also the type of people to do that sort of asserting.

Are there any Cosimo Medici’s in the house?

Is there an Andrew Jackson hiding in the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand like a bad-tempered Tom Bombadil that we can draft for the job?

Or maybe we just need a CURLY BILLY.

“Curly Billys’ Silly With His Colt He Calls Filly……. HE’S GONNA SHOOT THE SHERRIF DOWN”

You see when it comes to THE DAY THAT DIPLOMACY DIES there will be no carrots and promises that the Mullahs and the Sauds will be able to throw at us. There will not even be any FORUM at which they would be able to try it on.

We want to understand and develop some empathy for how it would be like for the culprits when Curly Billy shows up in town and extrapolate that FEELING to how it would be like for REGIME LEADERSHIP on THE DAY THAT DIPLOMACY DIES……

You see I’ve been stooging you.

Because this is one of my iTunes reccomendations.


Make sure you listen to the song a number of times before you ever track down the lyrics.



  1. How do we get you into a DJing job, Bird?

  2. But have you gone to iTunes.

    Have you downloaded the song.

    And are you as we speak listening to that massive opening guitar wind-up to the day that Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee?

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