Posted by: graemebird | August 19, 2006

Open Glee At Prodeo That A Terrorist Enabler Gets Off Scot Free

Jack accepts money from Al Quaeda and is in possession of a false passport.

And at the fascist site Larvatus Prodeo they are happy that he got off scot free.

We must be specific here. They aren’t happy that he got a light sentence. He already had a very light sentence. He might have been out of there in two years. They aren’t happy that certain testimony was disallowed. What would have been a good outcome if this was the case was that the information was disallowed and he STILL went to jail for awhile.

And the fascist Peter Kemp doesn’t even want this thing contested. He doesn’t want the State to try and convict this guy.

And why should we be surprised?

We fight fascists overseas. And these guys at Larvatus Prodeo are our local fascists.

All these guys have the same roots. Eschatology is at the root of the philosophy of all our enemies.

This is why feminists march next to jihadists and hold signs saying “We Are All Hezbollah Now”

This is why Weathergirl points out that Hezbollah runs hospitals as if it is some sort of mitigating fact.

Our Army has its medical corps as well. And Hezbollah was local Mafia. It runs its protection rackets into all sorts of businesses. This doesn’t make things any BETTER Weathergirl you stupid tramp.

It makes things worse.



  1. he was let off because the evidence was obtained under torture, blame the cops, not the courts. it was a good decision.

  2. The Hez runs hospitals as though it’s an answer to everything. I think you’re right Kemp truly is a fascist. I could imagine Lefty E straigthening that tie as he high fives air on hearing Jumping Jack was freed.

    It’s like they have a fucking death wish for the West. They would be happy to see the place in smouldering ruins if they can’t create their version of utopia.

    We can never win this fight against the Jihad unless we’re we defeat these people at home in the battle for ideas. They need to feel embarrassed at what they say.

    Yes it was a good decision but consider this:

    The recent attempt to bring down tweleve airlines was possibly the result of a confession extracted from torture. Who wins?

  3. What did they do to him Jason?

  4. Good point,. I don’t theink the creep ever claimed he was tortured. he just said he kept hearing screams coming from other parts of the the jail.

    The reason his confession was left out is because he didn’t have a lawyer presesnt. meanwhile the Pak authorities made threats in extracting info.

    I think the best thing we should do with a lowlife like this is not employ him or serve him in stores. His life should be made a living hell by the rest of us.

    Urinating on him if he were on fire would even be too much of an much of an effort.

  5. the evidence was extracted from Pakistani interrogators allegedly using torture. On your point JC it’s one thing to rely on information provided by torture to prevent a hijacking – that’s like an emergency. it’s another to condone the use in legal proceedings, it sets a bad precedent.

  6. But what did they do to him Jason?

  7. well, read the judgement.

    Look don’t you think these Pakistanis are stooging us? They’re throwing us all the bad catches like Thomas and they’re sheltering that guy who allegedly masterminded the recent London terror plot. do we want to set a precedent for relying on their system?

  8. If they tortured him then they did SOMETHING to him. And if they didn’t do anything physical to him then they didn’t torture him.

    And if he wasn’t tortured then what would be the justification to letting him off. He was only down for 2-5 for goodness sakes. If he had been set to be in the hole for 30 years that would be a little different.

    So don’t be agreeing with the fascists that it was a good decision unless we know he was tortured.

    Dumb-Left-wingers CLAIMING he was tortured is not necessarily the same thing as him being tortured because the left lies all the time.

    And yes I think pretty much every country is playing a bit of a double game and Pakistan more then most. Pakistan intelligence was quite likely wrapped up with 9/11 just like the other terrorist regime intelligence services.

  9. Graeme you idiot
    Being threatened with torture *is* torture. If someone robs you at gunpoint and never shot you, does that mean he was never going to shoot you if you didn’t hand over your money.

  10. Bartleby seems to be clinically insane going by the recent discsussion over at prod.

  11. what a fruitcake hey?

  12. Being threatened with torture is not torture. Its a BLUFF.

    But look at this intellectual dishonesty you are trying on here.

    Note the inverted commas.

    “Being threatened with torture *is* torture.” sez Jason….which means of course that being threatened with torture ISN’T torture. Its called a BLUFF.

    And I call what you are doing LYING LIKE A LAWYER.

    If he wasn’t tortured then why was he let off?

    Does the law NOW say you cannot BLUFF someone? That the cops in interogation aren’t allowed to Bluff suspected terrorists?

    Thats some terrorist legislation I would like to see.

    Man if the left keep this up we’ll end up just shooting these guys in the head and dumping them in a shallow grave. People ARE NOT DOING CRIMINALS ANY FAVOURS BY UNDERMINING THE LAW in the long run.

  13. You do realise, GMB, that being written up in a post by you is soon going to become a badge of honour. I really don’t know what you think you are achieving.

    It’s not a marketing technique is it? Cos I’m bored with it.

  14. Thats alright. They can puff up their egos. But they will also either start veering away from fascism or they will be recognised as fascist.

  15. looks like I got myself a stalker, guys. how cool!
    and he’s even trying to promote my blog for me

  16. Graeme you idiot
    Being threatened with torture *is* torture. If someone robs you at gunpoint and never shot you, does that mean he was never going to shoot you if you didn’t hand over your money.

    Bartleby seems to be clinically insane going by the recent discsussion over at prod.

    Jason Soon Says:

    August 19th, 2006 at 2:25 am
    what a fruitcake hey?

  17. No thats not right. Being threatened with torture is being threatened with torture. Being tortured is being tortured.

    And people should say what they mean. But I was able to make that point over at LP so that this thred has a limited shelf-life.

  18. “Being threatened with torture is torture”

    I think jihadists already qualify as those that threaten/promise torture and interrogation techniques need to be “proportionate”

    Would being threatened with conviction and a long term also be classed as “torture?”

    Verballing was done by coppers frustrated by the crims and the legal system, now all that has been outlawed. Forensic sciences are the flavour of the moment.

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