Posted by: graemebird | August 19, 2006

Peter Kemp Is A Fascist Idiot.

Here this idiot takes the incredibly subtle technique of simply lying.

But instead of saying Al Quaeda and the Mujahadeen are the same organisation….. What he does instead of that is simply compress his wording.

“AQ *is* a criminal organisation

As I asked JC, was it also a “criminal organisation” when it was evicting the Russians from Afghanistan?”

Magic hey?

And the stupid fascist has just turned a cat into a dog by playing with words.

But there are more subtle ways of screwing arguments out with shifting definitions. And we must be careful of these also.

Fuck me!!!!

That idiot Kemp is still going with his lie. And not one person has picked him up for lying.

So angry are they for Reagan bringing down their beloved Soviet Union they will not even pick Kemp up for this most stupid and outrageous lie.

“Peter Kemp on 19 August 2006 at 1:33 pm
It isn’t hypocrisy to spend more time and effort trying to prevent terrorism against one’s own country.

Standing alone Anna, that sentence of yours is true, my point being that the CIA armed and helped create Al Q in the first place, to evict those pesky Russians from Afghanistan. Now that Al-Queda is trying to evict the USA in particular from the Middle East, the wheel has turned full circle, and branding and criminalising Al Q a terrorist organisation for doing to the US (bad) what they did to the USSR (good) is the height of hypocrisy. That’s all mainly a macro political viewpoint, not a legal argument. And there’s the rub, Blair Bush and Howard are conflating geopolitical realities and international law with domestic anti-terrorism law.”


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