Posted by: graemebird | August 19, 2006

War And Occupation In Richmond Melbourne

Imagine with all the money that terrorist states make with selling oil.

Now imagine that you give that money to me and I’ve got to do the following four things.

1. Create Hate Incitement

2. Look For Violent People And Enable Them In Some Way Or Other.

3. Infiltrate Existing Terrorist Organisations With My Intelligence Services and bend them to my will.

4. Get people murdered anywhere, at anytime, at any place, and for no reason.

Now supposing that after killing a bunch of people for three or four decades…. So that whole communities have grown up under the shadow of my hate incitement…….

Supposing Nato decides to do something about it. And they announce to me that they are bloody-well going to fight. And they will bloody well not take it anymore. And that bloody bloody. That bastard Bird he wanted WAR he declared WAR and by Golly we are going to GIVE HIM WAR (pssst….. but only in Richmond Melbourne)

What was that? We are only going to fight Dr Moriati within the confines of Richmond Melbourne?

I ask you.

Who is going to win that fight?

The answer is that I am going to win that fight. My guys will just go into Richmond and pick off a few soldiers every so often. And we will be able to continue with killing folks all over the world. We will be able to continue with the following:

1. Creating Hate Incitement

2. Look For Violent People And Enable Them In Some Way Or Other.

3. Infiltrate Existing Terrorist Organisations With My Intelligence Services and bend them to my will.

4. Get people murdered anywhere, at anytime, at any place, and for no reason.

Well lets expand the war then. Lets expand it to both Richmond and Port Melbourne. We’ll leave out the CBD since they have declared neutrality.

Whose going to win that war now?

Well I’m still going to win. I can continue with:

1. Creating Hate Incitement

2. Look For Violent People And Enable Them In Some Way Or Other.

3. Infiltrate Existing Terrorist Organisations With My Intelligence Services and bend them to my will.

4. Get people murdered anywhere, at anytime, at any place, and for no reason.

Now what is it about the homo-sapien that makes him carry such blind spots around with him.

Since 2003 I have been beating away at this since I could see that the dictators were not cowed by the invasion and were beginning to pick off the Americans in ones and twos.

They just needed to pick them off in ones and twos until desensitisation and then demoralisation set in.



  1. Birdy
    But since the war the US must have spoken to the Saudi royals and told them in no uncertain terms that they had better stop the financing or they would be next. Saudi is a problem becasue if they floated the royal family down the river you can be sure that Islamic crazies would be voted into power so the US hasn’t a great choice there. They can continue to support the roayls hoping to slowly institute demo reforms or cut them off and know what follows are islamic idiots.

    Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and the other north African are in the same boat.

    So that leaves Syria and Iran. Iran is too big a nut to crack without bipartizen support from the US public. The Dems have made sure the US prez has no more support for further attacks against its enemies. It’s not called the traitors party for nothing. I guess they are living up to historic past when they opposed the end of salvery during Abe’s time.

    So I am afraid we are left with the only altnerative….. that a major terroist event has to happen in a western city before we will act . And the final upshot is millions of people dead from nukes when could have been avoided if we had acted now.

    That reminds where’s that fucking lowlife piece of shit Helen Caldicott when she is needed. I would have thought protesting Iranian and Nth Korean nukes would have been right up her alley. What a fucking two faced leftist, lying, deadender, disgraeful creep she is. She was all over Reagan’s effort win against the Sovs but she’s nowhere to be seen against the clear and present danger.

    I hope she’s unhappy in life.

  2. Supposing if some evil Jihadists got hold of Saudi Arabia.

    Do we need to slap ourselves in the forehead and then thereafter consign ourselves to the fall of humane civilisation….

    Well no.

    Go and kill them too. See the education minister… He’s a terrorist. See the foreign minister… He’s a terrorist too. In fact when you make these terrorists head of departments they are easier and not harder to track down and kill.

    We cannot win the way we are going.

    Here is what I’ve said on what to do elsewhere:

    “Civilians can only lose their civilian status if a state of war exists between two parties.”

    I aint saying that what you are saying doesn’t have a great deal of (probably antiquated) legal validity.

    But you and me are part of a civilisation which has a pretty proud military heritage.

    And before even thinking of DELIBERATELY hurting the hair on a civilians head I sez we can get a broad sweep going of the ALL the responsible regimes and take them down twice over by many methods but especially not excluding air and proxy war.

    And even while we are doing this we should be muscling up financially and militarily so that if the Russians and Chinese try and bleed us by standing behind Jihadia then by the sheer show of BUILDING POWER that they will eventually drop away and fall away and shirk away from such tendencies.

    Any thought of DELIBERATELY hurting civilians must at least come after all of the above is attempted.


    When this war broke out I didn’t think they had all bases covered. And I’d be advocating massive tax substitution towards oil and opening up all the oilfields.

    People would just think like WHAT FOR?

    But you know the enemy is pretty smart. So you don’t give them an even break. You just smash them on all levels witht massive overkill.

    Instead they’ve got us voluntarily deciding to fight only in Richmond Melbourne (metaphorically speaking). Its just insane really.

  3. Yes, well, I grew up in Richmond, so who are you?

  4. In some ways I agree with you. If you are going to make war on them in a convential sense then you do need to pursue them everywhere.

    The question really is; Is the risk and consequences of a really serious attack (and I’m talking nuclear) where potentially millions die greater than the enormous costs and consequences of the sort of commitment which sees forces committed from Indonesian all the way to Morroco. Particularly given that there is no gaurrentee the terrorists won’t get that nuclear device off during this campaign.

    Or is the better approach to go after the most valuable targets such as Afghanistan, while mostly pursuing it via intelligences and other means at much lower cost. Seems to me that this is the most cost effective way to deal with the problem, while ultimately realising that it will take much much longer.

  5. Its not really a matter of risk Steve.

    The war has sufficiently taken hold that they will win or we will. The other idea that the jihadists might just sort of ‘peter out’ seems implausible with Iran and Syria there, the Sauds still playing a double game, the Palestinians with nukes and the Chinese tempted to bleed the rest of us.

    I don’t necessarily see our forces being committed everywhere. Because I think we have to muscle up and build our financial and military power.

    But the committment to build our financial strength and military power thats a big committment itself. Government non-denfense spending appears to be a sacred cow. But if we want to survive we better start winding it up in the fairest way we can.

    We saw a lost opportunity for proxy war just the other day. It took 3 billion for that one month rumble of the Israelis. Yet each day the rest of us tried to hold them back and didn’t offer them a dollar to actually fight.

    We need a greater committment also to stomp leftist ridiculous everywhere it raises its ugly head. For example their opposition against defending against missiles. There was a missile defense system available to the Israelis that could have stopped those antiquated missiles that Iran has been raining down on Israel these last twenty years, but particularly the last few weeks.

    But from the cold war the left has managed to get so much bullshit momentum built up against the stopping missiles raining down on civilians that virtually all the woman and the soft-headed men think that stopping missiles killing people is a waste of money and an outrageous provocation.

    In fact if Israel had of had that system deployed they could have cut out the Middle Man and ignored Hezbollah and gone after Iran directly.

  6. OK. Say that your scenario is something like what’s going on. The error in the paradigm is this: With each iteration you loose a little potency, and eventually you lose the war. Why not build a gold plated Spanish style brick veneer, fill it with boy-toy machinery, and lord it over your neighbours? That worked for the House of Saud.

    Oh, you’re in their employ. OK, then you’re dead because the neighbours are waking-up. And that may be something like what’s going on too.

  7. “With each iteration you loose a little potency, and eventually you lose the war.”

    No thats NOT the plan at all. You and all your allies should be building power the whole time. Running trade and budget surpluses on all levels of government. Moving to tighter money. Privatising. Moving to where the private sector is investing more then ever and STILL paying off debts.

    Reagan pretty much showed how it was done. Though he was unable to get the Congress to stop spending money hand over fist.


    Because it is your surplus power that is what you are bargaining with. Its informs the prestige you have in the world. So you want to be building it up all the time but avoid immersing it in warfare.

    Now I thought my strategy was pretty much the OPPOSITE of how you characterise it.

    Probably you lost focus when you started trying to be a smartarse. So try again and don’t lose concentration this time.

    Honest injum. Do come back.

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