Posted by: graemebird | August 20, 2006

City Layout And Nuclear Annhilation

We’ve got to extrapolate forward and start thinking about this.

Though there was a great many nuclear weapons around in the 80’s for example they could not have destroyed civilisatiton but for the way we have designed our cities.We ought not be giving our enemies 4 million people cities to destroy.

One of the central problems of human life in the following decades is this……

Supposing there are 11 nuclear powers. Then perhaps there is some sort of deterrence between them. Thats debateable by the way now when it comes to softies like Israel, America and Britain…. the deterrence may be all one-sided…. But at the very least it IS debateable.

But what happens when we have fifty or one hundred nuclear states. If a nuke goes off in one of our cities how can we rightly respond with a nuclear attack of our own? And who is it that we kill?

And if we cannot rightly respond then how is it possible to stop the attack happening in the first place?

It isn’t.

Of course there are many things we can begin doing to reduce the frequency of cities being destroyed in the future.

1. Missile defense.

2. Wiping all terrorist outfits off the face of the earth.

3. Inhibiting other countries getting nukes.

4. If there are nuclear reductions by the current powers they ought be at the high megatonnage end. Because after all mini-nukes have viable military uses. But the hydrogen bombs and other more powerful nukes are really for destroying entire cities.

We should be trying all of this. But such protection as these sort of things brings cannot last forever.

From an energy production point of view our arguments that Iran (for example) has so much oil that it doesn’t “NEED” nuclear power will increasingly begin to sound shrill. And actually from this point of view (security concerns aside) we would really want to have nuclear power spread as far and wide as is possible. And arguments against such developments will grow less easy to sustain as the oil grows more expensive….

Note: I did not say “As the oil runs out”.. And I did not say “As the amount of oil we drill each day diminishes”.

I only said “as the oil grows more expensive”. And I do not mean to imply that it will not one day grow cheaper again as is the normal course of events for commodities.



Not to launch at cities. Lets never be a part of such ghastly threats. But we want heaps of small nuclear shells. We want them for the purpose of being able to make a bee-line to wherever the regime leadership is that we wish to destroy…. A beeline with super-hardened vehicles and radiation protective suits… smashing anything that gets in our way with small nuclear shells so that our assasins and special forces can follow in this wake and wind up hunting regime leadership down like wild pigs….

So ultimately its very hard to see how counter-proliferation can last forever.


What if it consists of these bursts of Gotham-City-Like developments whose tallest buildings are as high as these CBD’s-without-a-city are wide.

And then these surrounded by farmland, nature and rich-guys in giant Edwardian estates and young families renting slightly less celubrious farm-houses to have a bit of open spaces while the kids are still young.

And with competitive transport between these ludicrously built-up areas.

Canals with barges… heliports on top of the tall buildings and networks of very fast trainlines…

Highways out of town that are still multilevel when they leave they cut loose from the tall buildings.

And plenty of public land so that you can ride your horse or your trail-bike in a curved path out of town.

But none of these 4 million cities that can be crippled by a single nuke.

Then there becomes less of an incentive to build city-destroying nukes. You want to spare your uranium/plutonian for authentic military targets and for power-generation.

We have to start thinking ahead like this. Tomorrow seems so far away. But it has a bad habit of showing up.

Now one doesn’t start wasting money on projects of this sort. But I think if all the best policies are applied we may well end up with these compressed vertical mini-cities all over the place as the logical outcome.



  1. Well no I didn’t SAY that did I.

    And I was speaking for more countries then just Australia.

    Keep posting sister.

    But tell me?

    Do we not know you under another name elsewhere?

    Why not come out of the closet.

  2. is that you Fyodor? hehhe;-)

  3. If I don’t find out who it is thats OK.

    But if I don’t find out who it is AND I begin to SUSPECT its Fyodor then I’ll wipe them all.

    Fyodor is really the only person whose banned.

    Even Nabakov is not banned outright so far.

  4. Actually fuck it.

    I think you are right. I think it IS Fyodor.

    So he’s out.

    If you aren’t Fyodor do come back. But come back under the identity we know you as from Prodeo.

  5. Fyador

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