Posted by: graemebird | August 20, 2006

Katz At Prodeo: Confidence in The Gulf News

Notice that no caveats are made by Katz on the reliability of Arab news.

Here is what the unwordly young thing said:

Katz on 20 August 2006 at 10:27 am
An Israeli spokesman has acknowledged that there is at least one big loser: the Israeli arms industry.

…this war was between Israeli Western-made weapons represented by the Merkava IV tank, and the Russian-made anti-tank missiles, the most up-to-date weapons in the world.

“From here stems the sensitivity of revealing the number of damaged tanks,” said Yovl Shanverd, the Israeli military analyst to the Israeli Radio Army.

“Every time the Israeli army reveals its loss of a tank, it loses a multimillion dollar contract with countries that look for the best military products around the world, he Merkava IV tank.”


And here is the link she was linking to with such confidence:

Khalil Al Assali hey?

Well I’d trust his work absolutely.

Here is what I’m trying to get through on the same thread:

PanelbeaterBird on 20 August 2006 at 11:02 am
The Israelis stomped ass from a military point of view. But naturally when they called it off prematurely (before the hostages were returned or Hezbollah was totally destroyed and before the real culprits, the Iranian and Syrian regimes, before the real culprits felt any pain)…

Naturally when the rumble was called off prematurely I figured that Israel (and therefore the rest of us) had lost this round. That Iran would build up the skills and weapons that the Hez represents and that the UN would give the bad guys a free ride and yet make good and sure that Israel was limited by the same agreement that the jihadists were openly flouting.

But last night there was some good news. The Israelis got wind that Syria and Iran were trying to re-supply Hezbollah in contravention of the agreement… So they sent in a commando team and stopped this quick-smart.

Which might mean that they have managed to shake off the left-wing mental handicap that the democracies are bedevilled by and turn what would have been a loss back into a win.

But they cannot solve their problems until they are in the position to cut out the Middlemen and punish the big enemy regimes directly.

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On the same thread:

PanelbeaterBird on 20 August 2006 at 1:51 pm
“Questionable. They caused a lot of destruction. But there’s little evidence they damaged Hezbollah’s capacity significantly. And they sure as hell increased Hezbollah’s popularity in Lebanon. That’s why the point about political objectives is important.”

What about the fact that the other side AGREED to a ceasefire. And the very good provisions (as far as these things go) favouring Israel in this particular ceasefire.

They put up a brave face these terrorists. But if they didn’t get pulverised the killing would still be going on.

Israel would have stopped because of financial costs and diplomatic pressure.

$3 billion dollars of costs for only four weeks fighting. They were barely hurt at all from a military point of view. As a matter of fact they were barely TARGETED at all from a military point of view.

And such losses that they did sustain come primarily from trying to spare civilians.

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PanelbeaterBird on 20 August 2006 at 3:05 pm [edit]
I think their allies let them down.

Right now in Bagdhad there are 60 people dying a day. Thats more then or about the same as the numbers that were dying during each day of this one month war….

But where is the global diplomatic force to try and get Iran and Syria to stop stoking THAT fire that they started.

The Americans could have been a lot worse. But thats a small consololation.

There should have been no ceasefires until the war is won.

And this war was costing the Israelis 100 million dollars per day. If they were being paid $200 million dollars per day to keep fighting then thats a whole lot less trouble the rest of us have down the track.

This is business.

Sometimes you’ve got to hardline it.

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