Posted by: graemebird | August 20, 2006

The Weapons System That Would Allow Israel To Go Beyond Fighting Pawns

In the Middle East it seems that the real terrorist big-shots line up a whole series of donkeys ahead of them in order to get human beings fighting people that really aren’t that important to the problem of terrorism.

So after fighting Hezbollah presumably Israel could be corralled into going after Syria before even thinking of going after Iran. And many powerless Iranians would be killed before the Iranian regime were being hunted in the streets like wild pigs.

So the problem cannot currently be solved. Because there has for years been a mental block splitting up the terrorists and the regimes that support them into different areas of ethical responsibility. And besides that mental problem this last rumble cost Israel more then 100 lives and $3 billion dollars. And it only lasted four weeks.

This highlights three things.

1. The Israelis need to build up that fence and their missile defense, so that they can leap-frog over those Palestinian and Lebanese pawns (that they are always manipulated into fighting) and always go striaght for the biggest bully at the party. The idea is to cut out the Middle Man and whip some humility into the biggest bully and then whip him some more just to be sure.

2. We need to be able to open the chequebooks somewhat next time the Israelis are actually fighting. Since our enemies are their enemies. And we want them to keep fighting. And its only good and fair to take up some of the financial burden.

and a tangential point.

3. We Australians, without very good missile defense, and with several thousand Chinese spies in this country, will never be able to talk freely about our largest potential threat.



  1. “several thousand Chinese spies in this country, ”

    OK Bird now you’re scaring me. are you having a paranoid episide? where are all these spies? In the dozens of massage parlours scattered throughout Sydney that offer happy endings?

  2. Birdy
    I’m not sure about thousands of Chinese spies. If they came here with the intention of spying it’s been lost to that other Chinese impluse….The desire to accumulate money and wealth. Point a Chinese in the direction of making money and all else comes a distant second.

  3. Funny Story.

    A buddy of mine answered the door bell one time and a terrific looking, scantily clag gal appears saying, “hi, I’m your date for the evening. you wanna stay home or go out first?”

    He’s totally perplexed and says, “I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m married and haver no idea what you’re talking about”.

    She leaves.

    He then figures out that his Japanese neighbours family was away, back in Japan and he was alone for a few weeks. Friends house number was 45, while the other guys was 35.

  4. This reported in the Australian by Geg Sheridan.

    And he’s a guy that appears to have an inside track on all the best intelligence.

    We don’t want these people hanging round hassling our Falun Gong refugees. Or arm-twisting our pollies to let them go into detention centres, or publishing their hateful Chinese language newspapers locally.

    But this combination of spies and no missile defense is just fatal for our ability to think clearly on this subject.

    And we may have gotten to a point of no return where it is almost impossible for any individual polly to contemplate sending all these pricks home.

  5. Missile defense will come. I believe the Oz government signed up to it. It’s a great idea. It’s a great idea becasue the wrold left wants no missile defense so that more people can die against the thugs. At least that is the only reason I can figure why our left, the US and Eurotrash left are against it.

  6. Now that you mention it. one thing I recollect was once when I was having dinner with this Taiwanese girl. and she asked me where I was from and I said Malaysia. And she said something like ‘Oh good, because I don’t like those mainlanders’. At first I thought it was a weird thing for her to say. I always assumed that these new Chinese-speaking immigrants (of which I’m not actually in the ‘in crowd’ with – my Malay is better than my few sentences of Cantonese or even Hokkien) all got along. I didn’t think there’d be anymore political tensions there.

    the Falun Gong set up a stall in Chinatown every weekend, if not every day. It’s always there when I go down for a meal.

  7. Sure.

    You are probably right.

    But my point is the inhibiting effect THEIR VERY PRESCENCE has on our community.

    I see the basic struggle as one of BULLSHIT MOMENTUM vs REASON.

    But if we have this subtle threat in the background how can reason triumph. The threat has to be just enough to stop any one individual politician from talking too loudly about missile defense and sending the spies home. And then it becomes self-sustaining.

  8. “the Falun Gong set up a stall in Chinatown every weekend, if not every day. It’s always there when I go down for a meal.”

    Where is it exactly? I might go and check it out.

    Apparently the Chi-Coms are running a vital organs on demand service. They shoot a Falun gong member and carve out his vital organs when a client shows up.

    But we have too many spies and not enough missile defense to get too offended about it.

  9. In the middle of the Chinatown square, pass the pagoda. It’s out in the open so I don’t think they’re too afraid about publicising their stuff. I always see it on weekends during the day.

  10. Its precisely because they are likely afraid that they have to operate in the most public place imagineable. Thats what I would assume anyhow.

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