Posted by: graemebird | August 21, 2006

What Is The Strategy For Regime-Change In The Middle East.

Shaun Over At Prodeo Asked Me This:

“Shaun on 20 August 2006 at 8:40 pm
Regime change in Iraq.

Regime change in Iran.

Amazing what difference a letter makes to a slogan. So who have y’all got penned in as Iran’s Ahmed Chalabi and how is this going to be achieved?”

Now I suspect Shaun was being a smartarse. Do YOU suspect he was being a smartarse. I think he was.

Casting aspersions on Ahmed Chalabi. A terrific bloke. Poorly treated. We have all let him down. In lefties words (Is lefty quoting Hunter S Thompson here? Its really that good.) “A fallen angel tormented by apes.

One of the victories that the leftist CIA had was to damage Chalabi. Such pricks those guys. And the State Department too. But its a little hard to see what Shaun is getting at. Hard for me. But hard for Shaun too I should imagine. Having his little mind filled so readily with dumb-left assumptions.

But in any case this is the begginnings of what you would do. And when you were good and finished the map would look mighty different.

For illustration purposes, imagine a map of the Middle East and North Africa is brought to you by the generals. And the borders of the map are outlined in pencil…

And so what you do is you take all the countries that aren’t 100% helpful and the ones that are terrorist sponsors. And also you take Iraq and Afghanistan…….

Thats your country your dealing with. Where any of these countries share a border you rub it out with an eraser. And you tell the generals…… THAT IS YOUR BATTLE-SPACE RIGHT THERE….. Call it Jihadia.

Now you want to start dealing with FACTIONS AND NOT COUNTRIES. Although some factions may be countries.

So you split the Middle East and particularly this knew hypothetical country up into factions. And then you think to yourself….. WHICH FACTIONS CAN WE TRUST TO ONLY GO AFTER COMBATANTS AND REGIME/FACTION LEADERSHIP.

Now one faction might be the Iraqi army that they’ve got up. Certainly you’ve got the Israelis. Then you can build up an Iranian opposition, The Syrian opposition. The Kurds seem to be more then trustworthy these days….. And there you are backing factions.

You pull all aid out of the Middle East with the exception of AID TO FACTIONS WHO FIGHT ACCORDING TO YOUR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. But you stop paying folks not to fight.

Without aid there will be some instability and that may cause the scum to rise to the top where it can be skimmed off.

As a first stage you want to push the violence out of the territory of the Iraqis. That means taking every opportunity to get your new Iraqi army capturing territory into Syria and Iran. And Saudi Arabia if they feel like it.

That means that the dictators have but no choice except to divert resources from murdering Iraqis and instead join the rumble.

Then you begin applying all other forms of warfare. Such as opening up all possible oilfields and substituting towards oil tax. That is massively reduce other taxes and try and raise as much money from Oil and particularly Middle Eastern Oil as you can.

Then with our enemies pinned down with proxy warfare you bring on the air-warfare in support of your proxies as well as targeting regime/faction leadership directly.

Some factions will step out of line and massacre some folks and so forth and so you draw down the aid with them until you see if they’ve reformed their act………

Well I could go on.

But I didn’t go on.

If you aren’t Fyodor or suspected of being Fyodor you can ask questions. But the thing is I’m likely to answer them by updating the thread-starter.



  1. dude it’s hard to read your blog now. you’ve stuffed up the formatting.

  2. Really?

    I haven’t noticed a change. What you want to do is put the August archive in your browser.

    I never did get this deal with putting stuff ‘under the fold’ though more then one person has tried to explain it to me.

  3. that’s strange.
    yeah, when we go to your main page now, almost half of your words on the left are covered by that dark blue background.

  4. Your blog seems to be fixed.

    Is this the same Chalabi who may have been an agent of the Shiite regime in Iran, Bird?

  5. “Is this the same Chalabi who may have been an agent of the Shiite regime in Iran, Bird?”

    Thats just leftist CIA talk Jason.

    “Casting aspersions on Ahmed Chalabi. A terrific bloke. Poorly treated.”

    You must be joking Birdy, he said that his so called claims of WMD in Iraq were
    “an urban myth”. Of all the lying opportunistic ratbags who ever screwed money from the USA government it was “Armoured” Rhino Hide Chalabi.”

    What did he lie about?

    Do you think that the entire American/Anglosphere intelligence network relies on one source alone?

    That was just another part of the leftist/CIA stitch-up. He was happy. His country had been liberated. No-one had become desensitized to the killings at that stage. He was very happy but they couldn’t find much WMD. So he was in jubilation and he brought in the idea that who gives a fuck if they don’t find any WMD (who gives a fuck really even now?)

    And some leftists and spooks got it down and twisted it.

    He’s a good guy. And he’s been fighting the bad Arab since you guys were in the short pants.

    He should have been Prime Minister and would have been but for the leftist CIA.

  6. Leftist, Graeme? Is the Cato Institute leftist?,2933,122301,00.html

  7. No Cato’s OK.

    But they are basically pacifistic. And in this war they let their ideology inform their reality.

    But you can NEVER do that. Being anti-interventionist won’t tell you whether a man is innocent of guilty or whether or not the sun goes around the moon.

    All you puny humans do that to some extent or another.

    I never do that. But I can’t be too harsh on folks who do that. I’d have to rubbish the Austrians if I took this unforgiving, perfectionist approach.

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