Posted by: graemebird | August 23, 2006

Willpower….. Its now or never.

If you won’t listen to me perhaps you’ll listen to the most sensible bloke in the world.

Here is Tom Sowell in an article called: Point Of No Return?

It is not given to democratic societies to let things drift and then FINESSE the situation by marshalling its resources at the last possible moment to avoid mass-slaughter on both sides of the contention.

And why would you want to leave things to the LAST possible moment in the FIRST fucking place?

Don’t trust your fellow homo-sapiens to do the right thing at the last moment. As individuals you have people out there you can trust. But in the bigger world of many millions of people Bullshit-Momentum trumps all.

We have to start thinking in terms of massive slashings of non-defense spending. And at least planning for some of the suggestions I’ve made on this blog…. If implementation remains imprudent for a middle power on its own……… the next thing is to springload FOR THE POSSIBILITY of doing some of these things.

Time for everyone to speak up all over the ether. Go thank the Israelis for beating up the Hez. Tell them you support them. Go find a forum where you can advocate non-defense spending cuts and beefing up against the fascists.

It gets more and more understandable the stupidity that gripped Britain and other countries in the 30’s.

A concerted effort from 1933-36 could have resolved things without mass catastrophe. Without mass slaughter for either party. But you cannot rely on your fellow homo-sapiens to respond in such a way. You just can’t. Quite the contrary. You can rely on them to debate the number of angels on the head of a pin while the Turk is beating down the Gates of Constantinople.

The Key Performance Metric to our survival in this 21st century is cuts to non-defense spending. Let us not sacrifice the lives of soldiers over this. When instead we can sacrifice the income streams of tax-eaters.



  1. are you constantly going to be just warblogging, Graeme? I’d rather hear your thoughts on the Singularity or your alternative to Utilitarianism

  2. PS catallaxy is back up again, thank god.

  3. What came before utilitarianism?

    I suspect its a massive redundancy.

    But I do see it as the ultimate overide. Since nine-tenths of my writing is really about heading off a utilitarian disaster.

    Hence the war-blogging.

  4. I’ve made the decision to get this Singularity deal done before the month is out.

  5. “Go thank the Israelis for beating up the Hez.”

    BS, we kick their ass, even Moshe admit.

    Actually its Fyodor here. An I admit I’ve been a liar all this time. And I’m very sorry for it. I won’t bother you at Catallaxy ever again. I now realise my life is just worthless. I’m thinking about getting my bank tie and hanging myself for yea I am such a complete cunt.

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