Posted by: graemebird | August 24, 2006

More Hot Air And Panic On Prodeo.

Here are my responses to the latest panic about Global Warming.

We are in an Ice Age and dudes worry about global warming.

Its embarrassing.

How are we going to explain this shit to our Great-Grand-Children?

And what will we say to them?

“Actually I know it SOUNDS like we were all stupid cunts…..” You fill in the next line because I cannot. How will we explain this crap.

Anyhow. Here are some posts I tried to get through:

PanelbeaterBird on 24 August 2006 at 6:46 pm
Great Post Brian.

Until you got to the last bit and you started panicking.

Right up unitil then you were doing just fine. And you remind me of no-one more then Tim Flannery.

Same scientific mind. Tims a terrific scientist. I’ll not ever refer to him as a “SCIENCE WORKER”.

And all the reasoning is just fine all the way along. And you would expect he would come to exactly the same conclusions as me.

But at the very last moment BULLSHIT MOMENTUM trumps REASON and he PANICS ……………..and there you are.

Same for you Brian.

And you were doing so well.

”The time scale for future loss of most of an ice sheet may not be millennia,” as glacier models have suggested, “but centuries.”




I thought you were LAUGHING at these guys.

PanelbeaterBird on 24 August 2006 at 8:13 pm
“WbW I can only tell you what I’ve just looked up in Wikipedia. It seems that Erik the Red after being exiled from Iceland settled there and…”

Brian. Your whole Wiki post is a joke and proof that Wiki is run by teenage leftists when it comes to these politicised subjects.

I’ve heard it said that Erik named it Greenland to attract people. But why he would want to attract people to a block of ice is beyond me. WAS HE A BONDSMAN?

I’ve heard this said but not BEFORE this nutty campaign against warmer winters in Invercargill took hold in the full bloom of its craziness.

He named it Greenland because it was Green. That would be the assumption.

And Cold Kills. So the other assumption would be that once the Medieval warming period was over they would have been outcompeted by dudes who were more adapted to living in a freezer. And the cold most likely would have cut them off from Guns, Germs and Steel.

So don’t beleive this tendentious Wiki JIVE.

Because I’ve argued with these guys and they are mostly naughty teenage socialists.

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PanelbeaterBird on 24 August 2006 at 8:23 pm [edit]
OK all of you Dorothys.

We all have to click our heels three times and get back to Kansas.

We face fresh water shortages in some poor countries this century.

CO2 warming will INCREASE precipitation. CO2 reduces plant transpiration and increases the productivity of plants… As well as the WATER!!-productivity of plants.

Bangladesh aside there is no reall downside to CO2-based warming. Insofar as AVERAGE temperatures will be warmer then otherwise this is primarily due to less heat differentials…

Less heat differentials between the Poles and the Equator. Between Winter and Summer, Between the heat of the day and pre-dawn.

So (Bangladesh aside) What… the hell…. is the problem.

We are in an ICEAGE.

We have been in an ICEAGE for 39 million years.

For three million years we have been in a MOST SEVERE PHASE of this ICEAGE.

So can we all just stop being silly and grow up.

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  1. “For three million years we have been in a MOST SEVERE PHASE of this ICEAGE.”

    Alternate reasons:
    We know this because archaeopteryx told us, or

    All that ice disappearing from antartica, is not disappearing, it’s become invisible.

  2. Its not dissapearing. Its not becoming invisible either. The Antarctic appears to be getting colder. It appears that from the South Island of New Zealand on down its getting colder. If anything.

  3. huh? what’s this Rex follow on about?

  4. Rex is from Tigerdroppings.

    Its a Lousiana State University Site.

    If you go there you will find I didn’t run anywhere. I go back there all the time. And I remind him that he is a liar. He is one of the truly most relentless liars there are.

    On the other hand it could be “your ABC” who is particularly clever in finding ways to hide his identity. You see your ABC is a New Zealander. And he uses things that are Australian to throw you off.

    But also he might know that I always had a problem with Rex for his relentless lying. And that I wasn’t commenting at Tigerdroppings very much anymore.

    But you can confirm that this is just more lying on Rex’s part by going there and checking the archive and you will see that I have three pages of archives and no break between comments of more then a week or two.

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