Posted by: graemebird | August 25, 2006

Putting “Why Hezbollah Lost” In The Google.

Despairing somewhat at this bizzare idea that Israel lost that last stoush MILITARILY I tried putting that phrase in the Google. And I’d caught someone mentioning that Amir Taheri had written an article of the same name for the Wall Street Journal.

Well I couldn’t find that particular article yet. But just the phrase in Google sets off a pretty good collection of angry articles, and significantly some good ones from people of Middle Eastern descent.

I pointed out before that they’ve lost 500 blokes. And that means there must be a lot of guys with missing arms and legs.

A terrorist and especially an highly trained Hezbollah member is just not the same with a missing arm and a missing leg.

Even if he hops up and down on one leg getting angrier and angrier its just not the same. He can get an American flag and burn it but he’ll have to light it holding the match between his teeth. And once he got it lighted you could kick him in the nuts and threaten to do it again unless he stamped the fire out.
They lost land….. They officially have to move out of the South

They lost weapons………They’ve diminished their rockets and we can expect many to be seized.

They lost people………. which represents hundreds of millions of dollars and years of investment by Iran.

And the people of Lebanon, particularly the non-Shia who have to put up with these thugs pushing them around day in and day out, will NOT want to see a repeat of the Hez taking them all to war on the sayso of Iran again.

Check this from way back on the 18th of August:



  1. “They lost land….. They officially have to move out of the South…”

    Ha ha, you make a joke, we are back there giving all the people $12,000 per family to rent a house while we rebuild their homes. Now you can see us where before Moshe could not, we are the ones now drive the bulldozer for reconstruction, before we are in the hidden tunnels–giving Moshe a “rocket” surprise on his bulldozer!

    Now all the young fellaheen in middle east want join us, even Sunni— “rocketing” success only 3,000 of us and 30,000 Moshies no?

    Move out of south, you blind or somthing?

  2. Right.

    But they always handed out Iranian money and jobs and things to the Shia.

    So there is no change there. No NET gain.

    And while its true that they will be still infiltrated in the South they’ll have to keep a lower profile. So they’ve lost much of their mafioso position in that region. And if people are no longer frightened of them some level of contempt may follow.

    Specially for the limb handicapped dudes.

  3. Yeah JC and JS. I thinned this one down a bit. I think he’s ‘Your ABC”. I had originally thought it was Fyodor.

    I thought his first objection contained a couple of good points so I left it there. This is a relative thing. Whereas they got beaten militarily they were not destroyed and so far they’re winning on a propaganda level.

    But its no absolute thing. They will still be down South causing trouble.

    Few problems are solved entirely with 32 days of fighting.

    One approach to thinking of whether they’ve had a win or not is the next time they have a pretty serious provocation…… will they feel confident enough to launch most of the hopefully massive counter-attack on Syria or Iran?

    If they can do that and not worry too much about the Lebanese border then in my book its a win.

  4. Birdy, here’s the Taheri article.

  5. Yeah. Isn’t it a great article. I thought it was going to be good but I didn’t think it would be THAT good. Thanks.

    And you know. Even though its dirty Iranian money it is actually pretty heartening to know that these poor people are getting what amounts to a small fortune in compensation.

    So ironic in a way. They deserve it of course. The ones that DIDN’T have a rocket in their living room. Or did but were in authentic fear of the Hez.

  6. A great development here

    It looks like the only people aside from Shiite terrorists who like Hezbollah are pasty faced lefty bohos.

  7. From your link:

    “A teenage girl who was in Marwaheen for the first three days of the war said she saw a Hezbollah fighter set up a rocket launcher with a timer on a nearby hillside, then run to the other side of the village near her home, taking refuge between civilian houses.

    Streaks of red crossed the sky as the launcher fired a volley into Israel, and minutes later Israel returned fire and huge explosions tore through the launch site, she said.

    “We begged them to leave,” the girl said, declining to be quoted by name because she feared retribution from Hezbollah. “We told them, ‘Get out! We have children here. We don’t want anybody to get hurt.’ But they ignored us.”

    It should have been very clear that this is what was happening. And of course every few times that Hezbollah does this some civilians are going to get hurt and killed.

    And its natural enough that its not going to be HEZBOLLAH that gets killed from doing this. Because they set the bomb and run away and it fires. And then when a civilian gets killed from this they blame it on Israel.

    Now Lefty and others should have known this. This happens WITH EVERY SINGLE BOMB THAT HEZBOLLAH FIRED AT ISRAEL

    So this scenarion that the girl saw was repeated many hundreds of times over.

    But whats Israel supposed to do? Set a precedent of NOT firing back? So that Hezbollah can set up ENTIRE BATTERIES of expensive bombs?


    But all this sort of thing is just ignored by the likes of Lefty Elitist.

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