Posted by: graemebird | August 26, 2006

Nature And Plant-Growing Utopia.

“Id like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves”

Where has that late-60’s and early 70’s idealism gone?

What would you say about looking for a world where the gunja and everything else grows twice as fast. Where you didn’t need propane burners to create the CO2 for indoor growing.

Imagine the enourmous cost in terms of capital equipment and the burning of fossil fuels that it would take to provide ubiquitous hydroponic equipment to every farmer in all the poor countries of the world.

What if we could do it for free?


Would not THAT be the dream of dreams. The great Utopia. The most wonderful gift that that the world could get?

And the funny thing is WE CAN. All we need to do is leave the free market alone. We need a campaign to deregulate anything which gets in the way of COAL-BURNING. We need to make it socially unacceptable for anyone to get in the way of investment in coal to liquid-fuel conversion and coal to electricity generation. We need to take a global approach and make sure this hateful anti-peace and anti-love behaviour is put a stop to anywhere in the world.

Here is what BC Hardcore says about optimal growing levels:

“BC Hardcore uses CO2 sequencers and controllers that measure air density and then turn the CO2 devices on and off to maintain a 1,500 ppm CO2 level in the rooms. CO2 units that can generate 26-38 cubic feet of CO2 per hour are generally adequate to maintain 1,500 ppm when used in pairs in rooms that have 10-20 lights.”

“Most CGE growers use sensors to monitor air and other factors to ensure an ideal growing environment: 73-78°F (23-25°C) temperatures, 40-55% humidity, 1,500 ppm CO2, constant air flow and aeration, and scrubbed air.”

We have a way to go to get to this more beautiful Utopian world. Apparently we are currently at only 380 parts per million of CO2 in the air. But BC Hardcore has spoken. And what we ought to be looking is 1500 parts per million.

The way things are going we are so far away from this it just isn’t funny. The current growth rate of CO2 appears to be 0.4% per year. Now I estimate that at this rate it will take 344 years to get to this Utopia.

Now that would be GREAT.
Here is the maths:

1500/380= 3.947

1.004 to the power of 344 equals 3.948

So it would take 344 years to get to BC hardcores reccomendation if we kept on growing the atmospheric CO2 at its current rate.

Now there is something else to consider here. BC Hardcore is making an ECONOMIC DECISION as a commercial grower. It might be that in reality 2,000 ppm is an even better level. But then you might have to burn heaps of propane to get and maintain the levels this high and perhaps this would not be worthwhile.

BC Hardcore uses the same system to get rid of spiders, insects and other pests. He turns it up to 10,000 parts per million for one hour to kill all these critters off. This is fatal for the little critters and very hazardous even to big humans.

So we just have to remember, I think, to whack the carbon tax on once we get to 1500ppm. Thats how we get our workers paradise and our world of nature, love, 12 string guitars and limitless gunja.

Want to find out more about the wisdom of BC Hardcore?

Here is where to find him:


Here is another link. This time its CO2 enrichment for the growing of tomatoes. The reccomended level is 1000-1500ppm.

So we are back to this 1500ppm magic figure.

“Carbon dioxide is necessary for growth, and optimal levels for tomatoes may be two to five times the normal atmospheric levels (1000 to 1500 ppm CO2 versus ambient levels of 350 ppm). Plants can deplete the CO2 in a closed greenhouse in a matter of hours, significantly reducing growth rates.”

“The normal atmospheric level is about 340 parts per million (ppm). Research has shown that plants are able to use more CO2 than is available in the atmosphere (up to 1500 ppm) to grow larger and faster. CO2 enrichment in your grow room has the potential to dramatically increase your yield with little cost.”

There goes that magical figure of 1500 parts per million again.

Here is one where CO2 reduces the damage done to Pine trees by ice storms:

Here is one where CO2 improves cotton growth:

“It was inferred from the results that while increasing the yield future elevated carbon dioxide levels will not have deleterious effects on fiber quality if nitrogen nutrition is optimum.”

Here is one where the writer thinks that a CO2-enriched environment enriches the soil with carbon AND nitrogen. Thus also mitigating the build-up of CO2 since a lot of C (ie carbon) will remain imbedded in the soil.


Now it might be that 1500 parts per million is a best figure to aim at. And it might be that when we got there if we still needed to finance governments as I suspect we will then the carbon tax might be appropriate at that point.

So I’m saying that, as a first draft to find out what could be wrong with it, we don’t plan any generalised carbon tax on until the atmosphere gets to 1500ppm and we would have such a tax sufficiently strong to keep the atmosphere in the 1500ppm to 2000ppm level.

Strange things start happening at 2000ppm. Cucumber leaves start bleaching and stuff. So lets say we make sure the level is betwenn 1500ppm and 2000ppm. With the carbon tax whacked on in order to keep the CO2 level atomosphere in that range.

And maybe just maybe that CO2 will have a strong enough warming effect, particularly up high in the mountains, to retard the growth of a new wall-of-white death glaciation.

And we ask ourselves…. What sort of a world will this be?

It will be a better world.



  1. WTF? are you stoned out of your mind or something?

    This Hardcore dude is presumably talking about a pot plantation or something not the whole frigging planet earth. It’s for frigging plants not humans who might get flooded..

  2. There is no problem with flooding. The sea level is rising so slowly. It cannot rise quickly. There just isn’t enough ice left.

    And I’m I’m no smoker.

    But I can find other articles which would suggest that 1500 ppm is a good growing environment generally speaking.

    I thought this was a good way to certify the viability of the information. Since you come up with the evidence and the left will tell you one of two things.

    1. That the information is being sponsored by Exxon.

    2. They tell you that its a commercial. That the people are trying to sell you something……

    Now I might point our to you that BC Hardcore is not trying to sell you or I anything. And he is unlikely to be sponsored by Exxon.

    But I could get similiar information from people selling hydroponic gear. Or scientists publishing a magazine who might have accepted a research grant from British Petroleum.

    Who you gonna believe?

  3. that’s still irrelevant.
    1500 ppm is good for growing plants. it’s not necessarily good for the earth-system as a whole which consists of icecaps that can melt and which regulate air flows and water flows and have implications for hurricanes and shit like that.

    fallacy of composition, Graeme.

  4. it’s still not a utopia, Graeme. We’d probably all be dying of malaria or something at that rate, if we had any land left to live on after all the floods and hurricanes were done with us …

  5. There WERE NO ice-caps 40 million years ago. We don’t need ice-caps to survive. And growing crops and things in Antarctica will in itself imbed extra carbon.

    There isn’t enough ice left for abrupt flooding.

    Malaria at our level of technology is a disease caused by lack of Capitalism.

    Hurricanes and extreme weather events can be expected to lessen with higher CO2 concentrations.

    Less ice will make it easier for the water to circulate. As will higher sea levels. Although we might expect the circulation to slow somewhat as there will be less energy differential.

    A better world.

  6. Awesome information in your blog

  7. There WERE NO ice-caps 40 million years ago.

    That’s right. There weren’t any humans either. Just sayin’.

    We don’t need ice-caps to survive. And growing crops and things in Antarctica will in itself imbed extra carbon.

    This post of yours seems to be veering from the ‘it’s not happening’ and ‘it is happening but we have nothing to do with it’ arguments to the ‘it is happening, we’re doing it and that’s good’ argument.

    But what about all the people who live near the sea and will be flooded out by its rising? As in most of us? Won’t that put a damper on capitalism somewhat?

    I’m sure you’ve got an answer. I’ll be back in a day or so to see what it is?

    (Here’s a bet that the ‘answer’ is wipe my comment and also respond to it with a tirade of invetive about how I’m a commie Goth idiot ot some such.)

    Is Jason a goth? Or is he more emo?

    Enquiring minds wanna know.

  8. Oh man how ironic. Graeme’s gotten spammed by an LED company. Hilarious.

  9. Adrien I’m not spamming this blog. I actually find the information pretty relevant don’t you? 1500 ppm is about average for most hardcore growers. Regardless of people trashing the earth I think we all do need to move to LED growing not only is it better for the earth but we save money in power. Also who the fuck cares about ice caps? We wont die without them. Whats the big deal?

  10. Good show superled.

    We better learn to love the ice-caps though. Because they are only going to get bigger. The CO2 isn’t going to make a dent on them.

    I think only one thing can be redeemed from this ritualised lying. Its that these coal-liquification and coal-electrification plants will have invested in capturing the CO2 in a futile attempt to keep these bullshithartists happy.

    And then you guys will have all this cheap CO2 to use instead of getting the CO2 from propane-burners.

    Thanks for confirming to this unbelieving mob that 1500ppm is a real sweet deal as well.

    Hang out when you can.

  11. Apologies Superled (can you leap tall lighting towers in a single bound).

    I thought if the ice caps melted (they are melting Graeme) the sea levels would rise quite a bit and submerge a lot of what is now coastal land. Most of us live on what is now coastal land.

  12. No they are not. Stop talking shit. The North Cap hit its lowest ice level last year and is now freezing up again. And the South cap has been gaining ice for a long time now.

    Stop saying stupid fucking lies.

    They are not going to melt and the North Cap is freezing up again. And in a few years this will become a clear and unmistakeable thing.

    You speak such ignorant lying shit Adrien.

  13. Well that’s great news. Where did you get it from?

  14. I’m not sure. Many places. Not the same place you get your Shiite from.

    Actually its not good stuff at all so you’ve really got to get your “mind” to shift. We need as much melting as we can get. Any melting is good melting.

    Your bullshitartists that you trust like a fool all talk about the Antarctic melting. But they mean the peninsula. Which is like Indonesia in comparison with Asia-entire. Its a small part of it.

    The melting of the North Pole has backslided substantially for the first time in a while. But it may soon go forth again, leaving that potential trade route open for one or two years. But it will all be frozen over again by about 2012 don’t doubt it. Never to open up again in a century of Sundays.

  15. Not the same place you get your Shiite from.

    Really? British Antarctic Survey Team? Stokholm University? The American Geophysical Union? No good?

    I feel deeply betrayed. I’m in shock! But it must be true. They must be lying. Especially considering your impeccable sources.

  16. Well they are hopeless if you came to the conclusions you did. But then again you are full of shit and so the problem could come from you exclusively.

    I mean how could you have fucked it up so badly, talking about the Antarctic melting when it was just the little Peninsula? Its alright to be one year behind on whats happening in the Arctic because that was indeed melting away quite nicely until the last few months. So no problem there but how could you have screwed it up about the South Pole for the love of dead-environmentalists?


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