Posted by: graemebird | August 27, 2006

Russian Climatology: How Would We Time Things

Time to go to scientists not swamped by our own pre-occupations.

Although Tim Blair didn’t leave a link I picked it up from his place. It seems the lucky (deserving) fellow got to hang out with Mark Steyn.

Anyhow I put his quote in the google and came up with this fellow.

He thinks that cooling will run from about 2012-2015 and reach a peak at around 2055-2066.

He then thinks there will be two centuries of strong warming starting from the 22nd century.

Now since folks reckon its about a 40-60 year delay to the release of CO2 and it working through the system to change the climate (IF THIS WERE ALL TRUE) it would give us a good policy guide.

We would want a VERY STRONG expansion of Coal use all the way clear past 2066. And only think about a carbon-tax after that.

Heaps and heaps of time to wean off Oil.

More links to this fellow:



  1. […] Now we have some more information as to why this Russian fellow, mentioned in an earlier one of my threads, ( thinks that we are in for a period of cooling. […]

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