Posted by: graemebird | August 30, 2006

How Does The ANTI-CO2 Intellectual Fraud Continue?

Well we have just seen an example of that over at Prodeo. I should not have even linked Professor Robert Carter.

The marxist cunt Paul Norton did a pathetic hatchet job on Bob Carter. Paul Norton showed a total lack of grasp of the subject in doing so. But these guys censored me so that they could make sure I was unable to show them up.

In fact it had gotten to the part of the argument where it was pretty clear that I’d won and that they had nothing. So we couldn’t have that could we. So out comes the ad homenim and the censorship.

They weren’t able to top me since I’m there in person arguing my case. So instead they go to work on the Professor who isn’t there to defend himself and then they ban me. What a bunch of bums.

Paul is also repeating a bunch of fallacy-based claims on the costs of environmental regulation that he’s been made well aware of in the past.

What a fucking bunch of commie bastards they are over at Prodeo.

Mark Banisch. I will hold you directly responsible for this.

This is an important matter and you shouldn’t be rigging the debate to put this ridiculous hysteria about.

Here is an example of what hasn’t gotten through yet:

PanelbeaterBird on 31 August 2006 at 8:28 am [edit]
He’s done neither.

The EPA is not some sort of ultimate authority. And what the Professor says barely contradicts what the EPA is saying in any case.

You haven’t linked these quotes from Bob Carter and at the same time as you launched what amounts to an ad homenim attack on the Professor you guys up and started censoring me.

Name what SPECIFIC things you think the Professor has gotten wrong. And take off the handcuffs. Its just so pathetic for you guys to be bringing on the censorship to create the illusion that you are winning this debate.



  1. Mark Bahnich is no more responsible for this than I am responsible for Andrew Norton banning you from his posts at Catallaxy.

  2. hey is that a coincidence or what?
    Do all the Nortons have it in for you?

  3. Its a general thread-wide thing now. Some dummy calling himself or something. It was his thread this time. It was the collective commie response to me slamming Norton yesterday. They decide to hand-ball the responsibility around.

    Commie-bastards. Still the old man did give me a good run. But I think in the end it was getting even a bit disturbing for him since I skillfully overturned everything there and I was actually winning the debate.

    Yeah its pretty terrible whats happened to the Norton gene pool. One hundred years ago you would expect these people to be Wild West gunslingers.

    You know. Sheriff Norton. Mad Dog Norton.

    Now look at these guys.

    They must have stopped drinking whisky a couple of generations back. Or it could be all the flouride in the water. It might be that once the Nortons are brought up on indoor plumbing they go all weak on us. The decadence and lameness likely gets to the Norton sheilas first who pass it off onto the lads one more generation hence.

  4. the most important thing is university reform, Bird.

    we cannot get anywhere until we stop the commies from brainwashing the younger generation and we cannot do that until we stop subsidising the unis

  5. Graeme
    Do you think SAdrien was a nutball before he went to uni or was he a casualty of the system?

  6. Parkos is not me.

    But he’s not the other parkos either.

    I don’t really care about different identities on this blog. I’ve never posted under one myself. What I worry about is lying, evasion and evidence filibusterers.

    And I also worry about my important messages getting watered down by general dross by people who aren’t interested in truth-seeking.

    For this reason every so often I’ll have to thin the posts out on all sides.

    But in the case of Luke and Adriens posts it will tend to be sooner rather then later.

    “Do you think Adrien was a nutball before he went to uni or was he a casualty of the system?”

    I think its dangerous these days to go to University without any ideas of your own in the first place as a bit of a reference.

    It would be better if the norm was working part-time all the way through and for most of the coursework to be programmed. Because people like Adrien cannot compare various schools of ideas and appraise them like an independent outsider.

    If you can do that then even if you follow some bogus school of thought for awhile… sooner or later you can break out of that.

    But a lot of these younger kids do not have what it takes to critique comparative schools of thought in the first place. And so when they get with a bonehead tribal way of thinking they tend to get stuck there.

    I was able to do that with because I’d studied both monetarism and Keynesianism which was at the time standard.

    What I found was that was basically superior on a technical level and especially in money. They have certain idiosyncrasies…. more to do with the personality of Murray Rothbard then anything else. But just on a technical level their economics was superb and I realised all these ways in which the others had gotten it wrong.

    I couldn’t have done so without having first learnt two or three other competing schools.

    And then when I discovered George Reisman he had gone even further and sorted out some of the mistakes the Austrians had made.

    But the cool thing is the Austrians have basically absorbed most of what Reisman has taught them. I’ve noticed that their message has subtly changed a bit.

    Basically Adrien probably went to UNI and heard all these dopey ideas for the first time.

    And so he’s probably without hope now. I don’t know what motivates such geeks. Its like they aren’t even interested about the reality out there. Only interested in being within this or that group.

  7. If we could get rid of these regulation, you would be able to set up your own university, Bird. And get people like this Art Robinson as adjunct faculty.

  8. Dude have you been reading up on him?

    That guy is just awesome. And its interesting what you are saying because one of the many things he’s done is set up curriculum for home-schooling.

    You are exactly right. And it is for sure a crying shame. Because teaching runs somewhat in the family. And taking a sort of home-schooling arrangement and expanding it into a small school then with the coursework for a University break-away business would be easy as well as a low-start-up business.

    Its as if they’ve taken away the most exciting potential low-start-up businesses.

    And we see the results of what they’ve done whenever we have to deal with people like Adrien or Luke.

    Or even more frustratingly Jason. Its more frustrating because he has some commonsense. But he’s got no methodology to speak of.

    Perhaps he’s in a hurry to FALSIFY errant schools of thought ala bogus-Popper (or perhaps real Popper). But in fact he just gets in the way except where he’s accidently gotten things right in the first place.



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