Posted by: graemebird | September 5, 2006

One Day We’ll Be Brothers Again.

One Day At Christmas
All Hearts Will See
That All Men Are Equal
And All Men Are Free
Maybe Not In Time
For You Or For Me
But One Day At Christmas Time.

The above remembered perhaps somewhat unreliably from a Stevie Wonder song.

This is what we are looking for. The day when all regime and terrorist leadership not in a place closer to Allah (and hopefully most of the originals WILL be dead by then) regard themselves on an equal footing with us and we reciprocate this psychic equality.

But you don’t go from being an overlord or running the plantation to being equal with us nigger-jew-proletarians… us Plebians… Us simple men and women… Its not possible to voluntarily change that habit of a lifetime… Its not possible to go from knife-edge of God… Or King of the oil-realm… Or from someone who can murder another man who just annoys him… to go from these exhaulted positions to then be happy with just being a brother of us ordinary men…. Just to go from that sort of slave-owner to be a grateful friend and brother of ours…………


“I’m going to take you to a deep dark place and I’m going to ENJOY doing it” were the Danes last words….

But in fact we should be looking to take all the non-Democratic Muslims to a deep dark place of the ego so that when we welcome them back into the brotherhood of man it will seem like an extraordinary promotion.

He told me that “My inititiation at a new school lasted two weeks. And I vowed revenge. But when they dragged us out of the river and every last one of them shook our hand and welcomed us into the institution that shall remain nameless…….. suddenly my heart was so full of good vibes that all the vengeance went out the window and there was no psychic class system after that.” he said.

One Day We’ll Be Brothers Again,
One Day We’ll Be Brothers Again,
Its A Matter Of Time,
To You’ll See That I’m,
The One In The End,
Always You Friend,
Brothers Again,

The above adapted from a Bonnie Tyler song.

What do I have in mind?…. Well I’ll give you a clue: The below adapted from a reply (of mine) on Tigerdroppings:

Wampuscat56 said in reply to one of my posts:
“ESPECIALLY the destruction of mosques and any other center that teaches HATRED of western civilization as its primary message – level them.”

(The below is in no way factual. You might think of it as a prose poem-HO HO)

……………………..He tells me that on Friday nights they come out of the Mosque and you can see their yella-eyes and the body language of aggression and he says to me that he never remembered folks coming out of a Christian Church on Sundays quite that way.

He says to me that the rumour is that they get the Friday sermon faxed over from some asshole-Mullahs in Egypt and that they get money paid to them out of the Yemen but he tells me that everyone knows that the Gypo Mullahs are on the Saud payroll as is the Brown Bag Yemeni.

He tells me that if he had his way that he would have them all tasered and maced as they came out of the Mosque on the basis of their body language alone…. And that if HE had his DRUTHERS they would have to go back in and walk out again and not look the soldiers in the eye but instead come out in a peaceful Christian way with an air of gratitude and repentance.
“ESPECIALLY the destruction of mosques and any other center that teaches HATRED of western civilization as its primary message – level them.” So sayeth Wampuscat56.

So I (GMB) sez:

Thats right. Mace the bastards. Make them walk back in. Come back out. Taser them. Make them walk back in and come back out and make them keep fucking DOINGIT until they show a little bit of a CHRISTIAN gratitude and humility.

And then when you know they are all out then LEVELl the fucking place. And when they ARK UP as a result of you levelling their mosque (and some of them will be feeling a secret liberation) mace and taser them AGAIN and when they finally come round to acting like good Christian folk I think a PROVISIONAL welcoming back into the ranks of humanity MIGHT be in order?

Well mayhaps I speak too soon. Maybe it will be a ten minute thing. Just to let them know that WE TOO want everyone to be EQUAL once the war is over.

Because after that TEN MINUTES they must never look directly at a man in uniform. They must always look away or down. THEY MUST ALWAYS LOOK DOWN. They must look down upon PAIN of getting zapped and maced. And maced and zapped. And zapped and maced and zapped………… And zapped again.

Until the war is over.

They must always look away. Look away. Look away.

“Until the deed is one, Until the war is lost and won….”

They must look away from any man in uniform until until until…..


Thats when we can all be brothers again.



  1. It’s refreshing to know that this blogs provide proof that the unrealistic nicities that Greeny/namby-pampy/Liberal/apologistic/soft cock offal that is routinely spoon feed to a spineless, apathetic Society.

    You Rock!!!!!

  2. Is this some sort of TEST Your ABC?

    Well looks like you past it.

    But lets go for some substance more generally.

  3. graeme
    people are going to understandably read this post of yours out of context and think that you’re actually advocating harrassing law abiding Muslims coming out of their mosques

  4. you’ve been quiet, Graeme. all out of steam?

  5. I’ve been following the science at Prodeo.

    And am the most frequent contributer on your site right now.

  6. Hey Graeme
    Given your love of Malcolm X I thought you’d like this Nina Simone performance

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