Posted by: graemebird | September 15, 2006

Campaign Against Warmer Winter Mornings Already Causing Hardship

This link taken from Tim Blairs site.

This is a serious issue. And we might be able to laugh at the hardship these scare tactics are now visiting on the German people since they are a very wealthy country. But not everyone in Germany is famously rich. In fact they have high unemployment over there.

And just think of what unexpected spin-offs could be visited on poorer countries via this mass-hysteria.

We must not forget the unbelievable suffering caused by the scare-mongering over DDT. No lefty has apologised for THAT holocaust.

We see the sort of dopey smug comfort that leads to normal human beings to not do anything about these hysterical leftist outbreaks of unreason when we witness the ho-hum attitude that people have to finding out that the extra CO2 will improve crop yields.

To anyone with a reasonably working ethical sense this amounts to manna from heaven and the dream of ages for the developing world. Extra crop yields and a more vibrant natural world. Thats what industrial CO2 offers. Yet this fact is treated with a bit of a yawn.

We have to be a bit kinder to eachother. Not impose costs on eachother. And not think to ourselves “I’m Alright Jack!. So what if my food bill is a few dollars a week higher?”

Because these sorts of things matter to people who only make a few dollars a week in the first place.


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