Posted by: graemebird | September 21, 2006

Quiggin And Lambert…. Malaria Holocaust-Denial.

I do not feel I can let something John Quiggin said GO on his site without him providing some sort of explanation. I don’t think I can let ANY PROMINENT AUSTRALIAN say what he said without some sort of explanation.

“The bogus story, popular in rightwing circles, in which the US ban on agricultural use of DDT, inspired by Rachel Carson, is morphed into a global ban on DDT, bringing to an end a previously successful compaign to eradicate malaria…”

Now have I got it wrong?

Has JQ? Got it Wrong?

You see from where I stand the left has a long history of holocaust-denial and holocaust-denial at one step.

I’ve seen a young athlete (not one of my own charges) suffering from a sudden burst of malaria. And I don’t know what exactly she was feeling. But I could see that she was not the least bit happy about it.

And my understanding is that it is Malaria that has killed more humans then any other disease.



  1. Bird, J F Beck has been all over this for a while now, doing battle with Tim Lambert.

  2. Thanks for the tip.

    I was going to tone this down if I could get the holocaust-deniers togive us some sort of explanation.

    But methinks I’ll likely wind up making it nastier. Because black people dying by the bushel in extreme misery is nothing for that fathead Lambert or JQ to be flippant about.

  3. Lambert taught c8to computer science in uni. Small world, eh?
    You seem to have a habit of laying it into c8to’s past teachers;-)

  4. Seems to be strangely unaffected by this confederacy of idiots.

    Lamberts typical of the campaign against higher plant yields.

    In that he’s not a scientist or not a scientist trained in climate science. And yet he’s the one making all this noise.

    He’s a first-class idiot. But I followed Robs link and couldn’t see where the DDT debate was.

    Has Quiggin back-tracked at all?

    I may make this thread progressively nastier if I don’t see some back-tracking or there is the idea that they might be right. So one wants to have the evidence for that.

  5. Right. Thats it.

    I put malaria in JF Becks search and I got to read what he reckons Lambert has been saying.

    So I’m going on the offensive on this one. This is trying to holocaust-deny typical ‘ecological’ and interventionist actions so its unacceptable.

    And its also this crazed idea that if its nature doing it its just fine even if people are dying horribly.

    Imagine the fear of relying on bed-nets alone. As if these damn mosquitoes only come out at night. And as if you ever go on one line of defense alone.

    You’ve got to have the nets the DDT in the house and get to the swamps and kill every mosquito you can find.

    Now it might be now there are alternatives to DDT who knows.

    But if there was a ban, defacto or otherwise there is just no questiton that is going to kill a lot of people for a long time.

    We are not mucking about when we talk of pseudo-religion and environmental fascism.

    This thread is getting nastier.

  6. Rafe has brought this up at Catallaxy before

  7. My God. These fucking lunatics are just hard to believe.

    Have they never even BEEN to a place where they have mosquitoes.

  8. Hey Jason. Why don’t you open that thread again so I can have a shot at these two holocaust-deniers.

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