Posted by: graemebird | September 24, 2006

Tim Lambert Is A First-Class Lunatic

Tim you are not a scientist.

Just get this fucking idea out of your head that you are a scientist.

Here is Tim talking his unscientific science-talk over at fellow leftist nutball JQ’s place.

“Bob, IRS was already recommended by the WHO in South Africa. The new policy adds a bunch of countries in Africa where the malaria problem is worse. There is no scientific support for a change in policy in those places, and the new policy talks about gathering evidence in this area.”

Does DDT kill mosquitoes or not? This guy is such an idiot that he can say that the countries where the new policies are going into place HAVE A WORSE MALARIAL PROBLEM then South Africa where the policy is ALREADY IN PLACE….. And then without further explanation he just puts it to us that the new policy is not justified scientifically.


Don’t let complete lunatics like Lambert fool you. If DDT kills mosquitoes THATS SCIENCE. The idea is to:

(a) Kill as many mosquitoes as possible in the general area.
(b) Kill as many mosquitoes as possible where you work and live.
(c) Stop the ones that you don’t kill from getting to the humans.

This implies casting out an whole series of filters to stop the mosquitoe getting to you , your wife, your kids.

So only a complete lunatic would rely on bednets alone.

Look people you have been in a place where there are a whole lot of mosquitoes haven’t you? Forget malaria for a minute. They are a constant menace. They leave these nasty itchy bites all over you. And they don’t just work at nights. They keep you awake with anxiety at nights but you have to be at constant guard during the day.

I can remember going to another school for a short time. And we had to do some manual labour pulling up grass or something. And the mosquitoes went at me so much I malingered from the unpaid forced labour and kept this cold-water tap on the whole time washing tens of these mosquitoes off my legs.

If you are in an area with lots of mosquitoes you are killing them day and night at every hour. This idea that you can just spray outside the house and have a couple of bed nets. This isn’t science. This is Lambert being a lunatic.

You drain the swamps. You spray the swamps. You spray everywhere where these bastards breed. Then you spray outside, inside, you have nets, you have insect repellant. You do everything you can to keep the mosquitoes away from the kids. Because the fact is that over a ten year period if you don’t do that the mosquitoes are going to get to the kids.

So what exactly does Lambert mean when he says that something is ‘not scientifically justified’.

It means that it goes against his lunatic anti-human ideology. Because Lambert isn’t a scientist. And he could never understand science in a million years.

Right. Jason Soon has just brought more of this Tim Lambert lunacy to my attention..

After RAFE explains pretty clearly how the malaria strategy based around INSECTICIDE-TREATED-NETS alone is a fucking failure the Lunatic Lambert pipes up and says:

“Sorry Rafe, but you’ve been conned. ITNs are effective — they’ve been studied to death. DDT does have a role in some places as well and it’s used in Eritrea. Bate’s advocacy of DDT is part of a strategy of environmentalist bashing. Bate even advated using DDT where the insects were resistent to it!”

You fucking lunatic. Don’t you suppose that sooner or later that people might want or need to LEAVE their beds. Or that maybe there will be cases where the mosquitoes DO get through because of some malfuntion or other.

And have you never so much as woken up and had to take a crap in the middle of the night. Or witnessed a kid wanting to go to the toilet in the middle of the night?

I just cannot believe the stupidity of this idiot. And bear in mind he brings these marvellous scientific skills to the global warming scare. I’ll be over on an American site and there will be some poor bastard whose quoting him as if he is an authority.

Such is the make-up of the global-warming scare.


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