Posted by: graemebird | September 25, 2006

Forgiving The Murderers Of Other Peoples Loved-Ones Is Getting Above Yourself.

This from Kimberella-The-Pirate-Queens thread known as IDEOLOGY AND LIVED EXPERIENCE.

I just thought this post scanned rather well. So I’ll include it here for the permanent record. So that you might remember me when agents of the family Saud close in.

This is not a new type of war. This is a very old type of war. We already know how to win it because yea it is so very old and it has repeated itself so very many times.

This is a war where states for one reason or another find it advantageous to aid UTOPIAN ESCHATOLOGISTS.

If we destroy all the States that do so it will be easier to round up the relatively few number of individuals involved in these UTOPIAN ESCHATOLOGIST movements. And the other thing we must do is find a form of capitalism that is fairer and is perceived to be so.

Since ultimately people become UTOPIAN ESCHATOLOGISTS when they are quite young because they perceive the status quo to be unacceptably unfair. And they get stuck in that groove and addicted to their daydreams and they never get out of that groove.

What Kim, Mark and the rest of you leftists must realise is that you come out of a school of thought that is derived from UTOPIAN-ESCHATOLOGIST-CHRISTIAN-HERESIES.

A typical idea in these heresies is that “WE SHALL BE AS GODS.”

And even in the watered down form of utopian eschatology that haunts your minds we see the remnants of these cultural tendencies transmitted over the centuries.

You guys are simply in no position to forgive anyone who has murdered some third parties kids, deliberately and for no good reason and not as part of legitimate military operations where all due care was taken.

I am no Christian but if I was I would reserve this power to forgive to the saviour and do the right thing and take up the responsibility to avenge unto myself.

Ann Coulter pointed out this tendency of the left to wheel in characters and set them up and put them on a pedastal.. And they would be characters who conservatives… due to their good nature… would find very hard to criticise.

So they scour the earth for Vietnam Veterans, for leftist 9/11 relatives of victims, and for leftist lunatics whose kids died in Iraq.

And it makes it very hard.

And now you’ve come up with some Sheila whose lost both her legs and her eardrums but if her eardrums weren’t perforated she STILL wouldn’t listen.

But I’ll just brush all that aside and say that this women who crawled on in and started talking about ‘wake-up calls’ and such has not woken up. And she says that its time to listen but she is not listening still.

She is not listening to the demands of the UTOPIAN ESCHATOLOGISTS who are the relevant people to listen to in this context.

She wasn’t listening before she was hurt and she’s not listening now.

But SHE has a valid excuse!!!!!!

She may find comfort thinking she can salvage something from this horrific thing that these bastards have done to her and if it was up to me I’d bring them back one thousand times so that I could kill them slowly again. I’d do it so that everyone knew there was no 70 virgins to be found when you do that to a woman but only a thousand drawn-out deaths.

Now I hope she’s fine. And perhaps we should let her live with these delusions. And perhaps even some nice man will tell her she’s gorgeous every day of her life. And that would be a good thing too.

But YOU AND I have no such excuse. Our wake-up call should be that we have to make the status quo of capitalism fairer (at the same time as making it more capitalist) and figure out which guys can be persuaded and which can’t and we have to kill those folks that cannot be persuaded away from the UTOPIAN ESCHATOLOGY.

I have endless forgiveness. One day I might forgive you leftists for this massive moral support that you are always giving to our enemies. For you failure to give all human beings their base level dues. For your failure TO LISTEN to your betters, and to the enemy, instead of putting words into the enemies mouth.

And as nations its even right that we should have provisional forgiveness for a monster like Gaddaffi. Since he’s given up killing our sheilas, or appears to have.

The French say that “To understand all is to forgive all” But what do the fucking French know. They know fuck all. Because anyone who understands terrorists or hardcore Utopian Eschatologists knows that the more you understand the less you can forgive.

I’m tapped out of forgiveness when it comes to that crowd.

And the rest of you should be too.

References would be Ledeen, Codevilla and Rothbard.


  1. Show Me.


  3. Here is my response so I wonder if it will get through:

    “You just be careful about your OWN anti-semitism.

    Because I can see your relatives haunting outside your place while you are still asleep.

    They cannot rest in peace because you have gone over to the other side.

    And they are kind of ‘frozen-in-the-moment’ not long before their deaths.

    So that they look like some sort of frantic pajama-party in the early morning mist.”

  4. Look if you are going to talk shit all the time I’m going to wipe you.

    Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

    I’m wiping this in about 1 hour if you don’t make a sensible post without all this make-beleive…

    Oh fuck it. You are gone.

  5. If you aren’t even interested in the subject don’t fucking come here.

  6. Subject is

    So, very confusing, you said your frend injured by Israeli bombing (but you wipe it)

    I made comment asking you “your frend hurt, who do you blame? Or you consider insyaallah?”

    You wipe that one also. Now I am sorry your frend injured, but my question is reasonable but I change it a little bit, do you blame Israeli for hurting your frend?

    For what you have blog and wipe your own words?

  7. You are not serious about the subject.

    Now what do you expect the Israelis to do?

    Just have their neighbours kill them?

    You’ll get wiped as soon as you fuck around and show you are not serious about the subject.

    Now I was talking about the fact that if Israel had have deployed the missile defense they could have gone after Syria and by-passed Lebanon altogether.

    And then you were just being an idiot. Saying something about why go after Syria just for helping Hezbollah and so forth. Except because you are such a fuckhead you didn’t mention Hezbollah and tried to make it like the main conflict was Israeli/Lebanese.

    Now I’m not fucking interested in you being flippant. Or trying to pretend you are something you are not.

    Obviously it is up to the Israelis to survive and not have fucking facists kiling their kids.

    Attempt to be serious because I define a troll as just some fuckhead who isn’t even interested in the topic. So I’ll wipe you if you don’t attempt to think.

    I suppose its a bit discriminatory. Since I’ll likely be doing a lot of wiping for people being extremely stupid.

  8. “Now I was talking about the fact that if Israel had have deployed the missile defense they could have gone after Syria and by-passed Lebanon altogether.”

    Short range missille, there is no defence, the laser I think you talking about cannot work, if it did, they will build.

    “like the main conflict was Israeli/Lebanese.”
    How many ordinary Lebanese kill (and why factory, apartment bomb?), how many Hezbollah?

    “kiling their kids.”
    How many Isreali children killed, how many Lebanese children?

    What about your frend hurt, where was he, firing rocket for us or in his apartment not want to fight anyone?

    Your frend hurt is big problem for your thinking yes? Bush call it “collateral damage”
    You like “collateral damage” your frend or only Arab people, not fighter, in their house?

    Maybe you can give your frend the new name, Charly Collateral yes?

    His life worth nothing to Moshe dropping bomb—you don’t like what happen but cannot say Moshe wrong. Inside conrediction for you! So please ”attempt to be serious” about that.

  9. “Short range missille, there is no defence, the laser I think you talking about cannot work, if it did, they will build.”

    No you are wrong about that. You don’t understand western-leftists. The missile defense does work yet they didn’t deploy it.

    So that means you are wrong. Its not true to say that if it would have worked they would have deployed it.

    It works but they didn’t deploy it.

    Left-winger turn into lunatics when the subject turns to missile-defense.

    Had they deployed it they could have cut out the middlemen and gone after the real bad bastards.


    “May 2006—Then reality set in, and these recent efforts to wield battlefield lasers suddenly began looking as doomed as Star Wars. Generating the megawatts of laser power needed to detonate a missile required hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals—ethylene, nitrogen trifluoride. The weapons grew bulky. Worse, after a few shots, the lasers would have to be resupplied with a fresh batch of reactants. The logistics of hauling those toxins either through the air or across a battlefield made generals shiver. And questions lingered about how effectively the beams would penetrate dust and rain. Last year, the Army canceled its Tactical High Energy Laser project, and some think the wildly overbudget beam-firing 747 may be next to go.”

    So far, it appeared these weapon are impracticle, also the “solid state laser” that is why they did not build.
    The hitech become dreaming tech. The star wars people have not science but new religion, worship the “star wars” —put radio transponder on test missile so the test can be cheated. This is the big joke–stupid westener thinking can prevent all the problem with the “hitech.” (Like Merkava tank)

    And with cruise missile, if star wars laser can be made working, cruise missile at 15 metres cannot be stopped—journey is not known.

  11. Have you ever talked to a left-winger?

    They have this mad thing about missile-defense.

    And America and Israel have these dumb-leftists just like here in Australia.

  12. You should know fella.

    You are one of them right?

  13. is this blog dead?

    we want to read more of the wisdom of GMB instead of this back and forth about betting

  14. Dead like Moshe’s “intelligence” You need to read here Birdy

  15. Someday we’ll get this bet out of the way. But backing the wrong horse with these filibuster blogs makes them go on so much longer.

  16. come on, Graeme. you’ve been engaging in trivial banter with John for god knows how many weeks now. Time to turn your energies to some more substantive writing.

  17. Right.

    But I’m not letting him prevail by getting the last word in.

    It doesn’t help a whole lot when YOU get it wrong just who is wimping out.

    The left can get ANYTHING put over on us by Johns methodology.

    How do you think they alibied Saddam?

    Not through the sound power of their reason thats for sure.

    He would never pay up or even settle on anything approaching a reasonable bet.

    But even if he did pay up I’d be working for 50c per hour. So he’d stooge me even in this way.

    Leftwingers do not enter into proper bets with conservatives and pay up without fuss. They are really rotten people and this has to be remembered.

  18. I know its OT but, what happened to catallaxy Jason? Not the dreaded invasion of the cybermen I hope.

  19. Look I don’t know?

    I suspect communist or jihadist motives.

  20. Must be communists, they pay others to blow up the buses, jihadists arent that smart.

  21. server is fucked rog. we are working on getting a dedicated server but may take a while to migrate

  22. As I thought rog.


    Jasons always duped by these evil bastards.

  23. Heres more evidence of the unspeakable evil aka “common good”

    “It’s a core value that we think organizes the entire political agenda for progressives,” said John Halpin, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. “With the rise of materialism, greed and corruption in American society, people want a return to a better sense of community — sort of a shared sacrifice, a return to the ethic of service and duty.”

  24. Or maybe Nabs sent his Balkan buddies after us after he stormed off in his hissy fit;-)


  26. Graeme
    who is this Kiwi Bird character?

  27. Is he causing any trouble?

    He might actually BE one of my cousins or brothers. Being as he clearly knows I’m from New Zealand and most of my relatives are New Zealanders whereas I see myself as primarily an Australian. Hence his emphasis on being a Kiwi.

    There are thousands of these cousie-bros. And they all fight amongst eachother and don’t get along. Yet each one is bigger and more crazy then the next and they have all sworn a blood-oath to avenge my death.

    Out of these thousands I have two main suspects.

    I don’t know for sure though.

    Doesn’t seem to be acting as nasty as YOUR ABC.

    Although it could well be the same person.

    The person that I though Your ABC was denied it.

    This message will self-destruct as will your question.

  28. no he hasn;t been causing much trouble, if anything he’s quite constructive.

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