Posted by: graemebird | November 29, 2006

Young Mexican Scientists Getting It Right.

Hilarious English.

But very clear explanations.

Ole! and Bravo! and all that.

Its good to see normal scientists taking a normal scientific/commonsense approach to the alleged problem of climate change.

You know these people outside the Anglsophere are likely to think we are complete idiots if we allow ourselves to be taken in by Deltoid or Realclimate. Its a sign of mental weakness and it telegraphs that we are ready to be colonised by anyone ruthless enough to shout at us in a repetitive fashion.



  1. dude
    you’re really obsessed with this stuff aren’t you?

  2. I’m like that with all the important stuff.

    Now have you read these young blokes.

    Really straight-forward explanation. Confirming my approach. And here I was thinking I was being really original. But 25 years ago, the sort of things I’ve been saying would just have been considered standard by your high-school teacher.

    “Water has a Specific Heat higher than soil and air; thus, the Thermal Capacity of water is higher than the Thermal Capacity of the air and the soil. To a greater Thermal Capacity, a slower rate of dissipation of heat.

    The atmosphere and the soil cannot maintain a generation of heat for longer periods than water because they have a thermal capacity lower than water. For equal volumes (1Kg of each medium), water absorbs more heat than air or soil, so water can absorb more heat, which will be converted into kinetic and potential energy, than the soil or the air can do. A body with a high energy density will last more for losing its inner energy than a body with a lower energy density. For example, if you have ten dollars and your friend has five dollars, and each one is obliged to spend one dollar per day, you will delay ten days to spend your money, while your friend will delay only five days to consume his money.

    In general, the soil and the air have, independently, 1/4 of the specific heat of water. For example, the Specific Heat of Carbon Dioxide is 850 J/Kg °C; to be precise, 4.92 times less than the Specific Heat of water; then, its Thermal Capacity will be less than the Thermal Capacity of water. For equal masses of the evaluated substances, at controlled temperatures and pressure, the Carbon Dioxide will release its internal heat five times faster than the water. If one Kilogram of water at 30 °C is cooled by 10 °C in 10 minutes, one Kilogram of Carbon Dioxide at 30 °C would be cooled by 10 °C in two minutes. The rule is: If you get it fast, you will lose it fast.”

    “If Earth did not have water, nights would be extremely cold -even if its atmosphere had had “Greenhouse” Gases five times more concentrated than at present.”

    No more listening to bullshit Jason.

    The Global warming alarmists are considerably less rational then those guys replacing Catalyst.

  3. Graeme — I believe it is the global warming mob that have been pushing this idea recently. They say that we haven’t seen the full consequences of global warming because it takes longer for the oceans to heat up. This creates a lag. Once the oceans adjust then we will see the full extent of the warming from any change in forcings.

    Roger Pielke Snr has been on to this stuff for a while too. He is linked to from my global warming science post.

  4. Well thats great news.

    You got a link for that?

    Its great news because it will take many thousands of years to heat up the oceans. And so that the change will be gradual. And easy to adapt to. If the change occurs at all.

    You see the data says that CO2-based warming has been proven false…… In terms of the magnitudes and the time frames that were typically assumed.

    So that Annan saying that doubling CO2 increases temperatures by 3% is horseshit………… In terms of the time frames normally thought of when discussing this topic.

    But having said this I’m quite willing to believe, based on some sort of sound argument…. that the real figure for a DOUBLING of CO2 is more then that.

    I’d be willing to believe that the first 19th century estimate of 6% is spot on…

    But with a delay of 1200 or 5000 or 25000 years.

    Because thats the way you think when you focus on the oceans.

    Now in this context I should remind people that if this is true:

    1. Its a good thing since the planet has heretofore (for 39 million years) has been prone to excess cooling and not excess warming.

    2. Standard projections for ambient Troposheric CO2 has it peaking at 2100AD for “Business As Usual” assumptions.

    This is not such good news. Because we want the sustained warming. But I myself think we can find a bunch more of these fuels. But the take-home-story is that we do not have a warming threat barring totally atypical solar behaviour.

    3. If we ever get to a point of uncomfortable excess warmth we have this continual leakage from Antarctica. That puts the balance of probabilities at the point where we should worry only about cooling. And never about heating.

    4. If we got too much heating (up to a point) thats a pretty easy thing to deal with in any case. And even with our level of technology we have here today.

    But excess cooling is a VERY hard ask. A VERY hard thing. And I don’t know how we’d deal with it.

  5. what happened to your recent piece? you wiped it?

    I like your stuff on foreign policy (though I don’t always agree with it) but I am bored with this global warming stuff (and still unconvinced).

  6. You’ve got it the wrong way around Jason. Graeme is much better on global warming than he is on foreign policy.

    With his theories of fiji taking over Australia if we don’t support the Iraq war, and this theories that Saddam was behind all terrorism in the world, he is an absolute embarassment and liability.

    But with his consistent skeptical questioning of the global warming fear campaign (much like the terrorist fear campaign) Graeme is a valuable friend of liberty.

  7. “With his theories of fiji taking over Australia if we don’t support the Iraq war, and this theories that Saddam was behind all terrorism in the world, he is an absolute embarassment and liability.”

    Neither of these things are true.

    1. Fiji could only (theoretically)take over Australia if we dogmatically took your statistical approach to terrorism and applied it rigidly.

    2. Saddam was the most important INDIVIDUAL to terrorism in the time period before 9/11. But Iraq wasn’t the number 1 terrorist regime (that was Iran I would think) and Saddam may have played second fiddle to the Saudis as a financier of hate-incitement and Jihad.

    You cannot diaggregate this Hydra if you want to take it down.

    “I like your stuff on foreign policy (though I don’t always agree with it) but I am bored with this global warming stuff (and still unconvinced).”

    Jason I might replace it with a second draft. The problem is right now that I’ve been having problems with my computer ever since Lambert threatened me with a couple of years in jail for messing with his computer. Still correlation is not causation. And so if Lambert supplies overwhelming evidence that he isn’t fucking with my computer and the sites I typically contribute to…. I might accept his explanation.

    So I’ve been having trouble doing quick edits and such.

    You know when I’ve got a really good and fast connection I’ll put out a draft. I’ll put out anything. I’ll put out the most crazed drink-talk.

    But I want to be able to edit it.

    And lately I’ve not been able to edit things quickly and have been getting overtime.

    So I thought I’d wipe that one. Actually I think I wiped it on impulse just before going to work and running late.

    But I’ll bring it back in reworkd form sooner or later.

  8. It sounds like you may have picked up a computer virus, Graeme. Maybe you should have it checked out.

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