Posted by: graemebird | December 2, 2006

No-one Fights Who Doesn’t Want To…But All Men Are Responsible For Defending Our Sheilas

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Its a sweet deal if you ask me. You don’t have to fight. I don’t have to fight. Nobody who doesn’t want to has to fight. Since other people volunteer to fight for your freedom and mine.

And what I expect from you is a little bit of fucking gratitude. The most ungrateful thing any of us can do is buy into this delusion that our freedom is independent of the willingness of righteous crazy-brave farm boys who are willing to kill and die for their country.

But whether all of us fight or only a tiny minority….. Nonetheless it is our responsibility, all of ours, or at least all of us GENTLEMEN… it is our responsibility to defend our country…. and most particularly our sheilas. And the kids.

Now how cool is this. We can defend our country and we don’t even have to fight. We don’t have to fight and if we think ahead far enough we don’t have to take any risks. And if we are really smart and think ahead then we can sort it out that even the guys who have signed up to fight and kill and die seldom have to embrace the last of these options.

For those of us who don’t wish to fight, or to take risks it is our special duty to do everything we can to support the guys who are ready to commit to these things.

It is our job to show these people gratitude (but never obsequeiousness, or fearfullness. They are, and must be under civilian control) that means whenever a young soldier or an old soldier is there one of us is buying their drinks. And if its an old American soldier then we would be buying for him and any woman he’s squiring around.

But most of all it means we must pay a ridiculous premium in terms of giving them the best training and equipment we can give them. A ridiculous overcompensation to them and/or their estates if they are injured or killed… And it means we must have a military doctrine that inherently makes it more likely that they will die in their beds and not on the field.

And all these things cost money.

Now on the other hand I never miss an opportunity to listen to Hoppe and other anarcho-capitalists on the idea of private defense.

So far I think Hoppe has shown that such a system, having been established, might one day be sustainable.

What these guys haven’t yet shown is how to transition to such a system without risking a utilitarian catastrophe in the meantime.

I think about the transition all the time.

But I simply cannot see us getting there any time soon.

And we Australians live in a tough neighbourhood.

You don’t want to fight do you? I would fight under some conditions and not under others. But I don’t want to fight either.

And further to that I don’t want our guys who volunteer to fight. I don’t want them to fight either. I want them to have the capacity to fight and not have to use that capacity.

Now thats not quite realistic because a country has to show every now and then that they are serious and not to be trifled with.

But the fact is I don’t want to fight. I know you don’t want to. And I want the life expectancy of our armed forces to be higher then the life expectancy of any other armed forces.

So how do we acheive all this?

Well its in the nature of this world that if you prepare enough for a war thats a war that you don’t have to fight.

We simply have to do what we have to do so that we don’t have to fight the big catastrophic wars.

Now that sounds easy enough. But we cannot expect the public, in a democracy, to back our efforts to head off a catastrophic war if regimes are already intimidating people in our country.

From time to time various regimes do project intimidation into our country.

And if we suspect this is happening and we cannot stop it it means we are not doing enough in terms of our defense.

Because once this process takes hold then its not to be thought that the situation is retrievable.

One of the great things about the last 15 years or so is the rise of the Chinese people. From a situation of near concentration camp conditions to a condition of a great deal of defacto freedom and property rights.

One hopes that this upward spiral continues.

One hopes this because we want them to carry on and extend many of the achievements of the West just as the West built on things that the Chinese invented.

Everywhere you see Chinese people forging ahead in all areas of acheivement.

They are there at the Juilliard and they are there in the sciences.

We want this to continue. But its not going to continue if we end up in a catastrophic war with them.

We have a very big danger that this catastrophic war could happen between now and mid-century. But the danger-zone is particularly strong between about 2012 (lets say) and 2030.

Now its our absolute duty to extend our own freedom. And its also a duty of ours to make sure that this war doesn’t happen and if it does that we win quickly and with few deaths to our soldiers and to their civilians.

Now I don’t know how to pull this moral necessity off and slash our defense spending. I think, if anything we need to increase defense spending.

Because we cannot rely on being able to ramp it up when a threat starts emerging. And we cannot rely on the idea that our multi-cultural population will maintain a total resolve under intimidation like the population of 100 years ago would have.

There is no way to cut costs on this defense business.

Its going to be expensive. But in the context of our threat profile over the next few decades its a bargain at the price. And cheaper then the alternatives.


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