Posted by: graemebird | December 5, 2006

Deltoid: The Fat Mans Monologue.

Lambert oh Lambert. Yea. What a fuckwit thou art.
You know with all the obsessive sophistication that this DDT-Holocaust-Denier brings to catching people out on technicalities it might suprise you guys to know that he has no POSITIVE case for his bollocks.

He will not be pressed for answers or evidence for this theory of substantial and harmful warming attendent upon the release of industrial CO2 in a free market.

So many fucking hidden agendas these dumb-leftists have don’t they?

Why not just try and find the truth? Let the chips fall where they may? Others, who have THEMSELVES no hidden agendas in this global warming matter, might find it hard to imagine, that there are nutballs out there like Lambert who couldn’t give a toss for the truth. Who may not even believe in any such thing as the truth. And so folks tend to simply assume that this is an honest disagreement.

Lambert doesn’t ACT like there is an honest disagreement though does he.

And neither should you.

Because there isn’t an honest disagreement. For the most part its just the leftist climate warming guys lying and practising bad science.

When you assume that someone like Lambert is arguing from a position of good faith and is merely mistaken it is you yourself that are making a grave mistake.

‘What is truth? said jesting Lambert.
And would not stay for an answer.’

Cosmic karma-points for anyone who can tell me where the above paraphrase comes from.



  1. Graeme – delete this later if you wish. but check your email.

  2. cozzie bro
    ‘Fat mans monologue’ could be the name of your blog too

  3. Why are people so unkind.

    Listen I just saw my emails.

    And I’m just shocked, angered, offended and nauseated by the accusations FDB is making.

    These socialist sonofabitches will stop at nothing.

    None of you guys actually KNOW this clown do you?

    What a prick.

  4. Graeme
    He’s a friend of Steve Edwards. Steve thinks he’s an OK guy. And FDB was genuinely offended by your comment. All you have to do is retract that one comment.

  5. Well it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.




    Now I think he knew exatly what I meant but is going instead for the Gotcha moment.

    So if thats NOT the interpretation he is affecting to believe in of course I don’t agree with it and therefore there is nothing to retract.

    Look at how fucking dishonest he is. You say he is a friend of Steve Edwards. That means he lives, or at least his family lives on the far side of the Continent.

    The fact is he’s found a GOTCHA. And he’s being a little bitch about it and I’m not apologising to anyone whose fucking attempting to deceive you in this way.

    And the fact is you are being played by this guy.

    He knows what I meant even if you didn’t.

    If he was as callous again I would give him the same message less compressed so he couldn’t pretend he misread it.



    It was him being the callous bastard and not me and he knows it.

  6. “Well it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.”

    What he PRETENDS to think it means is what I’m saying here.

    Look I can understand why skeptic misunderstood what I was driving at.


    I was accusing him of being that way and showing him as graphically as I could how ghoulish he was being.

    And he knows that even if you didn’t get the point.

    He’s bullshitting you. He’s callously trying to mess with me and is probably giggling now in some horrid Dick Dastardly fashion.

    He has to apologise BOTH for his initial callousness and also for pretending to not know what I was explaining to him even if third parties didn’t get the point.

  7. Well put what you just wrote in the gaidar thread, and retract your threat. Problem solved

  8. The lengths you will go to to force a libertarian to get down on one knee to a socialist.

    This is not good Jason.

    And its not going to happen so don’t try it on in the first place.

    I have an overdue appointment with the gym as Kiwi rightly implies. I don’t need to be mucking about on your blog.

  9. What fucking threat?

    You’re being a punk Jason. Acting like I’ve got some sort of standing threat going.

  10. I’m sorry Graeme but I cannot allow you to get away with making that sort of comment on my blog. It makes the blog look bad, You will have to retract or we will have to continue the insertion policy or even consider putting you back on moderation.

  11. How can I retract?

    Retract what?

    You see you keep restating the same accusation. How can I retract something I didn’t intend in the first place.

    Supposing I start a story and it goes like this…

    “So I’m a politician. And I go to such and such and do such and such…”

    And you force me to retract and say I’m not a politician. But in this example I’m not claiming to be a politician in the first place so I’m not lying about being a politician so I cannot retract some lie about being a politician.

    Now you’ve got to stop making these allegations Jason. When you know better then that.

    You may be going on Skeptics legal thinking. I would think so Jason because you always seem to be hiding behind SOMEONE. I myself don’t resent even a little bit any take on this that skeptic has. She’s a woman. And might be expected to be hypersensitive about these things.

    Lucky you are not a left-winger Jason. These continuing allegations, without retractions, would see writs and summonses being presented to you at any time of the day or night.

    Always remember that when the girls or the girly-men are talking about you THATS GOOD!!!!.

    Doesn’t matter what they say. Whether its good. Or whether its bad. Just so long as they are talking about you.

    For this reason I want to keep this controversy ticking over as long as possible.

    Keep it going and use it as a sort of innoculation so the left realise they can’t do the same sort of things to me as they did to skeptic.

  12. This is very disappointing, Graeme. After all the flack Catallaxy has taken for keeping you on and defending you …

  13. It’s not how your comment felt subjectively to you, Graeme. It’s how it looked to reasonable third parties in the position of the relevant party. I think Jason & I are reasonable third parties, and I’ve already said I really want to catch up with you in Sydney without any bad feelings involved.

  14. GB
    Why don’t you just retract it the way you have already done so.

    You have already said the comment was never meant in a manner to hurt his family. It was meant in a way to demonstrate his callousness…. not as a personal threat.

    You have already said that in certain ways.

    Maybe also add that seeing you only know him by three letters, it would be could never have meant harm in any way.

    Do that and move on. What do you say?

  15. Do what JC says, Bird, and move on. I don’t want to keep putting that message up in your comments but a rule is a rule.

  16. Do what JC says, Bird, and move on. I don’t want to keep putting that message up in your comments but I will have to if you keep resisting.

  17. “This is very disappointing, Graeme. After all the flack Catallaxy has taken for keeping you on and defending you …”

    You’ve got to cultivate an air of people who aren’t going to be affected by these email campaigns and things. Like the one from Mark Banisch. You cannot be seen to roll over to these guys. They smell your lack of intransigience like dog-poo.

    You see these are the ‘enemy’ so to speak. I don’t see the point in trying to curry favour with these people. I don’t know why you would want to drink with them…. Well the fellas at least…You’ll never make any gain from pussying out to them and from my point of view, I wouldn’t want to be IN with that IN-CROWD.

    For one thing the fellas, when they aren’t being hateful, are just so BORING.

    These are all the people I would want to get fired, forced onto minimum-wage-jobs and revealed as having nothing useful to offer anyone. So for me to be trying to sacrifice a conservative to their sensibilities would be an appalling thing. But thats just me I suppose. Everyones different.

    You took a lot of flak from these guys? Why did the flack have any impact on you at all? Skeptic talked about the stoics in her very good and useful summary earlier. These are people you need to learn from.

    We have to concentrate on shaming all these DDT-Holocaust-Deniers (my new stock name for left-wingers) into less hateful set of points of views. At least insofar as their views are publically expressed. Because we are not or ought not be posing as intellectuals for the fun of it but rather to stop the disaster that is these left-wingers whose criticisms seem to so sting you and whose urgings you take so seriously.

    “It’s not how your comment felt subjectively to you, Graeme. It’s how it looked to reasonable third parties in the position of the relevant party. I think Jason & I are reasonable third parties, and I’ve already said I really want to catch up with you in Sydney without any bad feelings involved.”

    No its just how it felt subjectively to me. Not even that spam-bot FTB is going to enter into my considerations of this.

    But don’t be thinking I’ve got any bad feelings about this. You just do what you think you have to do. Apart from repeating or implying certain allegations nothing you can do in this matter is going to make me the least bit angry at you. But I tell you you are just wasting your time. I’ll do what I can to keep the controversy simmering as long as possible. Which is fine for me, actually a GOOD THING, but it will tend to make the blog a little boring.

    Make sure you drop into my site more often skeptic. And if I can’t make it Saturday week its got nothing to do with this controversy.

    That legal summary is just great. And very handy to have it all mapped out like that.


    And keep pumping iron. But I think you want to play down that black-belt business.

    Because you want to maintain tactical surprise.

  18. ‘Lambert oh Lambert. Yea. What a fuckwit thou art.’

    No offence to Tim who is a nice guy in person but this opening line has a certain zing about it. Like something Tom Wolfe would’ve written if he was a redneck.

  19. He’s not a nice guy.

    He tries his damn hardest to kill black children and create an energy crisis for the free world.

  20. Graeme
    Just try and stitch up some understanding with FDB. It doesn’t have to be an apology. Do you think I like doing this to you?

    It’s The LAW.

  21. No its not the law.

    Its just you playing silly buggers.

    Now don’t you be hiding behind Skeptic either.

    I want to know whose doing this. You or her or you two colluding.

    You got the wrong idea. I’m not now the least but concilliatory. I only was that way when I thought that skeptic had dropped it and let me off the hook. That attitude has gone and its never coming back.

    If I was capable of editing at Catallaxy like I can elsewhere I would likely have added a couple of words to take any ambiguity out of it early on.

    And don’t be throwing in these admin things just because you are going to wimp out about Hume or Popper.

    Skeptics fine. I would expect her to be overly upset about this sort of thing. But I reckon you are wimping out myself.

    As you can see I was talking about saying something on the sly to FDB because I read it that you guys had dropped it.

    But you haven’t.

    So just let skeptic keep slamming my posts with this nasty graffiti for as long as she wants to.

    But you stay out of it Soon. Don’t you be doing it. Leave it up to her.

    Because she was really upset. I’m more worried about her then the anonymous FDB. In fact I’m not the least bit worried about FDB.

    So if skeptic wants to put all this Graffiti about the place well you just leave it to her and I’m sure she has good reason and all that.

    Whereas I reckon you are just wimping out to these lefties.

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