Posted by: graemebird | December 10, 2006

Acts Of War

“Most of the time today, Spanta spoke in general terms about “other countries” where “terrorists” receive training, funding, and ideological support. He said only a small share of arrested insurgents came from Afghanistan itself. The rest are from the Middle East, North Africa, Chechnya, and Uzbekistan, but their majority comes “from one neighboring country.”

But in other, more innocuous contexts, the Afghan foreign minister made no secret he means Pakistan.”

The killing in Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore the cost of these wars is enhanced by the fact that we pretend that its all totally domestic.

Well it isn’t. And this is exactly the same pre-war mistake with regards to terrorism. That it wasn’t about regimes making war on us. That it could be a Police matter.

The only way to finish this thing is to kill all the regimes involved or make them sincerely want to end the terrorism. That is to say (because they are not good guys) make them personally fall into a cold sweat whenever there is a terrorist attack anywhere.

No ignorant Humphreys make-believe can be tolerated in this matter. So make sure you give him a hard time about it whenever you see him.


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