Posted by: graemebird | December 10, 2006

We Cannot Finish This Without Taking The Human Approach Rather Then The Statistical Approach.

I’ve been shouting at Americans since mid 2003 that the regimes were killing their soldiers and that it wasn’t going to go away. Back then the proof bar was so high for this sort of thing that it was a god-damned taboo to even suggest that Saddam was still the biggest suspect for 9/11 and for attacks prior to 9/11.

Or alternatively you could blame it all on a blind man and someone who sleeps next to a fridge. Hell anyone will do. Just so long as its not a regime and then you need to go to war.

Now consider this latest report. This latest BI-PARTISAN report. And may I say right here and now its looking like there are few things more idiotic on Gods great earth as a bi-partisan committee..

Baker and all these other WISE MEN are so fucking smart that they reckon there needs to be negotiations and talks with the neighbouring countries.


And Baker didn’t even have the good grace to write to me. And to tell me I was right all along. And that from the start its the neighbouring regimes that have been causing or enabling or helping the killing.


Now they didn’t suggest going to talk about it with the TURKS did they?

And why not? Because the Turks are not murdering anyone of course.

And what incentives does this provide? And what are you going to offer the Syrian and Iranian and Saudi leadership Mr Baker?

I would offer that one quarter of the top guys might live. And that some of the other three quarters might not die screaming.

Its not enough that these regimes cease and desist!

Somewhere, somehow, somebody has to pay for the murders of coalition soldiers, contractors, tourists and Iraqi civilians.

And if we could get those regime leadership individuals and kill each one of them 1000 times over then we should do that.

But how do you think it is for the regimes who have been doing (or yes if you must: ‘ENABLING’) these killings all this time. At first they would have been in fear.

They would have been in fear killing no more then two soldiers on any given day for fear that they would be toppled. At first they would have watched CNN to see if they could risk killing another soldier.

What about now. After all this time when this bunch of bi-partisan bums have virtually admitted that I was right all along.

Well there is only so long that you can pinch yourself in disbelief. Sooner or later you get used to the new idea that the post-modern Americans are so dumb they are letting you kill them and the people they are supposed to be protecting and this becomes your new reality.

It goes without saying that when you avenge these deaths you cannot do it as some sort of statistical matter. As if human volition is not what this is about.

Supposed we entrusted the killing to statisticians who didn’t know what they were doing or why?

So the statisticians murder a bunch of this regime leadership and they take a sample survey of terrorism before and after this murdering takes place. Then they do a cost-benefit analysis. And they find that the murdering was very costly.

Now notice that if the regime bastards are listening in on our prognostications all they need to do to change things in THEIR FAVOUR is to kill many thousands of defenseless people wherever they may more easily be murdered.

All they have to do is kill them AFTER the killing of some of their colleagues and then the action of having killed their colleagues will be discredited and the actors may well be tried as war criminals. And all this because of the tyrrany of the statisticians.



Remember Homer and his country singer? I think her name was Lorelei. Or something similiar.

She had this song which said: DON’T LOOK UP MY SKIRT UNLESS YOU MEAN IT!

It aint about statistics. Its about avenging our mates. Don’t set out to kill people unless you mean it.

Yes its true that the Americans had to go to war. But both sides of the American political sphere had it wrong. The left pretended they didn’t need to go to war and the administration pretended they didn’t have to MEAN IT.

There is nothing you can do and no action you can take that can solve your problems unless you MEAN IT.

Now by the way I must commend the Bush administration on its attempts to spare the lives of civilians.

But look how its turned out? The jihadists and jihadist-regimes have killed ten times as many Iraqi civilians as the Americans would have killed had they been totally callous about it.



  1. jeezus man, you’re putting yourself in the same league as the SAS? You know how hard it is to get into the SAS? Those sandcrackers would have your ass in a sling in 2 seconds flat.

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way fella, but I’ve seen you and your fighting days are over dude. I mean if c8to can whip you in an arm wrestle …

  3. No I’m not putting myself in their league. I need the tough guys around because I’m not that tough.

    And no its not true that they are over.

    They are on a moratorium until I drag myself away from this computer to get back in shape.

    And no Cato did not whip me in an arm wrestle. I’m twice his age and he beat me only narrowly. And besides I beat Steve Edwards and Edwards beat Cato as you well know so that the matter was not cut and dried at all. And it was a narrow victory.

    Read it again. I wasn’t planning to fight any of these guys.

    I wasn’t talklng about doing any fighting.

  4. I didn’t realise you were old. I just assumed from your incoherent niavity, hatred of logic & blind faith in government that you were some young turk. Now you have no excuse.

    Your approach will not remove the threat. Unless you go all the way and commit genocide. And the threat is low anyway. Don’t be scared.

  5. Well I’m twice Catos age.

    But I’m assuming that Cato is twelve.

    But no you are being a fucking idiot as ususal Humphreys.

    Its your blind faith in the CIA lifers which makes me want to puke almost as much as your cowardliness.

    Have you started fucking lying again you faggot?

    Are you now claiming that people lied again. When it was just you that was lying.

    Ok lets go again.

    Where’s your evidence for these lies when its really just you lying (fucking idiot).

  6. You are such a faggot Humphreys.

    By Christ you are a coward.

    I mean we aren’t asking you to fight man. What the fuck are you scared of?

  7. You know the real reason c8to came out tops? He does rock climbing. Builds up the forearms.

  8. “Your approach will not remove the threat. Unless you go all the way and commit genocide. And the threat is low anyway. Don’t be scared.”

    Get your head out of the sand and JUSTIFY THE ABOVE IDIOCY you fucking sissy.

    It makes no sense at all. If you project force at regime leadership why would they continue to run terrorist attacks?

    If they do they will die.

    And then the problem is solved in any case. And the next guys will be handing you over any terrorists that the last guys may not have found the time to hand over. They will do this because you have made it clear that if they don’t they will die also.

    You are being completely ridiculous. And you whole approach is just laughable and means the end of this country. There is no question about that at all.

  9. “Unless you go all the way and commit genocide.”

    Well where did you pull that GENOCIDE stupidity from Humphreys. I tell you you are a complete fucking lunatic.

    “And the threat is low anyway.”

    Well its not if we take your sissy approach that is for sure and without a doubt. But we haven’t taken your approach and so the threat seems pretty small for the moment.

    But Europe is pretty finished.

    You wish that one away sissy. Burying your head in the sand and talking statistics won’t bring Europe back from this bad place they are in unless the Americans and others destroy jihadism at its root.

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