Posted by: graemebird | December 11, 2006

A World Of Bad Karma: Pinochets Shabby Treatment

Just over at CLUB-SISSY and I see this:

“Pinochet’s long overdue collision with justice occurred on 16 October 1998, when he was arrested in London, where he had gone for medical treatment.*

A Spanish judge sought his extradition on charges of kidnapping a political leader from Argentina in 1976.
The case ultimately went to the House of Lords, who upheld the extradition order.

Pinochet was finally allowed home by the Home Secretary on medical grounds, but by then he had been detained for fifteen months.”

What an absolute fucking disgrace.



He stuck his neck out to favour the Brits over a threatening neighbour.

This was the one place on earth other then Chile where he ought to have been safe.

I cannot tell you uneducated young idiots just what bad karma comes when you allow left-wingers out of pure personal spite and malignance to break ancient codes of understanding and asylum like this.

This one act or national betrayal and cowardice would be enough to to open up a veritable pandoras box of bad karma.

If we wish to die with mud in our mouths and blood in our eyes let us be unfaithful allies.


This is just a fucking disgrace.

And no wonder Britain is in a power of trouble right now.

Now by the way. Let me not be misunderstood. I don’t have a good angle on how bad or heroic this man was. And if a non-communist relative of a non-communist victim of his should have snuck into Santiago and shot the old man in the guts I wouldn’t know enough to say whether I should be a bit sad or jubilant. And I certainly would want people to administer the lowest punishment possible under the law if the perp. was not killed by security.

And though I’m more understanding of the former leftist lecturer Dr Kissingers plight then what Chris Hitchens is; nonetheless, something inside of me, would like half Kissingers estate to wind up compensating the Schneider family.

But this wrenching of the vortex of karma that the Brits allowed goes beyond all that.

Forgive them oh FATHER

For they knew not….

… what the fuck they were doing.

This is just terrible. It sends a signal out to bad guys everywhere that we are unreliable and unfaithful friends… and the upshot is also that we are piss-weak enemies.

You let your friends down and you will never need to bargain hard to find enemies in this world.



  1. “I cannot tell you uneducated young idiots just what bad karma comes when you allow left-wingers out of pure personal spite and malignance to break ancient codes of understanding and asylum like this.”

    So Birdy, would that be the ancient “codes of understanding” such as the Inrernational Covennant of Civil and Political Rights or the ancient codes of Ghengis Khan for torture and mass killings?

    Quotning you: “Make an account of yourself”

    Where is the “bad karma” for nailing shut the coffen lid of the bad military dictator?

    Who gives a shit this dictator helped the mad yomaris kelp Thatcher?

  2. I’ve been trying to suss out just how bad he was and leftists weren’t giving me much evidence.

    But for the moment I’ve found out a couple of factors (the number of people tortured and OPERATION CONDOR) that made me momentarily a bit embarrassed about this thread.

    But I decided to stick with it anyhow.

    Now Ali are you a real Musssslim?

    For the first time since I thought you were one of my friends playing silly buggers with me I’m starting to wonder.

    In my view of diplomacy we (the English-Speaking-World) are not as tough as we want to be. Not tough enough to be too UNFORGIVING of people who stop threatening of wronging us.

    In the history of Gaddafi…. well he has done nastier things then Pinochet would ever do or at least ever did do.

    But he’s our friend now.

    Because the English-Speaking-World (in my diplomacy) is NOT HARD TO GET ALONG WITH.

    We just want to be left alone to do the things we are good at.

    And if you don’t threaten us (in my diplomacy) we will forgive you as LONG AS YOU WORK HARD TO MINIMISE THE EVIL THAT YOU FEEL YOU MUST DO.

    House arrest rather then executions.

    Exile rather then torture.

    If we can and I think we should… forgive Gaddafi and show respect to his sons then it makes no sesne to exaggerate the wickedness of the general.

  3. Test

  4. Birdy am I in moderation? Where’s my last comment?

  5. No dude.

    I’ll check it out in a couple of days. It might be in some spamfinder.

    No-ones ever been on moderation. And when I used to wipe all your stuff I thought you were Fyodor or someine I knew personally.

    Sometimes I wipe whole threads and your comments get wiped that way.

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