Posted by: graemebird | December 20, 2006

Liberal Democratic Party: “Just Win Baby”

The other night I was speaking to one of what I assume to be a long line of individuals interested in freedom and going by the name of Jefferson.

And he brought to my attention the idea that we all haven’t been paying enough attention to the concept of strategy. So many good ideas are now on the libertarian or near-libertarian side of things. So much intellectual ferment goes on at places like (dudes I disagree with on some things. But the worlds best website no question). So superior is the economics of George Reisman. And the economic commentary of Gerrard Jackson.

But we are not winning. The thieves keep coming back and stealing more from us every year.

Here I will cut and paste all posts at Catallaxy arising from my discussion with Mr Jefferson. Certainly I would say we need to try and get some Senate seats and stuff. But ultimately we want to change things. Change things quickly. Get the thieves off our backs and secure freedom, security, sovereignty and the good life for this continent for decades to come.

We have got to get cracking we have lives to saves. Lives as free men. And some of them are our own. But on the other hand I always think of the Stevie Wonder song which goes…

“One day at Christmas

All hearts will see (that)

All men are equal

And all men are free.



But one day at Christmas time…”

So if its not in time for you or for me to quit blogging and politics and go into business in a free environment so be it. But I think we can do it quickly myself. I think we CAN slice this Gordians knot. And we can make some gains against the tax-eaters FAST.

The securing of freedom ought to be more important then the winning of seats. Nontheless both are important.

Here are the Catallaxy posts on the Jefferson question so far:


Dude it came out of a clear blue sky.
He came up to me (when I was focusing on something else) just before he was leaving and said who he was and then was gone.

The matter was totally out of my control and it was a suprise move by him giving me no chance to take evasive action.
I’m glad I went in the end. And certain undertakings were made for a new look at what strategies would be necessary for libertarians to WIN THIS THING in reality and not just in terms of the intellectual arguments.

Since it is clear by the general ignorance, lack of seriousness, evasiveness and so forth of the left that libertarian or near-libertarian arguments are superior.

Some smart people there:
“there was more brain power in that room than at any other time, except perhaps when Justin Jefferson dined alone.”

Post 2.

“They show that the Libertarian Party is essentially a high-school-level debating club where only one question is ever debated — who is the purest libertarian, and what is the purest libertarian position?”

Ha Ha. Isn’t that just the case.
I would like to know what triggers this off. The more-libertarian-then-thou posturing.

I figure I’m more libertarian in the long run and less libertarian in the short run then most.

But anyway Bartlett makes some good points. However in this country we stand a good chance of getting people in the Senate.

But I think he’s right about this to some extent. Me and Mr Jefferson were talking along these lines the other night. We have to get a new focus on strategy going.

We’d want to get all these Senate seats happening. And local council and everywhere we can make inroads.
But apart from that we want to be more like an oldtime communist party. A satelite party that has moles in all the other parties.

Not only all the other parties but all the other factions within the parties. Gathering intelligence and acting as agents of influence.

At a labour left-faction meeting you want one of your guys to say something like:

‘What about the worker. No we want to lift the tax free threshold higher. How are we going to help the worker with your spending programs”

We want to have a plan to exercise some level of influence in every conceivable meeting that there is.
We have to think of it like war rather then just sholarship. We’ve had the best ideas and we’ve seen them beaten by bullshit and bullshit-momentum time after time.

The left appear to have no understanding of actual war. Yet when it comes to political war and political ringcraft they are uncannily good.

What is needed is a sort of unassailable base (ie the party) and the projection of force right into the other guys territory.

So its not about standing around and getting all the theory right–although thats important too.
We want people arguing on all the leftist blogs. Here we have to figure out just where you draw the line ethically.

But thats for us to work out and leftist norms are not to be taken into consideration.

We have to send folks forward to head-kick and occasionally shower them with bullshit-momentum-cover at the right times. Akin to ground forces been given air cover via relentless carpet-bombing.

Actually the relentless invasion of leftist sites ought to be central to the strategy.

If it means like Munn they close off their sites with a constant moderation-wall then that gives our communication-strategy the edge over all the others.

Peoples lives are on the line here.

Which means this is war.

Which means we have to win.

“Just Win Baby”

Post 3.

Its all about tactics fellas.

We will win if we have the right tactics followed assiduously.

Your average punter cannot possibly have wanted to pay all these taxes and be so much poorer then they otherwise would be.

This is just defeatism this attitude. Thats handing the victory to the wrong side.

Post 4.

I think the party ought to hire me as full-time internet crusader.

What I’d do is just walk around from one internet cafe to the next pushing the parties policies on all the most leftist of websites.

The net effect would be that the ETHER itself would be skewed in our direction and the left would be permanently wrong-footed.

We have to fight on the offensive. And at the moment it is the leftists who invade our blogs and not the other way around.

Or not much anyway.

Because when we do go to where they are we get horribly mistreated and banned.

Thats just one full-time wage and internet costs and transport amounting to about $50 per day max.

Believe me.

This one measure would change the political landscape of this country.

No-one is more qualified for this job then I am. I say this with all humility I can possibly muster.

And we ought to be able to pull funding from the coal industry and the Taiwanese.



  1. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but personally, I’m planning an online campaign against the Greens in the leadup to the NSW state election. It’s easy to do, and comparatively cheap.

  2. Good stuff.

  3. Oh wait a minute. I’m more interested then that. If you think you can run a cheap campaign like that I’ll want to know how to go about it.

    I’ll lget in touch with you later.

  4. No worries… You can get to us at: fleeced (AT) mail (DOT) com

    The LDP won’t have any candidates running in state election, but with even Debnam now proposing to waste lots of money putting solar panels on schools, and encouraging his front bench to watch Gore’s Convenient Untruth, it’s all the more important to address the issue.

    The electoral process for the upper house in NSW has changed this time around… and though its intent was to cripple the minor parties, it’s likely to favour the Greens, as they are likely become the only minor party of any significance.

  5. Hey but dig this.

    Debman was talking about making up the budget by off-loading all the tax-eaters.

    We didn’t jump on that.

    We should have jumped on that with great praise. Abused him for his defficiencies in a more diffuse way and later on…

    And then made a decision to TRASH or UPLIFT in the two months leading up to the election.

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