Posted by: graemebird | December 24, 2006

Appalling White-Wash Of Keynes By Nick Gruen

Why are people such sychophants for Keynes? Surely one of the most useless economists that ever lived and was taken seriously. An anti-economist. Not deserving of any credence at all.

Well whats happened is Nick has picked up a pdf of Murray Rothbard criticising not just Keynes’ economics. But his character as well.

Nick lays out just the least scathing things that Rothbard has to say about him. But in the end Nick attempts an innoculation. You see Nick cannot get away from it that Keynes is a hateful anti-semite. So what Nick does is a bit of an innoculation. Because right now in leftist circles being a bigoted anti-semite is not enough to condemn your character. Not particularly if you are a character from some decades ago.

Anyway if you read this smug rendering of what Rothbard is saying about Keynes just bare in mind that Nick doesn’t lay a glove on Rothbard and is pretty much forced to agree that Keynes is an anti-semite. But apparently Nick doesn’t take this seriously.

Yeah Keynes was a jerk alright.

But worse then that he was an appalling economist who didn’t understand economics.

Better to read the pdf in the original rather then what those ignorant low-IQ posers at Club-sissy have to say about it.

Look also for incredibly ignorant statements by Don Wigan and the hopelessly mislead Gadget.


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