Posted by: graemebird | December 24, 2006

How Very Strange: Thread Oddly Backing My Armchair Findings.

Just went to the Mordor of the internet. And they appear to have some evidence to the hunch I came up with in Albedo-Overated. Which to me sounds like a good name for a rock band.

Here’s there link:

And here’s mine.

In general I would say now that oceanic ice is a greenhouse substance. Whereas land ice is anti-greenhouse. Which is one reason why having land masses near the poles gives us a cooling bias. The other being that they can inhibit equator-pole ocean circulation.

Its good to see these guys branching out from their anal-retentive CO2-obssession. And their witch-hunting and defamation of other scientists that didn’t share their ideological approach.

Which is why I say we ought to abuse them as much as possible but at the same time highlight any useful information they bring. That is to say give some credit where its due.

Make sure that when you abuse them you do so with in your heading. That way people can easily google your abuse of them.

I made the mistake of calling them one time. And wondered why my abuse of them didn’t show up in the google.

These guys are after all presumably highly skilled specialists. And no doubt they can do good work if they stop playing silly-buggers.


Just got down the list of comments on that thread.

Some of them are really very searching. And you don’t usually see them making it through to the filter.

Perhaps its since these science-worker goons are on holiday. Folks are getting more and more frustrated with this scientific fraud. I reccomend comments 25 (William Astley) comment 30 by the same fellow.

Comment 32. Comment 33 by Lynn Vincent Nathan. Now the answer is Lynn that it means LESS OF A WARMING PROBLEM. If the sea ice is a great insulator thats obviously a great balancing factor. But land-based ice looks more like a design-fault to heat regulation.

But isn’t it great that people are getting skeptical about these ideological clowns and are asking searching questions. Great question Lynn. But don’t expect any answer from these bully-boys.



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  11. So many great ideas in the comments for this one.

    I just don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll get some hydrocodone and just sort through it all from the top.



    Godamned Russians still think they are running things.

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  20. Hey
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    • Why don’t you do what Birdy did? Spend over $10,000 on alkali water machines, and ingest the mild bleach that they produce. Combine this with raw milk and organic butter and you’ll be well on the way to reversing your bank balance…err health, diabetes whatever.

      • A machine costs $2000 dollars dude. So you don’t want to be deceptive there. All the things you mention would be helpful since the solution to any health problem is to address general health as well as deal with ones specific weakness.

        What do you think is your problem fuckhead? I like science. You hate it. You hate the Logos. This is because you are a Jew. So you don’t think that the body is electric? This is really the same as your irrational belief that comets are snowballs.

        What a complete shithead you are. Have you been taking statins? Did you know that the brain is by dry weight about 50% cholesterol? All those statins and all that fluoride must have its effects.

      • One machine may cost $2000, but you purchased 4 of those useless things at over $2K each, probably closer to $3K. Isn’t that closer to the truth Birdy? The funny thing is that your brother, who actually knows something about medicine and health realised that drinking weak bleach isn’t such a good idea. So you still have 3 spare bleach makers stored away in a cupboard?

      • Right. I’m glad you cleared that up because your first statement came across as misleading. I brought four because I was panicking that I was running out of time. And I did run out of time. Her machine arrived at Mum’s place two days after she died. I had to buy four to normalise the attitude that my family had to them. Why did I have to do this? Because of people like you. People who share your occupation who spend their time fucking with any modality that will increase health generally and that is dirt cheap. Per litre of water improvement the alkaliser is astonishingly cheap. But you peoples job is to lie about that as well.

        She would have had to receive it six months earlier to have been given a chance. But she was poisoned by the usual suspects. She accepted a second dose of Chemo which destroyed her immune system. So she wound up with renal failure from an infection. The antibiotics are a glass key. They can only be expected to get you through the first bout with the Oligarchs poison.

        She had holes in her bones. This is because when your body pH drops your body releases calcium as an emergency measure. Whereas if she had an easy way to alkalise she could have avoided this, perked her good cells, and retarded the growth of the cancer. Whether she would have ultimately come through had I got the machine to her faster is another matter. But at least I made myself healthy. My alkaliser was critical in getting over Elvis syndrome. I was just like Elvis before he died. I was 107 kilos and very very sick. Now I’m 85 kilos and I’m even now starting to have some success with my concentration issues.

      • The next modality will be the personal infrared sauna. That will be much more effective even then the alkaline water. Alkaline water is effective but this will be even better. Punching energy directly to the mitochondria. One problem with alkaline water is that you cannot use it when you are digesting protein. But this is when you need this sort of energy the most. Because the digestion of protein takes a lot of energy and so its better to burn fat only if you wish to be productive and concentrate. And wait until the evening before you have that meat and carbohydrates.

        But if you have one of these infrared saunas that you cover yourself with and sit down in a chair (its a bit like a sleeping bag) …. then you can pump yourself with electrical energy to bounce back after a feed of sheeps liver or something of this sort.

      • Mr B thanks for the excellent tips.

        As soon as I am finished fortifying the bunker I’ll see about getting an infrared sauna installed. Just as soon as I get the exhaust fixed on the coal furnace. Mrs Hanson is always complaining about horrendous brown marks on her clean bed linen.

        I guess the go for a Long and Healthy Life is a bit of sheep’s liver poached in alkali water with a nice big Glass of Warm Raw Milk to wash it down then maybe 72 hours in the infrared sauna. Do you know will my Kindle work in the sauna.

      • My Mitochondria are Tingling with Anticipation.

      • Too healthy for Birdy RPH. The sheep’s liver would be sautéed in half a kilo of organic butter, accompanied by a glass of raw milk and another glass of weak bleach straight from the alkaliser as a palate cleanser.

      • ABSOLUTELY birdflapz. Except for the alkaline water at the end of your story and I will tell you why. You see its all in the timing. And the timing is such that it rules out an alkaline water chaser.

        1. During the day one ought to be becoming ketosis-adapted.

        2. Raw milk is perfect in almost every respect. But in terms of ketosis adaptation it falls short. Because for energy a foetus is entirely dependent on glucose for energy. And a newborn with its mothers milk is highly dependent on lactose, which is a sugar. But part of maturation, is or ought to be the progression from being primarily a sugar-burner, to being primarily a fat-burner. Ergo to the extent that raw milk is lactose-heavy, though its fats, proteins, and enzymes approach perfection …… then it is inappropriate to consume more then a tiny bit of raw milk in the middle of the day. During the day it would be better if one were practicing ketosis-adaptation as much as is possible.

        3. Carbohydrates are needed. And carbohydrates are needed by women more than men. And carbohydrates are needed to produce Serotonin. And serotonin is in the same chemical reaction cascade as Melatonin. So carbs are vital for good sleep. Carbs are needed for things OTHER THEN Serotonin and Melatonin. But one can get all the carbs one needs by targeting Serotonin and therefore Melatonin in the evenings.

        4. Eating too close to sleep-time will lead to a less excellent sleep.

        5. Drinking too much of any liquid too close to sleep time will disturb sleep by forcing one to wake up to go to the toilet.

        6. The use of more then the most minimal amounts of alkaline water during the digestion of proteins is downright dangerous. It can give you temporary gout, and if you were persistent with it you would wind up with food allergies, AIDS symptoms, and a general break-down of health. Stomach acid is just so powerfully important.

        Now let us look at your recommendation again and see what requires a mild friendly amendment.

        ‘The sheep’s liver CHECK would be sautéed in half a kilo of organic butter CHECK accompanied by a glass of raw milk CHECK …. HOPEFULLY TWO OR THREE GLASSES …….and another glass of weak bleach straight from the alkaliser as a palate cleanser NO GOOD.

        The time needed to clear the system of all that protein would be a long time. And once that protein had cleared one ought to be loading on tryptophan, 5-http, GABA …. and so forth in preparation for having an awesomely powerful sleep. If one drinks water it ought to be alkaline. But at this stage of the day it ought to be pretty damn minimal. It will either stop the digestion of melatonin precursors or it will disturb your sleep by way of your bladder.

        Alkaline water is awesome in the mornings and well-timed during the day. Its possible that when I try to get the pH well above 9 that there may be some salt disassociation, and I will concede that there may be this tiny scintilla of truth to the mostly bullshit charge that people are drinking weak bleach. But many people drink the best tasting water which is about at 9 when you are used to it. And for my part I’m happy to put up with this temporary splitting of the salt molecule, on the grounds of alkalising effectiveness and that the concentrations would be so low that its only a technical jibe by ops like birdflapz or morons generally.

      • Mr B

        There seems to be a large number of Hebrew Celebrities who are into this alkaline diet thing.

        I’m not so sure of your sources. Gwyneth’s GOOP website is part of the ZOG-propaganda machine you realise.

        Are you sure this isn’t the Ole’ Double-Reverse Switcheroo in practice?

      • An alkaline diet would be crazy. Many if not most essential nutrients are acidic. Fatty acids, amino acids are examples. But the body must maintain a reduced ….. electron rich …. state in an environment that is naturally oxidating …. that is to say electron-stripping. So if you cannot think of any other alternatives alkaline water, when one is NOT digesting protein is one good addition. Those electronic foot massagers would be helpful. Those pathogen killing devices that you strap to your risk to punch electrons into your bloodstream … thats a positive thing. An infrared sauna would be good. But its pretty tough going to have an alkaline diet. What would you build new cells out of.

    • Yes I do. But its a complicated subject. It requires a big thread. I don’t know how long it will be before I put it together. For any health problem the approach is 90% the same, with the last 10% mostly about finding precursor-supplements and foods for whatever happens to be your specific weakness.

      However a key part of any health program is to become ketosis-adapted. And this poses very special problems for a diabetic. I will make a thread to put you on the right track. But it may take me some time to get around to it.

      One thing you need to understand is the difference between Ketosis and Ketone-acidosis. Ketone-acidosis is something that diabetics used to die from. A great aunty of mine died back in the early part of the 20th century from Ketone-acidosis which is the way the diabetics body reacts to a massive drop in blood sugar levels. Having alkaline water or sodium bicarbonate on hand would have saved her. In fact sodium bicarbonate was what diabetics used prior to the availability of insulin. And you should be using it when you can.

      What I mean by that is when you are (a) staying home and are close to a toilet and (b) when you are NOT digesting protein, you ought to be sipping on sodium bicarbonate. When you can afford it you should get an alkaliser as well. You will find your blood sugar stabilises a bit if you do this.

      (Check it. Start using Sodium Bicarbonate in the way I suggest and I bet your blood sugar levels will become more stable and easier to control with less insulin)…..

      However I’m not saying this is the be all and end all of the problem. I’m really just responding here to the idiocy of Birdflapz.

    • By the way INSULIN has to be considered natural. But some of these moron doctors prescribe drugs when natural substances like insulin and sodium bicarbonate will have less side effects and do a better job. So you ought not be counting insulin as on the artificial part of the ledger even if it is artificially produced. So you want to go with insulin in favour of these money-making drugs the quacks may well be prescribing you.

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