Posted by: graemebird | December 25, 2006

What Would You Do If You Were The Enemy Regimes.

I remember when they came up with Osama as the key suspect. Which is fair enough too but gets no regimes off the hook.

In any case I thought to myself…. You dumb bastard. Why didn’t you wait for twenty years? Then you could have taken the Americans down in their entirety. A few nukes and hidden cells coming out and machine gunning people all over the states would overwhelm them. Osama you dope. You could have set up Muhhomad and Malvo-like converted cars all over the states and be sniping people for years.

So why didn’t they wait? Well I guess that comes down to the priorities of the regimes involved.

But why few attempts at attacks now? Its like they are not trying?

Well the answer may be what I was thinking before. Why not build things up within the United States and wait? Thats what I’d do if I was an evil regime planning to bring the America down.

Supposing that these people are smart people. Why rush into it if you are going to be more successful by building and waiting?

When you are at war with people the safest thing to assume is that they are in fact smart. In wartime its alright for the enemy to be smarter then you are. In wartime the enemy is LIKELY to be smarter then you. Its alright for the enemy to be smarter then you or their allies. It is NOT alright for the enemy to be winning.

Consider now that the Americans have gotten Iran surrounded, could finish the Syrian government in a single week. And if they were willing to cut non-defense spending could probably use air and proxy war to finish all these governments in less then six months.

So the last thing these regimes want right now is some 9/11 sized attack in the United States.

In Iraq it is of course the simplist thing in the world to murder Iraqi civilians. Too easy. So as long as that is the case then silently infiltrating America on the one hand and murdering Iraqis on the other would seem to be the ideal policy.

Every so often the Americans would beat back the various terrorist networks within Iraq. And thats when you would seem to see a big attack in Israel or Europe or elsewhere. Since you would expect it to take quite a few months to re-establish the killing networks without making it too obvious that this is what you were doing.

But to my mind thats just not going to happen anymore. The whole killing thing has gained too much momentum this time around. It looked to me like they’d beaten the networks back maybe three times. Of course the left would always say things were going terribly even when things were going well. However if you will not stop the regimes rebuilding their networks clearly it will only be a few months before the killing will get out of control again.

So now the strategy, if I were the enemy regime, would be to continue killing in Iraq. And infilitrate more and more into the United States WITHOUT CARRYING OUT A SUCCESSFUL ATTACK.

And what we ought to do now is try to look around and see if there is evidence that this is in fact their strategy.

Its the right strategy.

And its simply moronic to rule out the possibility that the enemy is pursuing the right strategy. The strategy that would have them win.



  1. “So now the strategy, if I were the enemy regime, would be to continue killing in Iraq.”

    Which regime Birdy? Al Queda, the Sunni nationalists, Baathists, Moqtada al Sadr, SCIRI, Tribal alliances, the non-functioning Maliki ‘regime’ which pretends to be government while not having the sovereignty?

    Why they want to “infiltrate” America when there are so many America soldiers to shoot at in Iraq?

    Have you heard the saying “failed state”?

    “Why not build things up within the United States and wait? Thats what I’d do if I was an evil regime planning to bring the America down.”

    Wrong. While America insist on “staying the course” they are bringing themselves down. When they leave the humiliation will be complete–Pax Americana turning into Pox Americana before your eyes but you cannot see it. American whores now in the later stages of like sexual disease.

    Iran not surrounded by America, American soldiers surrounded by Iran and are hostages if America attack Iran by bombing. Latest UN resolution against Iran worth nothing–Iran already is biggest winner and all the American puppets like Saudi, Jordan and Egypt scared that Iran becoming No. 1 in the Middle East and their own people will overthrow them if Iran is attacked and regional war breaking out.

    So, no logic for anyone to attack in America as America sinking in the quagmire of failed war, failed foreign policy, failed policy to control the oil, failing economy propped up by printing press money and consumer economy only. Of course Russia helping also to cut America out of central asia and oil business. This is doing more damage than Al Queda can do, and China stealing all American technology for make the consumer goods. So China and Russia helping us a lot to cut Americans down in the size, and when they leave the middle east they wont be coming back.

    America becoming bankrupt socially, economically, militarily. I find it funny you seem to think America has any control. All they have left is nuclear bomb and if they use on Iran they will be the most hated in the world and become the next failed state.

    All in the six years of Bush. You must be thinking perhaps Bill Clinton not such a bad guy?

  2. What am I wrong about again?

    I was putting myself in the shoes of the enemy.

    So what was I wrong about?

    Focus on that.

  3. Birdy what you are wrong about in my opinions is that Al Queda and Osama bin Laden have as prime objective to drive America from the Arabian peninsular. They don’t do acts like Seprtember 11 anymore because it is more difficult and because they can directly attack US soldiers in Iraq. All the other groups attacking US soldiers have nationalist feeling only. America gone they settle any problem who is boss of Iraq themselv.

    So when you are saying about the “regimes”, if not the Iraqi groups Sunni, Shia, what regimes are you talking about? You think Syria or Iran planning to attack in America?

    If put yourself “in the shoes” why planning to attack in America when so successful attack in Iraq, plus China and Russia doing the damage to America also?

    So I think you are wrong in the logic about plan to “build things up in America” –waste of the resource while America stuck in Iraq and so easy attack them there.

  4. Well look you have made a list of people who are killing folks in Iraq right?

    And you could probably think of a few more categories that broadly seperate the killers into one group or the other right?

    But generic outcomes at least imply generic causes.

    So if the surrounding regimes want to kill people in Iraq then they won’t care who they assist (mostly indirectly) do this.

    So its only natural that the outcome is you get all sorts of fuckers out there and the only thing they have in common is that they want to kill folks.

    Thats what you’d expect if the regimes wanted to get folks killed and were acting somewhat on the sly.

    Its just what you’d expect and its just what we have.

    But we ought not be sucked in by this.

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