Posted by: graemebird | December 30, 2006

Another Ridiculous Pantomime From realclimate

Here is this thread of so-called awards for 2006. A sort of parody of the oscars.

But the fact is they have no evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming, cannot lay anything better then a glancing blow on any of the people they are insulting here in their filthy smirking way. And basically they are all a bunch of hateful irresponsible frauds.

Can somebody hack their site and fucking destroy it?

Their relentless dishonesty is a public menace.



  1. Actually, I could launch a DNS attack, but they probably would catch on to it since they’re getting all kinds of liberal think tank money siphoned from research grants and taxes. But if could find out whre their servers are located, there’s always a physical manipulation. Let me know.

  2. Right Lambert.

    But if you launch another attack on me fella. You’re going to jail.

  3. No Graeme, but he works for the CIS. He usually blogs on family policy, I didn’t realise he was writing about this stuff too.

  4. My God Ken Miles is such a dishonest moron. Nothing he says here is the least bit reasonable. But you notice how he managed to get the last word in.

    The other fellow is not going to persist with overturning Kens bullshit.

    And notice also that Ken managed to escape the need for any evidence or even to come up with a series objection to anything the guy said now or in the 90’s.

    These bastards MUST be fired from their blood-sucker-central jobs.

  5. See how Ken morphed “evidence” into “proof” and then laid out the standard Hume-nuke JIVE. Or is it Popperian Jive?

    So now he doesn’t have to come up with any evidence because he reckons thats not what science is about.


    And notice that in lieu of evidence what he’s after is the opinion of allegedly eminent scientists.

    This is your moronic epistemology here Jason?!?!

    When are you going to wake up to yourself.

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