Posted by: graemebird | December 30, 2006

Throwing Down The Gaunlet: But Will The Alarmist/Denialists Respond

Via a link by Tim Blair I found myself on a mainstream climate-science blog with a liberal comments policy.

It remains to be seen whether Kevin Vranes will wipe some of my comments after the fact. Actually his policy I think is the best one. Its the same as mine. Don’t have any barriers to commenting. But reserve the right to wipe comments after the fact.

A climate science blog in the mainstream (ie the fraudster) camp has to be as scarce as hens teeth. But this one appears to be well linked into the mainstream network and is frequented by bigshots.

So I was able to stay in long enough to throw down the challenge. And the challenge of course is for them to come up with some sort of evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global warming. Which believe it or not is ENTIRELY missing from this subject.

Anyway here is my posts. I’ll log them here just in case they are wiped.

But you know what? Now that the challenge has been thrown down I can already hear the chirping of crickets.

If all the climate blogs had of had Kevins open policy this bubble would have been pricked long ago.


# 31 | Tanison | December 29, 2006 09:36 AM
“So are you referring to tension between an Annan-type position and a Lovelock position, or between Annan and Lindzen position?”

Whats that supposed to mean?

Lovelocks a scientist but the old man has been led astray by the hysteria. Lindzens and authenic scientist.

But Annan is no scientist and is at best a trumped up statistician.

You clowns think he’s ok because he takes the mainstream (ie the unscientific) view yet tries to spin it so that he can make his predictions seem moderate??????

He’s no scientist and if he ever wants to be he ought to trash the faux-evidence of publicity and bullshit-bets and COMPROMISE-SCIENCE and go and do the work and find some EVIDENCE for a change.

Does anyone remember evidence?


# 32 | Tanison | December 29, 2006 09:42 AM
“If you have a single strong driver (something that moves a system in one direction) to first order everything else is a random walk. Right now that is the situation with climate.”

No it isn’t Rabbet you’re full of shit.

And how many Keta-joules has the ground swallowed up?

But go on now Rabbet.

Please continue.

Look guys. You had a pretty good theory but it turned out to be wrong on any time scale that the public normally talks about.

Can you fucking face it or not?

It used to be so simple in the Disney comics.
Some Austrian-Duck would just go back to the drawing-board.


# 39 | Tanison | December 29, 2006 07:20 PM

Here’s an example of what goes on.
Over at realclimate (their latest story.)

rasmus is desperately trying to spin it that things will be worse in a warmer world. Now thats implausible as is the blithe confidence of his implicit prediction of warming rather then cooling.

But what’s noticeable here is that things are breaking down.

Now the contention that things will be worse and not better in a warmer world is a ridiculous contention that flies in the face of commonsense and climate history.

Here’s where rasmus gives the game away.

“Simple arguments based on the expected ‘polar amplification’ and the fact that the surface temperature gradient between the tropics and the poles will likely decrease would reduce the scope for ‘baroclinic instability’ (the main generator of mid-latitudes storms).”

“Simple” arguments he says.

More like completely obvious commonsense.

The argument is only simple because its the fact of the matter barring something entirely unexpected. And yet you scientists have been misleading the public by not spelling this and other easy to understand stuff out to people.

Instead we have been getting this constant drumbeat of the coming of a revelations-like disaster, only to be mitigated if great sacrifices are to be made.

Its about that primitive whats going on and totally unworthy of anything that purports to be science.

Now can you guys stop it?

Can you make up for the damage you have done?

We have all been sabotaging our energy-generating ability for a long time now, and we are all getting ready to further shoot ourselves in the foot. So its time that you guys started acting like responsible adults.


# 40 | Tanison | December 29, 2006 07:28 PM

“There has been almost 15 years since IPCC, and there has not been any strong counter intuitive climate event or modeling data to show that its premise that CO2 is driving warming is inaccurate as to magnitude or intensity.”

Well thats just wrong.

It hasn’t worked. The results do not show anything like the magnitude that was originally expected in the sort of time scales that were normally talked about.

Now if the thesis had of panned out that would have been a good thing by the way but it hasn’t panned out.


# 5 | Tanison | December 29, 2006 08:02 PM

I’ll tell you whats not pretty Kevin. And thats these last two posts which amount to a form of appeasement.

Can you tell me anything wrong with the Inhofe approach?

Apart from one or two mistakes he might have made?

You are an oceanographer. So you at least ought to understand probably better then anyone just how full of it the alarmists are.

Time to make a clean break with these clowns.

It might be nearly as hard as Whittacker Chambers break with the communist party but you being an oceanographer, if you don’t do it soon and decisively, people will look askance at you in a couple of decades and figure you for a weak-minded sell-out. A sort of ‘Good German.’

Great post that third-to-last one.

But its time to come in from the cold.


# 5 | GMB | December 29, 2006 09:04 PM

You ought to have a reason for all this.

So far none of you have the slightest skintilla of a justification for imposing even $1 of costs on CO2-emitters.

Not a single dollar.

So lets all stop this talking AROUND the subject and lets come up with some actual evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global warming.

By the way, as you all know, there is plenty of evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global COOLING.

But not even the slightest evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global warming.

If I’m wrong lets see it!

You Annan. Speak up. Where is your evidence?

Don’t you all know how ridiculous all of you are being? Nothing in the medieval world compares to this. This is the greatest example of Wrong-Way Corriganism ever perpetrated.

Its disgusting is what it is.


# 43 | GMB | December 29, 2006 09:31 PM

Well what are we going to do about this fraud?

We’ve got to stop it. Its only because of Kevins liberal comments policy that I’ve even been able to get on this site and challenge the cultists to come up with some evidence.

Of course they won’t DO it because they don’t HAVE it.

But its hard enough to get in amongst them and simply throw down the challenge.


# 44 | GMB | December 29, 2006 09:53 PM

“But that is precisely what you have done in this case and it has no place in a discussion of a scientific issue.”

What an hypocritical little git you are J.

When was the last time you engaged in a scientific discussion?

Well lets see it then. The Challenge has been laid down. Lets see you come up with the science.

Where is your evidence for catastrophic global warming?

Actually coming up with some evidence would be entirely appropriate in a scientific discussion.


Where’s the science J?

Give us the science J.

Got a bit of science for us have you J?

It would be good if you had some science for us. Because from the historic moment that I was even able to lay down the challenge in the middle of alarmist territory, all I’ve been able to hear is the sound of crickets chirping.

Your pathetic attempts at intimidation have been noted but I’m expecting that this time they will avail you little. Since the fact of the matter is that people are getting sick of this irresponsible tax-eater alarmist tyrrany.

And if Climate-Blogistan had the liberal comments policy that seem to prevail here this fraudulent bubble would have been popped a long time ago now.

Remember what we are looking for. We have plenty of evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic cooling. But we have no evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming.

Thats what we are looking for and its the only thing that could ever justify imposing costs on anyone.

And if you can’t find it then the ethical thing for you to do is to help put an end to this most wicked and embarrassing chapter in the history of science.



  1. bird i have found the holy grail of global warming arguments.

    the stern report and other solutions to global warming involve transfers of wealth from the relatively poor current generation to the relatively rich future generations which flies in the face of leftist principals.

    goklany’s uses the GDP predictions from the IPCC report that are also used in the Stern report so if the GDP predictions are attacked then they are also attacking the Stern report.

  2. Check out Gristmill.

    Those bastards couldn’t lay a glove on me. Then they start the abuse and the name-calling. So I hit back hard at the morons.

    And I’m banned.

    No matter how chirpy they make it look to third parties they sort it that its just propaganda.

    Can you do me a favour and sign up and abuse this guy Roberts?

    He’s just a fucking idiot.

    The sort of information I was bringing these sheltered bubble-people was quite surprising to a lot of them.

    That goes the same for everyone.

    We need a constant rolling-thunder of abuse at this David Roberts guy.

    To fucking start name-calling and then to ban me when I retaliate.

    That cannot go unresponded to.

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