Posted by: graemebird | December 31, 2006

James Annan-Suspected Compromiser

Taken from the “NO SE NADA”. The blog of Kevin Vranes:

# 52 | GMB | December 30, 2006 11:40 PM

Good news. Thanks for that.

But its not going to be enough to change policy back to neutral and non-cost-imposing.

And that makes me think about one of my pet peeves at the moment. And thats Mr Annan,

He seems to be trying to bring the hysteria down without outright rejecting the paradigm. Without outright rejecting the paradign and therefore without giving us something that would lead to a drastic change in policy.

He looks like he’s trying to be a sort of reasonable-man-amongst-alarmists.

And to be acceptable to the alarmist camp he appears to have spun it that the alleged ‘problem’ is JUST SERIOUS ENOUGH to justify intervention already planned and not unserious enough for the rest of us to cut off the funds, withdraw from the treaties and deregulate with a vengeance.

He appears to want to be the acceptable compromise that the near-libertarian types assume is the authority on the basis of his middle-of-the-road position.

And for this he must answer. Because if he wants to be a serious scientist instead of a skillful statistician he needs to make a clean break and come over to the side of people who are honest enough to spell out loud and clear that there is no or little risk of catastrophic warming. But a very real risk of catastrophic cooling IF ANYTHING.

He’s got to come over. I’m not doubting his skills. But its a new year and he should do the right thing and make a clean break. Along with Kevin who is an oceanographer and therefore understands things better then most.

There is no way to be politically correct. This has to be a New Years resolution to come over to the bright side of the road. To the side that says there is no excuse to be imposing costs yet.

“It seems to me that he spun the results to their fullest extent while trying to keep a bit of plausible deniability in there.”

So you said Annan. And you would know right? Because thats what you yourself have been doing right? At least to some extent.

I found you out.

So you and all the ocean experts (just for example) should make a resolution to make a clean break this year.

This silliness has gone far enough.

And we need some unabashed turncoats to help us bring this imposing-of-costs to an end and get the public behind starting up a bunch of coal-fired stations.

By the way Tanison and GMB are the same person just in case you were suspecting.


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