Posted by: graemebird | January 2, 2007

Gristmill Bubbleworld: wiscidea

Wiscideas last three comments are interesting. His last comment is basically saying how chilling the moron David Roberts’ take-down was.

Its true that non-alarmist-denialists are allowed to hang out on these sites on 2 conditions:

1. They put up with relentless swarming abuse and never retaliate.

2. They always let the other fellow get the last word in. No matter how moronic the comment is.

In fact you last as long as it takes for them to suss out that they cannot get the better of you and not a minute longer.

But I think a look at the last 3 comments of wiscidea are pretty interesting. Because there was one fellow who actually wanted to go where the chips fell?

Who’d have thought it?

Make sure you go in to dive-bomb these lying propagandists to saturation. Don’t let them pretend that they are running any sort of open debate. They can carry it off to third parties by their subtle techniques.

It was worthwhile hanging with the simpletons just to know that there was one bloke who seemed to be willing to go where the chips fell.


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