Posted by: graemebird | January 7, 2007

“How To Talk to a Climate Skeptic” by Coby Beck

Reworked from Catallaxy:

Goddamned I’m sick of those warming science fraudsters.
Why don’t they just fucking admit they were wrong already?

Its like they are so damn stupid they cannot see that there is something abnormal about the debate.

They keep on playing snide silly-buggers yet will never come up with a scrap of evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global warming.

In fact its basically an impossibility with our current continental layout.
As 39 million years without a single incident of catastrophic warming lend evidence to.


There is this fellow called COBY BECK who has come up with a summary of objections to the alarmists followed by what he thinks is these devastating proofs neutralising those objections.

He calls his shitrain of lame excuses “How To Talk To A Climate Skeptic”

Its fucking amazing. And it goes through this basic process:

1. You have an objection.

2. There is an alleged counter-argument to it. But;

3. The original objection remains totally unscathed.

Yet COBY’S summary is worthwhile for this reason:

The objections, taken together, are a devastating critique on a movement that has no continuing justification for its existence and no evidence for its primary reason to be.

This is an unwitting yet powerful attack on alarmism. Coby brandishes a mountain of completely valid and biting objections to alarmist stupidity and yet counters with only very weak excuses (presumably cribbed by those bullshit-artists at realclimate) to match them.

Folks just have to learn to read Coby’s work the right way.

If he challenged himself to a boxing match he’d unwittingly knock himself out in the first round.



  1. Hmmm..judging from the tenor of this post, I doubt you have the scientific/logical skills to evaluate the state of the science.

  2. LOL!!!

  3. You fucking idiot Boris.

    Your fingers are typing cheques that they cannot cover.

    OK you pathetic cocksucker.

    Very easy to say that.

    So whats your argument then shit for brains?

    Do you have one?

    I didn’t THINK!!!!!so.

    So you have no argument. You were bluffing. And you’ve been caught bluffing like a stupid fucking bluffing cuntCUNTcunt.

    But I have a message for you.

    The English-Speaking peoples are by no means in one mind about the advent of bailing you pathetic Mongol fuckheads out of the fate that would have overtaken you but for our efforts you ungrateful barbarians.

    A bit of fucking gratitude every now and then wouldn’t go astray you fucking cocksucking MONGOL dog.

    Now of course I’ll wipe all this is you admit that you have no science and you were just being a smartarse.

  4. That’s very poor form, Graeme. You should be ashamed of that nastiness. Boris has supported your views on Catallaxy before. He was just having a go at some of the insubstantial stuff you’ve put up here.

    And you hit the wrong target anyway. Boris is Jewish. I’m closer to being Mongol as my ancestors are from the northern parts of China.

  5. Well why did he bullshit about things in such a throwaway fashion?

    If its the same ungrateful mongol scum he knows that what he is saying was bullshit. He couldn’t possibly not know that.

    I suspect its Coby going undercover.

    If he disagreed with something I said he ought to have explained.

    So Coby or Boris they were just being pathetic.

  6. hey graeme
    did you know that Zoe links to you?

  7. Yeah I saw that.

    She links to me under the link:

    Something About Graeme Bird.

    What a honey.

    And such a great Gravatar.

  8. Thanks for coming up with this gem of a post. Further proof that deniers have major issues.

  9. I can see that you must have been to Coby’s place or

  10. Hey cuz

    Whats up with that Asiatic tyrant SOON banning you? You want me to hassle him till he lets you back in? It’ll be a RELENTLESS campaign from the Bird-Macquarie clan.

  11. No thats alright. But look how incredibly lifeless and sterile Catallaxy has become.

    Basically what happened is that I called Quiggin a holocaust-denier again. And Jason has been getting all kinds of legal threats from the anti-economist.

    Actually Quiggin tried to email me putting on the legal heavying. I just emailed him back and basically told him to go get fucked. Its pretty hard to run big legal campaigns across state borders.

  12. Right

    So SOON has gone Frenchie too like JC?

  13. You tell us if you ever need help, cuz.
    Adrien, shut up you girlyman

  14. Coby Beck doesn’t have any valid argument or any evidence. His whole case is simply one and two-liner comebacks to questions which highlight the lack of evidence in his case. Short comebacks to stooge uncommitted third parties.

    Yeah Jasons not being unreasonable. But he’s being a little weakass. You know how tight these Chinese guys are. He’s hardly going to spring for legal fees on my account. He wouldn’t do it even over a matter of principle. But its not a matter of principle for him because he tends to agree with Quiggin on most matters.

    Its a bit like what like that young Chinese gangster said on “Year Of The Dragon”

    “Chinese man come here to prosper. Not to change things.”

  15. Coby s site on how to talk to a climate skeptic is the most arrogant and ridiculous thing I’ve seen so far not to mention a few hours of my life I’ll never get back.. It’s worth a read simply because if you’re smart enough you can notice the that it’s a list of valid questions with no reasonable answers whatsoever.. It’s either a very naive attempt at propaganda or he really is dumb enough to think he’s answered any questions at all…

    • Yes. After his dishonest work at various places he got his own spot on the “science-blogs” franchise. These blogs are wall to wall science fraud. I don’t know how these guys are recruited and selected. The first one I saw was Tim Lambert. But every last one of them are hopeless, hate science, and are dishonest.

    • This thread from 2007 turns out to be quite wrong in that I took for granted the current dogma about continental drift.

  16. So it seems you were once semi-sane. Interesting, what caused the downward spiral?

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