Posted by: graemebird | January 7, 2007

Applying Marginalist Thinking (As Developed By Economic Science) To The Prospect Of Catastrophic Warming.


With the North Pole almost surrounded by land….

And North and South America fused cutting off the circulation from one ocean to the other. And with these two continents going most of the distance from Pole to Pole.

And with Antarctica being such a massive Continent and sitting right on top of the South Pole ensuring that this Pole is a long way from the water and almost none of the continent can ever hold water vapour….

With this continental arrangement we have a setup that is highly restrictive to the circulation of water.

No amount of CO2 or Methane that we could put out there could possibly hope to overcome this basic fact.

This poor oceanic circulation gives the planet a permanent one-way bias towards catastrophic COOLING.

And this realisation follows pretty much directly from taking a marginalist (like an ‘Austrian’ Economist) approach to the problem and combining this marginalist approach with the Stefan-Boltzmann law.


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