Posted by: graemebird | January 10, 2007

What Will They Come Up With Next……

… These dumb-leftists?

Finally Lambert has cut me off entirely. Just like I was cut off before New Years. Makes me wonder why he let me on in the first place?

Trying to gather LEGAL material Lambert?

Don’t bother fella. It aint going to fly when you have total control of your own blog.


Here is my last post.

The one that didn’t get through:

Great suggestions one and all. But aren’t you goons interested in the SCIENCE?

I cannot see where you guys can go from here. How can you outdo this?

Here we have malaria. On the verge of being irradicated. And your predecessors start restricting its use and strong-arming poor countries to use chemicals less.

And now you holocaust-denying leftists reckon that this was just fine and dandy and has nothing to do with 400 million people now living and dying under this nightmare.

Then your next trick was opposition to missile-defense.

This to me was the ACME…. The very acid test of the dumb-leftist. To object to getting the capability together to stop an ICBM from descending on a city full of civilians….

But your latest dumb-leftist project is without peer and cannot be topped.

You crazy nihilists managed to get everyone scared shitless about global warming DURING AN ICE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Well you EDMUNDS (King Lear) should be very proud of yourselves.

Surely this cannot be topped and some day you’ll all laugh and giggle about it while others eat shit and die.

I’m just waiting to see what you bastards will come up with next.

No shit.

I’m really interested.

Cannot fucking wait.

But surely it will be a letdown?

Because to get the public actually spending money to prevent life-giving CO2 being released in a planet hard-wired for cooling??????

There simply could never be anything more utterly stupid then this.

I’m not saying YOU guys are stupid. Not all of you least-ways. Far from it. You evil bastards are setting the agenda afterall.

But tell me.

Whats in it for you?


  1. how about some proper essays, Graeme? instead of just reproducing your scattered comments, entertaning as they are,

  2. I don’t really think the problem of Malaria is due to a lack of DDT in the enviroment. It’s more a political economic prob solution.
    thanks for your reply about GW the law that you mention is way over my head.

    thanks, jim

  3. The thing with DDT is that bureaucratic restrictions have been put between the locals and the product.

    But its not just DDT its other chemicals too.

    So that there is a time delay between a breakout in Mosquito populations and being able to get through the red tape.

    This state of affairs is condusive to the spread of malaria AND AS WELL to increases in DDT-resistance.

    Since it is the repeated pumping of mosquito populations up and down that will enhance resistance more then anything else.

  4. the problem with these chemicals is they end up everywhere.
    this is from an article at Dr. Ray Peat’s website

    “In the 1940s, Biskind’s experiments showed that protein deficiency leads to the accumulation of estrogen, because the liver normally inactivates all the estrogen in the blood as it passes through the liver. This applies to phytoestrogens and industrial estrogens as well as to the natural estrogens of the body. At a certain point, the increased estrogen and decreased thyroid and progesterone cause infertility, but before that point is reached, the hyperestrogenism causes a great variety of birth defects. Deformities of the male genitals, and later, testicular cancer in the sons and breast cancer in the daughters, are produced by the combination of toxins and nutritional deficiencies.”

  5. Right.

    Well we don’t want that estrogen in the water.

    That probably explains a lot with the problems we are having with our leftists.

  6. are the righties immune?
    so what is your take on manmade chemicals? Do you think the world can be saved using manmade chems?

    thanks, jim

  7. I think they are by and large a good thing.

    So I’d want to see the evidence for any problem with them. To make sure they aren’t part of some sort of comprehensive all-embracing fear of the ecologists.

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