Posted by: graemebird | February 9, 2007

The Oceans Have Lost More Energy Since 2003 Then The Atmosphere Ever Held.

“I viewed my fellow man not as a fallen angel, but as a risen ape” – Desmond Morris.

Its pretty clear that if the oceans have more then 1000 times the heat capacity of the atmosphere it is very silly to be obssessed with surface land temperatures when we wish to assess where we are going in terms of catastrophic cooling….. (Or if we want to get into fantasy-land here: Catastrophic WARMING.)

Now its not just the heat carrying capacity that is of concern here. It may have come to the attention of some of you that the atmosphere sits atop the oceans AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

These two facts taken together mean that for CUMULATIVE warming or cooling to occur it must be the oceans which start accumulating Joules and not the air.

So why is the IPCC and all the media focused on the air temperatures rather then the ocean heat content for its dire predictions?

Well its because they are idiots.

There are many mysteries to this subject but the above is not one of them.

Now this is not to say that there are not terrific climate scientists out there doing good work all the time. But they aren’t getting the attention.

Take Roger Pielke senior for example.

Every thread of his is worth a look. And his weblog is just of tour-de-force of all aspects of the problems involved with the subject. He is like a fallen angel forced to ‘slum it’ in an ocean of unrisen apes.

If only the media would pay some attention to the good guys rather then these cocktail-drinking UN junketeers and (screw the data .com) lunatic leftists, everything would work out fine.

I’ll collect a few studies on ocean heat content and post them here for people to look at. Ocean heat content no doubt will be shown to oscillate up and down in some rythym which keeps the beat with solar cycles and with oceanic oscillations. With anomalies springing up when there are solar flares.

I say this so that you don’t panic when you hear that oceanic heat content has dropped alarmingly since 2003.

Hardly a foreshadowing of catastrophic warming is it?

The oceans have lost many times more energy since 2003 then the atmosphere ever held.

And still the panic rolls on.

“Paolo – Thank you for your comment. If the oceans were to continue to warm, that would be consistent with the multi-decadal global climate predictions. If the oceans have not continued to warm, or have even cooled, it will raise appropriate questions on the ability of the models to predict the climate consequences of natural and human climate forcings”

Comment by Roger Pielke Sr. — July 11, 2006 @ 12:38 pm”



  1. Yes at last there are people starting to stand up to this garbage about warming and realise its just bullshit plot to get us to spend more money its just for the government. None of the scientists working nthe climate change con job have ever heasrd of Marky’s Theorem which conclusively disproves the greeny bullshit.

  2. All true.

    But tell me about Markys theorem.

    Do you mean the great philosopher Marky Mark ex-of Calvin Klein underwear commercials and brother of one of the lads in “New Kids On The Block”

    Just mucking about.

    I shall check on Marky’s theorem over the weekend.

    Do keep dropping by.

    Particularly if you have some ideas on stopping this malevolent nonsense and getting a bunch of coal and nuclear-fired energy generation plants up and running in a hurry.

    Thats the goal and its so fucking crucial.

  3. “German scientists probing global warming said Friday they had detected a major temperature rise this year in the Arctic Ocean and linked this to a progressive shrinking of the region’s sea ice.
    Temperatures recorded this year in the upper 500 metres (1,625 feet) of sea in the Fram Strait — the gap between Greenland and the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen — were up to 0.6 C (1.08 F) higher than in 2003, they said in a press release received here.

    The rise was detectable to a water depth of 2,000 metres (6,500 feet), “representing an exceptionally strong signal by ocean standards,” it said.”

    Thanks for posting your help with the stefan’s law. it will take some time to absorb

  4. So what do you think of ocean acidification Graeme?

  5. Well the ‘evidence’ that Steve Munn came up with suggests that the science is saying that it will only go so far.

    Me and Munn argued this into the ground. Or rather he was being extraordinarily evasive.

    But what he came up with supported my point of view.

    Since he came up with this quote that suggests that the ocean will only accept so much CO2 and then it will stop the acidification process.

    There is a serious matter there about not putting too much junk in the ocean that could kill off a bunch of those little critters. YOu know the Plankton.

    But what happens is there is a contant raining down of organic matter to the bottom of the ocean.

    So the oceans don’t have a limit to how much carbon they will remove.

    So no the evidence so far suggests that the acidification is no problem and a scare story.

    I cannot remember which thread at Catallaxy me and Steve were arguing this one on.

    It may have been an open thread even.

    But I’m sure if you read it it would put your mind at ease.

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