Posted by: graemebird | February 16, 2007


By way of explanation I got an email from a famous climate scientist.

Now I don’t feel I have the right to take the email public but here is my response:


Your interests are different from mine.

You want to maintain good solid scientific values without incurring THEIR wrath.

I want to bring these bastards down and get them on a minimum wage job, shame them, Let their public shaming serve as warning..

So just let me ridicule them

Because if this aint the biggest scadal in history it gets hard sometimes to think of what is.”

Thats the introduction. And this is from Catallaxy. I got a quarter way through it and then realised that it was going to be expanded away from the Catallaxy topic and then transferred to my blog. I can’t predict that in advance of writing a post. If I start writing a post and it starts expanding from here on in then I”ll just go with the flow and push it to be something I’ll include on my blog:


Stewart Franks must be remembered always as one of the truly righteous who came forward when he was needed.

But whereas if we can tie the life of Franks to some sort of unnacountable miracle then there is cause for his beatification…

… Whereas Franks may yet become a Saint he still cannot be given quite as much credit as Bob Carter.

Now notice that these two guys are WATER AND OCEAN people.

And whilst investigating the hoax I had this sudden epiphany that whereas it is said that water vapour is the most important of greenhouse gasses….

…. the truth of the matter is that it is WATER LIQUID….that is our greatest greenhouse “gas”


…. I wasn’t going to hang about with this new understanding.

So I set myself the task of tracking down on the internet someone with oceanic bona-fides who was trying to compromise with the alarmists…..

…. I set about tracking down such a person in order that I might offer him the fisted-glove.

I came across an authentically good-guy, with a committment to scientific values…..

….. I found an authentic SCIENTIST but hopeless COMPROMISER called Kevin Vranes.

Now Kevin had photos of him looking tough in the snow and talking about hunting and stuff.

And he was an ocean-man like Carter and Stewart.

So I knew he would understand if I rubbed his face in it that this was a hoax that needed ending.

Anyhow I started abusing him and calling him a “Good German” and stuff along with long-winded discussion about this and that as well as praise for his many praise-worthy articles.

He ran a blog that was known for its super-fast growth rate.


Proves that he is a good guy and authentic scientist.

He may protest and protest and protesteth too much that I had nothing to do with the pricking of his conscience.

But I’ll never know for sure.

The writing is on the wall for the rest of you.

Bob Carters is some sort of divinity.

Stewart is a potential Saint.

The rest of you ocean-guys and hydrologists better move pretty fast because I’m a two-headed elephant and one head is for memory only.

You ocean-guys have special advantages and if you don’t come out pretty soon and denounce this hoax with as much stridency as you can possibly muster then I will brand you as a “Good German” for all time.

And in my world if I’m near high office no ‘Good German” ever gets a research grant or a government task ever again in his life-time.

This hoax is so huge we have to start naming and shaming people.

Flannery has shown his goodwill by being FOR…. Nuclear.

But he has been led astray because in his specialty we haven’t seen these nasty hoaxes since the days of Piltdown-man.

Flannery probably just assumes that fellows like the “Gentlemen” at realclimate .org ( are on the level.

He digs in dirt and stuff. His subject overlaps with climate history.

Thats why he feels (and with some legitimacy) that he has the right to comment but the problem is he hasn’t seen through the prevarications of the communists in the specialist fields he has to rely on.

Lovelock is not to be thought badly of.

He actually offered to have nuclear waste buried in his back yard.

He means well by the human race.

His model is a sound one and what model-maker did not push his own model too far?
He’s not to be thought ill of and at the start of my investigation I denounced him and I now apologise and retract.

He too is off the hook because of his obvious regard for homo-sapiens and his pro-nuclear stance.

The rest of you better get to denouncing this hoax and fast.

This is not funny anymore.

The ocean guys…… You should have known better years ago.

The rest of you better move and be overpowering in your denounciation of the bully-boys.

I swear I am going on a NAME and SHAME……..CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!

Any of you climate scientists who don’t come good SO FAST…… you are going to pay.

You know who you are.

You-to- Annan.


I appreciate what you were trying to do in bringing down the level of hysteria.

I appreciate you talking to me and answering my questions honestly.

But these good deeds can only go so far.

Time is ticking for you-too-Annan before I put you on the permanent Fatwah list.
You get a little bit of special dispensation because of your obvious skillfullness and the many arrows in your quiver in terms of analytical technique.

Its always good to see someone who is excellent at what he does even if in this case it is horribly misapplied.

Time is ticking Annan.

You better go from closet anti-alarmist to outspoken anti-alarmist pretty soon….

…… Because when HIT-TEAM goes in for mass-slurrings, and mass-sackings, and regime-change the fact is that EVEN IF THAT TEAM IS RIGHTEOUS they have to be prepared to lose a few good men.

The rest of you hurry up and start making the right noises.

I am in another country where you cannot touch me for alleged slander.

With the internet I can damage your careers my oath I can.

I will never-forgive if you wait too long to help kill this hydra-headed beast.


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