Posted by: graemebird | February 19, 2007

A CLAN APART: Evolution demands that we be free.

This conclusion comes out of an extended disussion of the idea of free will versus determinism.

There is much preliminary discussion to this. And I don’t want to pretend that this can be ignored. However this is the key conclusion that you may not have heard before.

From Catallaxy:

“we can’t help but behave as we do, i.e. as if we have free will. it may have conferred such an advantage on homo sapiens as to be have been cultivated from natural selection.”

No no no.

Its the FREE WILL that gave the advantage to the clans when their fellows had been slaughtered by the white wall of death.

And they had some level of free will or the clan leader did at least.

Now when the ice melts the game reproduces faster then the homo-sapiens can.

And also we see DURING THIS GARDEN-OF-EDEN TIME PERIOD………. that the clans had a lot of free will.

Later when the populations had expanded and the game had dwindled, so the free will of most people other than the leader, and even a great deal of the leaders free will had gone.

But we see a great deal of free will with some people and at some times even if most of us are kind of stuck.


A clan apart.

A clan apart after the holocaust.

And thats when the clans decisions are their own.

And if they don’t exercise this free will they don’t get to be part of the reconstituted human race when the glacial period ends.


That is how we evolved during each post-holocaust long winter.




  1. It’s called Social Darwinism.

  2. Hmmmm.

    I wasn’t really going to get into social darwinism in the modern sense.

    I was thinking of 100 000 years of ice age and a few thousand year of Garden Of Eden where the game grew faster then the humans.

    Maybe from 18000 years ago and 12000 years ago or something.

  3. The issue becomes: are those characteristics naturally selected by surviving the last ice age still important today or are they now maladaptive? For example, excess stress and violence.

    And that question could engage countless scholars and philosophers in divided opinion for an eternity. 🙂

  4. I think they are relevant in that they demand we be free and not put upon by the other clans either on their own or altogether.

    For whereas we have had to live with these other dropkicks for twelve thousand years we were evolved in clans apart from the others for maybe 60 000 minimum at a stretch.

  5. where is the evidence for “free will”? they had more food to choose from what does free will have to do with this?

  6. Cuz
    what happened to that Cassandra chick? did you scare her away? she was a hottie, hey?

  7. Don’t know.

    Haven’t heard from her. And she might be ugly or a fella for all I know I was just speculating. But I suspect she was a hottie and a bit crazy.

    Jim good point. This post follows on from a thread about free will and determinism and so it probably doesn’t make a great deal of sense on its own.

    Later I’ll check to see if this is a bad argument or not.

    But I’m not just talking about the time when the game would be opening up faster then the humans could have children.

    I’m also talking about the 60 000 plus odd years prior to that.

    All these very small groups caught and cut off from eachother. Very much having to survive on their wits, as I say in small groups.

    No settled location and basically every direction they’d walk in would amount to a decision made.

  8. Hello Graeme, if I may..

    one of the most beautiful Russian ladies I met through the interweb took me to an amazing restaurant in an Art Nouveau timber mansion by the side of the Baltic in Parnu, Estonia.
    She asked if she might move to Australia, and I said that she was so beautiful it would cause problems, anyway she was into the primal diet of Karl Loren

    check it out

  9. KB

    I think even the blow doll would have second thoughts when it came to Parkos. He has to chain her/it down to stop her/it from running away or self induced deflation.

  10. Graeme:

    Let’s see if I’ve got this right [ not being a lawyer] ….. if you get hauled before the Courts on a serious charge …… the Prosecution are firm believers in Free Will ….. and the Defence QC is a convinced Determinist …… 🙂 L-O-L.

    Seriously though, whatever determining factors we have at birth and throughout our childhood, we have more than enough free will to change our lives within whatever social and economic system we live and whatever its restraints. [Mind you, I haven’t got rich with a very vigorous exercise of my free will in this society …. yet].

    Hate to tell you …… but SkepticLawyer is actually a rather obese short Islander woman who gets her great-granddaughter to type up her posts; she’s looking forward to her first ever trip to the big city because she has heard so much about Townsville ……… [ you read it on the internet so it must be true …. 😉 ]

  11. Fellas.

    I’m going to leave some of these comments on for a little while.

    But then I’ll wipe them.

    Now Kiwi and JC?

    How do you know that Parkos was not turning over a new non-leftist leaf?

    For my part if Parkos says he took a beautiful Russian woman out to a restaurant I am inclined to believe him.


    Have you got the phone number of that Russian Hottie?

    You see there are some matters of desperate importance I need to discuss with her about this Karl Loren fellas ideas.

  12. cuz
    a leopard don’t change his spots.

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