Posted by: graemebird | February 21, 2007

Pumping-Holocaust-Evolution: Bipedal Stick-Wielding Gangster Lizards.

My view of evolution came out of watching pro-evolutionists debate with some Creationists.

And I was reminded of something that had puzzled me when I was younger. And that is this idea that you don’t see in-between species.

Well if species are supposed to EVOLVE thats a killer observation to make. If we don’t have in-between species in the fossil record thats a devastating critique of evolution.

Now Stephen Jay Gould and friends might come up with PUNCTUATED evolution. But thats a feeble explanation and is in fact no explanation because it explains the how but not the WHY.

Furthermore these guys tend to get SHIRTY when questioned on this and come up with some examples where there really is that sort of morphing-evolution that is somewhat close to how the public thinks about the evolutionary process.

I realised that the creationists had the better line of reasoning in that part of the argument.

So I ups and discovered the two different types of evolution.

There is two types of evolution:



I won’t go into explaining these here and now but I’ve been a bit mischievious and I’ve been surreptitiously imbedding conclusions from these theories in my threads.

I’ve been imbedding these ideas in my threads as if they were settled science rather the BEST-AND-ONLY-FIT-INDUCTIVENESS on my part.

But if someone asks me about these ideas I’ll explain and most likely include the explanation in a re-written threadstarter.

Now bear in mind BY MY OWN TESTIMONY I do not think this conceptual speculation on my part amounts to having settled these matters.

Because as I said before you really need at least 3 lines of CONVERGENCE to have rightful certitude about anything at all.



  1. cuz this is all good stuff.
    why don’t you go back and do a PhD in something?

  2. “cuz this is all good stuff.
    why don’t you go back and do a PhD in something?”

    Cuz I wouldn’t know how to get the bills paid.

    Dude I don’t know who you are.

    And don’t tell me.

    But I have a list of suspects.

    The number 1 on that list would now note that I’ve had to 360 degrees turn around on something.

    He talked as if there was once a garden of eden.

    He didn’t SAY that but he talked as if there was.

    And I just ridiculed him. I mean I was really unfair. Really nasty.

    Well there is a bit of egg on my face and if you see him you tell him.

    Because according to my investigations now there would have been this brief post-glacial-maxima garden-of-eden.

    Because the HOLOCAUST would have been so severe that when the ice melted the GAME would have opened up far faster then the humans could have stood around making babies to keep up with it.

    So you tell him if you see him that he was right and I was wrong.

  3. “This related to the inductive notions of the recidivist biosphere and its adherants, particularly the Latvian School of Econo-physicists who argue that in the interest of diverse manifestations of sub-theoretical maxims reagrding the heirarchy of triphenialient memic trans-periodalism it is necessary to dissolve the superstrata of ministeral apparatus based contingeny and pursue neo-teleological nexian bio-dynamics via the avenue of assertive anti-determinist views of the situation.”


    Well the above is now my new template for the prism I cast upon the world.

  4. cozzie bro

    pAnsy is making fun of you (take him out the back and shoot him)

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