Posted by: graemebird | February 24, 2007

An Underwriter For Extremely Persuasive Negotiations.

(This is an old thread I’ve clarified a bit and brought to the front.)

I started writing this over at the LDP blog. But wound up making it too long for a proper post. So I’ll post it here instead.

“Yes indeed. Neo Cons. Democracy for some, dictatorships for others. The US is currently using bases in former soviet republics where the intelligence organs there boil people alive.”

I think the US would have to concentrate on pinning the influence of the powerful states up against the wall before they could turn around and put too much pressure on these little states.

Its hard to see how you could ever be purely neutral. Because if you tried that we might find that China gets itself bases in the Pacific Islands. Then she might begin establishing a special friendship with Indonesia.

Ideologically also we seem to be playing either offense or defense. If the West isn’t pushing into China ideologically and complaining about her human organ harvesting, then China is likely calling us capitalist running dogs or getting her people all upset about some war back in the 1840’s.

I think the idea is to have such a powerful war-making capacity that you can set up a whole series of buffer states between you and the bad bastards. In that you have the sort of negotiating power to avoid having your guys, as a rule, clash head-on in battle.

Meaning that you want to max out on air and proxy-war.

Your allies in this endeavour are the smaller states closer to the big bastards you are worried about. The smaller states that want to maintain their sovereignty…. the ones that are situated geograhically close to where the bad bastards loom.

But we have an irony here, In that though you might wish to use avoid putting your people in the most dangerous part of the field you cannot put a fighting force together on the basis of that principle.

You might have your ground force biased towards shock troops and special forces… But if you are successful in controlling your contribution to any rumble…. it will end up that they are mostly helping with logistics and stuff.

This is because you want to look after your own guys…. and ALSO because you want your surplus power free to inform diplomatic negotiations.

But supposing you had established this way of doing things……..

…..AND THEN SUBSEQUENTLY your government went down the following wrongheaded path and they thought in effect:

“Hey lets cut costs…..

….. If we are all about Proxy war why not train our people up JUST to help proxies……

……Lets just sort our logistics capability out only……

…… Why not avoid the expense of having the sharp end of the spear when you are never going to use it?..”

I think if you ever are enticed into thinking that way you are finished as a country.

I might use an analogy of DOMINATING THE ‘T’ IN SQUASH as a way of describing my way of thinking here.

You are trying to get other people doing the fighting, using the fact that you can fight better to manipulate such a situation into being.

Or I might call the concept the idea of being an UNDERWRITER FOR HIGHLY PERSUASIVE NEGOTIATIONS.

We have to start thinking like this.

Because if the Americans are in so much debt that they can never finish their wars…

Or if 50% of the American public is so post-modern and beaten down that they just might go elect someone like John Kerry…

….Then the days when our air and nuclear cover cover could be safely entrusted to them might be over.

A good libertarian cabinet should be talking war-talk the whole time.

See the education minister. He is trying to sell off the schools and deregulate everything. But you hear him talking you think he’s in the war department.

See the health minister. He’s trying to select which charities he can rightly gift hospitals too. He’s sussing out some sort of interim health safety net. Yet you catch him on the phone and he’s talking about the V22 Osprey or something.

Another bloke is swearing all the time. He’s the transport minister. Trying to get taxi-licenses down below $10 000 each. Trying to get seamless congestion charges going and sorting out a sell-off protocol for roads and rail under some sort of caveated property-rights.

But he’s talking about the “fuck-off factor” or the “fuck right off factor” or the “Go away get fucked fuck off factor”

Turns out he’s sorting out how many SU-37’s we might need and at what marginal cost per unit are they worthwhile to buffer our more expensive F22-A Raptors.

He talks about pinning anything back at least to the far side of Indonesia and hopefully further so that the Indonesians maintain confidence in us.

He’s talking about SU-37’s drawing fire over mainland China just so the Stealths can come in at night and sneak all the way through to hit ICBM’s and regime leadership houses.

If libertarian government members aren’t obsessively talking war-talk what’s the use of them?

Here is some links to the various machinery I’ve been referring to.


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