Posted by: graemebird | March 4, 2007

Human-Induced-Aerosols Overmatch Human-Added CO2-Emissions In Their Effect

What I’m saying here is that its undoubtedly the case that our industrial sector is a net cooling factor on the worlds climate at the moment.

Here is the ( take on it:

“While a relatively minor part of the overall aerosol mass, changes in the anthropogenic portion of aerosols since 1750 have resulted in a globally averaged net radiative forcing of roughly -1.2 W/m2, in comparison to the overall average CO2 forcing of +1.66 W/m2.”

Hence ( is contending that industrial-CO2 “forcing” (a highly tendentious term) overpowers the Aersol “forcing” by 0.46 watts per metre-squared.

Now by their own admission they ought to then give up on the idea of catastrophic warming and apologise to the world at large for their scaremongering.

But its worse then that. Because their estimate that the CO2 overides the aerosols is based on the outrageously stupid notion that all extra joules are the same.

Any old Watt
Any old Watt will-do,

But the joules which lodge themselves deep in the ocean are far more important then the same amount of joules that are generated 100’s of metres in the air.

And while CO2 insulates and slows down some of the energy emphemerally caught above the ground….. it is the aerosols that stop some of the suns energy from lodging itself deep under water.

Only extra joules imbedded in the ocean can lead to cumulative warming and it is these joules which we must concern ourselves with when we discuss the very real prospect of catastrophic cooling and the fucking idiotic make-believe fantasy of catastrophic warming.

Furthermore, the CO2 negative feedbacks are likely to be far greater then the aerosol negative feedbacks. The aerosol blocking the sun directly.

We know that aerosols can cool because of the historical record of massive volcanic eruptions giving us unambiguos cooling. Whereas we only suspect that CO2 can warm by any significant amount because we have no unambiguous example in the historical record showing that it does so.

If CO2 can in fact warm to any significant degree, than that is a fortunate prospect indeed. And we must get the aerosols down and the CO2 up so as to let the CO2 do its work.


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