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Liquefied Coal: Coal Pride Week: Blessed Hydro-Carbons: Defeating The Watermelon Commies.

The global warming hoax will be defeated in the realm of public opinion when we start getting years of freezing cold weather.

And that won’t be too far away.

But by then we face the prospect of these bastards wrecking the Wests ability to produce and consume ever-increasing amounts of cheap energy.

And in fact SINCE doing this damage is THE REAL GOAL of the leftists, the public seeing this particular leftist delusion for what it is…. This public recognition won’t necessarily stop the left from continuing with its project to defeat our ability to produce and consume energy.

Another decade would just likely mean more excuses for the same harmful policies.

Just last week I received in the mail, two back issues of the brilliant Dr Arthur Robinsons “Access To Energy” newsletter. Later on I expect to get hold of years of these newsletter and my comments will reflect Dr Robinson’s newsletter to some extent. On the other hand what I say ought not be considered as the access-to-energy line.

Technically we have available as much cheap energy as we want. And the only real cost factor is the capital component of each energy source.

For most purposes our chief energy sources, with a great deal of the capital ready-to-hand…. (capital in relation to the amount of joules that capital can produce and create useful services in its consumption)….. are the 3 hydro-carbon groups and Nuclear.

So we have:

1. Natural Gas.

2. Coal.

3. Oil.

4. Nuclear.

The short story is that the three hydro-carbons are convertible one-to-eachother. And nuclear is the cheapest form of electricity.


Therefore it is wasteful to our resources to be using up our hydrocarbons on electricity. When coal can be liquified to “oil”

Gas can be turned to oil and oil to gas as well as coal to gas. Gas and Oil can be probably turned into coal but I don’t see too much call for that.

The existence of plentiful, cheap energy coming from nuclear power also means that in the conversion process, where possible and economic, we can use nuclear-electricity………………… as to not use up too much of the actual fossil fuels themselves………………IN-CONVERSION.

Now we have plenty of fossil fuels don’t get me wrong. We have hundreds of years of supplies of coal to liquify. And CO2 is just no problem whatsoever. In fact the more the better.


Why use up too much of the blessed hydro-carbons just for conversion?

What are the advantages between gas and synthetic-oil?

Well liquified-coal aka synthetic-oil is cheaper to transport in tankers. Because it contains so much imbedded energy per weight. Synthetic oil can be put straight into diesel engines RIGHT-NOW. No capital costs involved at all.

Where I work we use natural gas indoors all the time for fork-lifts and things, because its so clean-burning.

We have a piece of cleaning equipment called “THE GUERNEY”. A wonderful machine that saves on back-breaking labour, and it uses electricity, diesel, water and lots of detergent if you so choose….

…((((fan-fucking-tastic. And everything the bad guys hate)))))))….

….THE GUERNEY makes cleaning fun. Its just magic. A thing of truth-and-beauty that takes the carpal tunnel syndrome out of cleaning and saves a helluva lot of time.

But when we use THE GUERNEY inside we have to turn off all the fire alarms. And you can’t use diesel inside for larger equipment, like forklifts, since that would be a health hazard.

Now liquefied coal is much cleaner then traditional diesel…….

……..So I don’t know if that overcomes the indoors advantage that gas has. If it does liquified coal will be the fuel of choice for most non-electrical applications.


We need all these fuels because we don’t have unlimited capital. In fact our SAVINGS are just pitiful. And its capital formation that is the key problem in energy production (and by the way, energy production is a key factor in capital accumulation).

So people who say…. “Oh HO HO. We can just all buy electric cars and put solar panels and wind propellers everywhere”…. anyone who says this has no understanding of the problem whatsoever.

The fact is that we don’t have that sort of ability to accumulate capital. And even if we did we would have to invest FOSSIL FUEL AND NUCLEAR ENERGY into the accumulation of this alternative capital.

Capital accumulation IS THE ISSUE. And it can’t be taken for granted.

Back to the relative advantage of these fuels…..

Gas is a pretty damn cool fuel. Because its perfectly clean-burning, and its the only fuel you can burn….. that when you switch it off……. the heats gone immediately.

Superb stuff really.

For cars, if we had diesel engines we could use liquified coal to run them and actually improve our air quality.

But the fact is people have already invested in petroleum-fueled cars. And that is nothing to sneeze at. The current capital stock…. IS THE ISSUE. This is something that Rich White Leftists cannot seem to get their heads around.

But it must be remembered that we will still be getting a lot of oil out of the ground. And its entirely appropriate to keep refining it down to petrol for those particular cars, for this particular energy source.

As well our ability to liquify coal would be growing over time and the people buying diesel engines for their cars or for machines at work would be also growing over time. So there is a natural growth-and-substitution good-fit going on here. A good-fit that is not to be seen in these wild-assed alternative fuel schemes.

“Coal liquefaction is the chemical process of adding hydrogen to coal under high temperature and pressure to liquefy coal into crude oil.”

Well where does the hydrogen come from? Hopefully it will be made via nuclear-produced electricity, to split the water molecules, and we won’t be using up our blessed hydrocarbons in the process.

The prospect of having plentiful, clean, liquefied-coal also means the ability to have heaps of stand-alone generators everywhere. Stand-alone generators as back-up for the electrical grid. This has efficiency and economic implications. But even more important are the national-security and regional-emergency implications.


So what do we do to overturn the TYRRANY OF THE WATERMELON COMMIES?

Well we need to face them with a fait accompli. We need to let them know, with one decisive move, that all of their obstruction, lying, legal action, and fear-mongering will be to no avail. And that we Australians are destined, no matter what evil these bastards do, to produce, export and consume massively more energy every year.

Access-To-Energy suggests the energy sector being seperated and all taxes, charges and regulations be taken off this sector. And the tax-free-status being kept until the United States is a massive energy exporter.

I agree with this diagnosis totally.

Money is a coward. And investors are-of-course likely to be spooked, for good reason, by the momentum these evil watermelon-commie-filth have created.

So the Australian LDP or free enterprisers within the two major parties, putting their efforts into some lame requests for deregulation….. well that just won’t get the job done and I think we all know that.

This is a fucking war. We are like that American Indian tribe, the members of which, tied their leg to a stake so they had to fight or die. We are like them in that we simply have to win this thing.

And the best way to win the war is to take action that lets all parties up front know who is going to win. So that the good guys (the investors) and the bad guys (global warming fraudsters, ecologists and leftists) know that its just a mopping up operation right from the start.

Its got to be a SHORT-WAR because we have to get down to business.

An Australian version of this scheme will stop the lying-momentum in its tracks.

We DO tax royalties on extraction and I suggest that this must stay.

This is a way of conferring property rights on the extractors and once they’ve agreed on the royalty its THEIR BACK YARD. Its their property. So its none of this NOT-IN-MY-BACK-YARD (Nimby) bullshit because its the energy-companies back yard and not yours.

But after that there ought to be no taxes levied on the extraction/production/conversion and distribution of energy of any sort.

There is a bit of corporate re-organisation to be done here but thats no big deal. Its because you need each company to be stand-alone in energy and not have its fingers in any other pies in order to qualify for tax-free status.

AND THAT MEANS NO TAXES FOR THE EMPLOYEES OF THESE FIRMS EITHER. No income tax. No corporate tax. No State payroll tax. And no regulations to speak of. Even local charges ought not apply except those that are explicitly user-pays. And this will be a catalyst to force localities to move towards more of a user-pays way of doing things.

Then we can say to the left:

Give it up…. you’ve lost this one… go away and cause problems in some other areas. Its no use lying about global warming anymore because you aren’t going to destroy our ability to produce energy by your lies.

But there is one more thing we need to do. This cannot be merely a movement of capital investment from other areas to energy production. We need to find MORE CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

And we do this via taking the tax off interest earnings, amongst other measures, and particularly via monetary reform.

Monetary reform to bring down the growth in aggregate spending near zero without it ever turning negative. And that obviously means getting rid of fractional reserve.


This state of affairs ought to be sunsetted. In the meantime we try and get taxes and regulations down close to this level for the rest of the economy.

But the special tax status could be slated-in-advance to end when Australia is producing and consuming more energy-per-capita, by a significant margin, then any other country in the world.

You want to have that stipulation in the legislation RIGHT-UP-FRONT.

It has to be known that the-very-idea is to produce-and-consume more-and-more-energy all the time. And we want to wind up of course with the most physical-capital per-capita. The most per-capita and the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art physical-capital.

This week is Coal Pride Week. Coal is black and it should be proud. Its green as well because no other energy source contributes more to life-enhancing-CO2.

What’s Black and Green and keeps hundreds of millions of people alive?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Is it because coal is BLACK that rich-white-leftists hate it so?

Is this a black thing?



  1. Here is an url that you can send to friends and family that will direct them to the video “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

    For more information on the documentary you can go here.

  2. “The global warming hoax will be defeated in the realm of public opinion when we start getting years of freezing cold weather.”

    Notice that the freezing weather has arrived, at least to the northern hemisphere, and yet the fraud still continues. I subsequently updated that prediction to saying that only public sector sackings can end this fraud. Clearly freezing cold weather wasn’t enough.


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