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This thread is for the publication of all the defamatory and dishonest claims that John Quiggin has made on his blog about COMPETENT intellectuals.

I will update it daily until Quiggin withdraws every legal threat that he has made recently and/or finds compelling evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic global warming.

I shall start this encyclopaedic compilation of the tendentiousness of John Quiggin tomorrow.



  1. Right.

    Look if any of the originals can be posted on the Quiggin-Watch thread that would be a useful thing indeed.

    Thats pretty shocking that he would be so defamatory towards Gerry Jackson. I mean if you can’t respect your Elders perhaps you should respect your betters Quiggin…. as John Wayne might have said.

    I saw him dismiss Dr Theodor Landsheidt as a ‘cycle-crank’ and an ‘astrologer’.

    He made a link to an astrology website when he made this putdown. And when I clicked the link there was a mountain of names on it and I couldn’t find Dr Lansheidts name.

    Now his name might have been there. But it rather looked like Quiggin was defaming Dr Landsheidt via a diversionary link.


    Here he puts down Landsheidt as an astrologer and links to a forum with some guy accusing Landsheidt as being an astrologer for evidence. The fellow is quoting Landscheidt saying something which sounds a bit out there but not in itself astrology or completely wrong or foolish. More along the lines of a Gaia-like analogy for the galaxy.

    He pretty much runs down every person involved in the Lavoiser group. They link immensely good pdf’s on climate science. So think of all the people their he’s dismissing as loopy.

    But he doesn’t present any evidence against anything they say…. And he wimps out of it with the following:

    “As I’ve said before, I don’t plan to bother refuting this stuff any more, but taavi does garbage pickup. I particularly liked the perpetual motion machine in Fact 2.”

    He’s never presented any positive evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming in the first place. Instead its just like Tim Lambert. Where there is this constant stream of snide putdowns.

    But lets see what Ray Evans’2nd fact is so we can show just what a slimy putdown Quiggin is making here…

    …. Of course we know that in basic mechanics its impossible to make a perpetual motion machine. So anyone who tries to make a perpetual motion machine would have to be a crank. So see what Quiggin is doing here? He is attempting to pre-emptively slime Ray Evans in the minds of the readers by associating Evans with these classic attempts to build a perpetual motion machine in their spare rooms.

    Well we go to fact 2 and there is nothing there about a perpetual motion machine.

    So its really Quiggin just talking nonsense to put Ray Evans down mindlessly.

    Likewise Quiggin implies that taavi has refuted Ray Evans’ 9 facts. In fact ‘taavi does garbage collection’ is a particularly nasty thing to say for someone who doesn’t and in fact cannot fault Evans on anything.

    Taavi doesn’t lay a glove on Evans. Now clearly this is incompetence on Quiqqins part. Taavi just makes a whole string of mindless putdowns.

    Everything taavi says is just totally and awesomely stupid. Here is an example:

    “2) Increases in CO2 will result in an increase in rainfall; the quote (no reference) is of a retired expert on hurricanes, Dr William Gray. He has no qualifications in climatology, no publications on climate change, and a record as one of the world’s worst weather forecasters. He is also fond of comparing Al Gore to Hitler. Its rather sad the way delusionists play on the senility of retirees.”

    Now this is just awesomely idiotic. And its just an ad homenim attack and an inaccurate one.

    Here is an example Dr Grays writing. Some of you might like to read it to get how smart this fellow is.

    For Quiggin to endorse this idiot taavi over the scientists that taavi is putting down amounts to gross analytical incompetence.

  3. I was thrown off Quiggin’s site the very first time I showed up because I defended Keith W and criticized Quiggin for accusing Keith of being a racist as a result of his most recent book. Climatologist Quiggin hadn’t even read Keith W’s book yet he was spewing bile at him.

    I tackled the uncouth prick over this saying that it was most unscholarly of him to accuse someone of being racist over a book he hadn’t read. So he banned me, but before doing so he accused me of having racist leanings as well simply because I thought it was a good idea to read the book before attacking Keith.

    That’s when I sent him an angry email.

  4. Actually thats a good tip to find a lot of material for Quggin-Watch.

    All we have to do is google “John Quiggin” and “Keith Windschuttle”

    Note that when Quiggin was defaming Windschuttle it amounted to leftist piling-on.

    These guys start kicking a fellow because they see others kicking him.

  5. Here Quiggin defames Keith Windschuttle by calling him a racist.

    This is a clue as to why these leftists in government want to steal a million dollars off us and give it to Quiggin.

    Quiggin calling Windschuttle a racist.

    It is corruption in the extreme for these socialists to be giving Quiggin a million dollars.

    It makes me sick to even think of it.

  6. Here’s another link where Quiggin smears Windschuttle outright as being a racist

    Right. This is the one you were talking about JC.

    Here Quiggin publicly smears Keith Windschuttle as racist, on the basis of his book, WITHOUT HAVING READ HIS BOOK?????


    So he was making the claim on the basis of someone elses article.

    Had that other person read the book?

    He should have backed down and retracted. But instead he arbitrarily threatens to ban you on the lamest of excuses.


    I haven’t read the book. NEITHER HAVE YOU.

    aren’t you getting this.

    It’s not up to me to provide evidence. It’s up to you. YOU accused this author of racsim. BLOODY WELL PROVE IT OR APOLOGISE. I would firstly suggest you read the BLOODY book before you level serious accusations like that.
    Where the hell is your sense of scholarship.”

    This is typical marxist lynch-mob behaviour. Because he could have waited until someone got hold of the book. So here he is trying to pre-emptively smear Windschuttle in advance of people buying the book. Clearly trying to hurt sales i would have thought.


    Because later he can say that he hadn’t read the book and so can’t be accused of lying about it.

    This is really rank behaviour on Johns part.

    Totally filthy and we need an apology for this utterly unacceptable behaviour.

    When I google those two names in inverted commas I get 1470 entries. So Quiggin looks like the ring-leader, the very Bilal Skaff of Windschuttle-defamation.

  7. Wow this one is marvellous. You taking smear-master-Quiggin to task for his behaviour above.

    Look seriously. If I expose this guy and he loses his fellowship…. So thats 1 million less that these people steal off us…. Is it possible to get in trouble for that.

    I mean if I was that successful it would be a public service.

    How many others is he going to defame using his money and position as a secure base from which to do so?

    Did he ever apologise to you JC?


    Check this out. He’s made the same lying accusation of you that he made of me. This is not the first time he’s done this:

    “I may not have made myself clear. I wish to have nothing further to do with this guy and have told him so repeatedly (this is not the first occasion on which he has done this).The last thing I want to do is to have this raised in public, as you have done. His repeated obscene and abusive emails to me, and further circulation of them to you and others constitute cyberstalking, which is a serious criminal offence. The legal action I will take if necessary is not a defamation suit (though he is wide open to this) but an Apprehended Violence Order. Again, I request that you remove your post.”


    So instead of apologizing this serial and compulsive defamer just accuses you of cyberstalking. As if he was a 16 year-old sheila and you lived real close instead of him being a black-belt and living thousands of miles away.

    If we hadn’t met hard leftists before we’d have to conclude that this fellow was on the verge of being hospitalised for his leftist-projection mental disorder.

  9. I know. He is nothing short of a maligning, self absorbed creep. Gerry wiped the floor ina few deabtes they had in economics. Gerry gave the Climatologist right of reply on Brookesnews.

    Quiggin finally sent Gerry an email with his resume which is a hysterically funny thing to do. No breeding or sense of self wroth here. He failed to realize that Gerry has a first rate economics degree from a UK university which he got on a scholarship…. something rare in those days.

    Imagine that: sending someone a resume after after getting trounced in a debate.
    So he abuses me for being a stand up guy in regards to Keith W, I get upset because of his accusations and his ban and amail him. He accuses me of cybersalking. It’s almost funny just how deranged this guy actually is.

  10. Why you bothering to go at the leftoid bastard just here? I say go and hit him hard on anywhere they know the name.

    You make him bleedd and squirm where everyone can read it.

  11. Well. One really just wants the fellow to acknowledge his wrongdoing.

    One really just wants to accumulate some sort of data-base of this master-defamer abusing people in a defamatory way.

    I would have likely brought this up on catallaxy, but Jason, having been intimidated by Quiggins volumous threats, has put a block on any such discussions.

  12. Actually Quiggin has a database of his defaming behaviour.

    Its his own blog.

  13. Yea
    It’s friggen slimey swamp isn’t it?

    I truly, truly detest what he gets up to. I have always despised bullies even at an early age. He is nothing but a bully coward who is only preapred his nasty side in eh cover of darkness. What a prick he is,

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