Posted by: graemebird | March 16, 2007

Retract Quiggin! When You Are Proved Wrong You Are Supposed To Retract!

Well I haven’t heard from this most loathsome of DDT-Holocaust-Deniers.

So as promised I will publish his threatening email:


This to advise you again that you are prohibited from posting material on my site, and that your obscene and harassing posts and emails constitute cyberstalking. Anything further from you, either sent to my site, addressed to me in email, or directed at me in a public forum such as your blog or Catallaxy, may be sent to the Queensland police. I suggest you consult Chapter 33A of the Queensland Criminal Code, prescribing up to five years imprisonment for such actions, before proceeding further.

John Quiggin

Bear in mind that I’ve been banned from this serial defamers and notorius rabbit-punchers site for a very long time.

So why the sudden panic from the smear-artist and global warming fraudster?

Well its all come about because of that Channel 4 expose of “The Great Global Warming Swindle”


In commenting on the truly excellent program Quiggin defamed all the scientists involved as well as the producers. Unbelievable the chutzpah of this clown I know but if you don’t believe me check this out:

In fact this current constellation of threats he is making amount to a sort of LEFTIST-PROJECTION so severe that one might wonder if he isn’t on the verge of being hospitalised.

Pretty much all he does on his blog is defame people. There’s very little intellectual content on this site. Its really all ad homenim-at-one-step.

He is also a very vigourous part of THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE.

The producers did an even better job then the individual scientists could of, in totally and for all time time, debunking this dangerous and malevolent science-fraud. Because after all most of these scientists are specialists of one sort or another and do not necessarily realise that it is not just their specialist field where the leftists who push this hoax are so totally full of shit.

So Quiggin who has used his blog to slime authentic scientists who have spoken out about the fraud, has been caught out and he has gone into a panic.

He claims now to have stopped debunking the DENIALISTS as he so maliciously describes the honest scientists. But he has never once come up with evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming.
Second harrassing email was removed by the request of the party abused by Quiggin.

Almost none of this is true. Except references to me claiming that the serial defamer is a useless economist. There is one reason I say this and one reason only. And thats because he is a useless economist as are all Keynesians and/or leftist economists. They are worse then useless. Keynesians get in the way.

What creates the phenomenon of the useless Keynesian/leftist economist?


The reason for this is that an honest appraisal of economic science demands a near-libertarian approach. Near-libertarian at the very least. The fact of this creates, within a University of taxeaters, a massive demand, amongst the faculty and in government circles, for a leftist economist who can make the non-economist leftists feel good about themselves though they are intellectually dishonest as well.

In comes the leftist economist. Taking economics from a ‘Social Democrat perspective.’

What a total farce.

But Quiggin isn’t just wrong about economics. He is wrong in most of the major issues of the day. Being A DDT-Holocaust-denier as well as a tendentious promoter of the global warming hoax.

Can you imagine the cheek of this nutball and intellectual fraud. He suggests he’s going to sue a bunch of people over the upcoming loss of a 1 million dollar grant.

So he’s going to lose this 1 million dollars, not provided by businessmen, but instead unjustly stolen off the Australian taxpayer to give to the most leftist economist they can find for the afforementioned tendentious reasons.

So in Quiggins world, he reckons he’s going to sue us for the loss of the stolen money.

Well Quiggin. The exposing of your intellectual fraud/incompetence (you choose Quiggin) is going to continue until you retract all the smears you’ve made against other people, including me. Including all of the lies above. And after me you can go onto Keith Windschuttle and every skeptical scientist you’ve defamed and all the thousands of intellectuals your site has defamed. Defamed and smeared all of them.

For the simple crime of not sharing your intellectual dishonesty.

In fact. Just retract everything. When you are proved wrong Quiggin you are supposed to retract.




    But its true. I didn’t get permission to use that email. So when he asked I had to wipe it.

    Sure I wish Jason would co-operate and let us put out these hysterical and threatening emails far and wide.

    But ultimately, the fact is he didn’t give me permission to use it.

  2. Climatologist Quiggler was also a self renowned statesm and before he gave that up to save the world from coal fired electrcity plants.

    He once argued that the only effective way to get Iran to de-nuke was for France and the UK to give up their nukes in exchange.

    In the world of the Quiggler you always let your guard down when approached by a serial killer.

  3. Yes I can see that the Quisling really understands the minds of the Mullahs.

    Perhaps we ought to employ him in permanent Kissinger-like shuttle-diplomacy.

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