Posted by: graemebird | March 17, 2007

Martin Durkins Masterpiece: The Great Global Warming Swindle: The Climactic Climate Moment.

Here is the part where this magnificent show reaches its climactic moment:

“…..the climate was controlled by the clouds….the clouds were controlled by cosmic rays…. and the cosmic rays were controlled by the sun…


I mean thats just brilliant. I almost wanted to jump to my feet and start clapping. There may be mountainloads of other factors involved. CO2 being just one tiny factor.

But for the time scales we are talking about…. for the time scales that are relevant to policy….. this statement is a perfect sorting of the wheat from the chaff.

If we were talking far longer time-scales, in the tens of millions of years, we’d have to bring in continental arrangements and other factors.

So this is why this show is just brilliant. Because its managed to take in most of the issues involved. And yet synthesize it all down in this climactic moment, to a brilliant summary.

The shitrain coming down on this show was just as predictable as it is vapid. It consists of rumours of various disputations by the participants, rumours of rude emails, and ad homenim attacks of one sort or another.

What it doesn’t consist of is good evidence against the show, the facts the show used or the conclusions drawn by the show.

This show stands as a total refutation of alarmists. It kills the alarmist position dead.
Its got to be about the best made-for-tv-documentary I’ve ever seen.

I will go even further. What Martin Durkin has done here is a SCIENTIFIC acheivement. Because the science is likely better then what any of the specialists he interviewed could have achieved. Since he is no specialist and he was simply able to sort out the less important from the more important.

Of course great vengeance will be rained down on Durkin for the heresy of showing all the fraudsters up. But hang in there Martin. And send these bastards as many nasty emails as your fingers can type.

You wouldn’t want to be working with any of these clowns that have been giving you a hard time anyway. The guys who will now want to work with you will be of a superior quality. Ultimately this is surely a good career move.

Since you have the perfect idiots-filter to filter-out unworthy-future-potential-collaborators set-up from here-on-in.



  1. More Bullshit from
    Claiming that Durkin is lying by omisson realclimate contridicts itself.

    From Taking cosmic ray for a spin; “It certinaly isn’t as simple as saying more aerosols – more low clouds – cooling. See recent papers by Andy Ackerman for instance: … – gavin]
    “CO2 doesn’t match the temperature record over the 20th C. True but not relevant, because it isn’t supposed to. The programme spent a long time agonising over what they presented as a sharp temperature fall for 4 decades from 1940 to 1980 (incidentally their graph looks rather odd and may have been carefully selected; on a more usual (and sourced!) plot the “4 decades of cooling” is rather less evident).
    “They presented this as a major flaw in the theory, which is deeply deceptive, because as they and their interviewees must know, the 40-70 cooling type period is readily explained, in that the GCMs are quite happy to reproduce it, as largely caused by sulphate aerosols. See this for a wiki-pic, for example; or (all together now) the IPCC TAR SPM fig 4; or more up-to-date AR4 fig 4. So… they are lying to us by omission.”
    By William and Gavin

  2. Yeah I had a look at that thread and based one of my threads on it.

    It was too stupid. I mean it was just one piece of idiocy after another.

    So I focused on their bullshit comments on the 800 year lag.

  3. I want to show the itro to the film can i Paul Sladkus

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